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<p>As one of the worlds greatest storytellers, collaborators, innovators and entrepreneurs, Walt Disney is a truly powerful inspiration for a product line. With his artistic vision, Walt Disney expanded the boundaries of design, animation and entertainment beyond imagination. So it is with great pride that Drexel Heritage introduces the Walt Disney Signature Spring 2007 collection.</p> <p>Like the man behind the brand, Walt Disney Signature is designed to stimulate your imagination and inspire your sense of style. With distinctive furnishings reminiscent of the art moderne styling of the 30s and 40s, we have carefully crafted furnishings with the same high standards and attention to detail that earned Walt Disney countless accolades, including 32 Academy Awards.</p> <p>Walt Disney Signature moves beyond simple nostalgia, infusing the best elements of the past into contemporary, imaginative and inviting furnishings for today.</p> <p>we lcom e hom e.</p> <p>100-301 Studio King Bookcase Bed</p> <p>100-260 Center Stage Night Stand 100-311 Carolwood California King 100-840 Studio Martini Table L701-OT Studio Club Ottoman</p> <p>100-660 Hyperion Dining Table D706-CH Holmby Chair 100-751 Hyperion Side Chair 100-550 Marceline Bunching Curio 100-500 Marceline Sideboard 100-400 Smoketree Mirror</p> <p>100-LT-0002 Matinee Lamp 100-TT-0003 Entertainer Tray 100-TT-0006 Impresario Vase 100-TT-0007 Lucille &amp; Leota Rug: Pattern: Conte Color: Tan/Green</p> <p>100-620 Marceline Round Dining Table D704-CH Kingswell Chair 100-TT-0003 Entertainer 100-TT-0006 Impresario</p> <p>100-550 Marceline Bunching Curio</p> <p>100-750 Hyperion Arm Chair</p> <p>D702-S Storyteller Sofa L702-CH Storyteller Chair L702-OT Story Teller Ottoman L704-CH Kingswell Chair 100-842 Marceline End Table 100-801 Buena Vista Cocktail Table</p> <p>100-845 Animators End Table 100-WA-0005 Fall Scene Wall Art 1000-WA-0006 Fall Scene Wall Art 100-LT-0001 Riverside Lamp 100-LT-0005 Showcase Tray Rug: Pattern: Graphite Color: Brown/Multi</p> <p>100-918 Marquee Writing Desk</p> <p>100-803 Buena Vista Cocktail Table</p> <p>100-840 Studio Martini Table L701-CH Studio Club Chair</p> <p>v i s u a l</p> <p>i n d e x100-841 Studio End Table W24 (61cm) D18 (46cm) H24.25 (62cm)</p> <p>100-261 Silverlake Oval Comode W36 (91cm) D21 (53cm) H27 (69cm)</p> <p>100-401 Marceline Mirror W52 (132cm) D1.25 (3cm) H36.50 (93cm)</p> <p>100-751 Hyperion Side Chair W23.75 (60cm) D25.50 (65cm) H34 (86cm)</p> <p>100-913 Studio Credenza Hutch W66 (168cm) D12.75 (32cm) H57 (145cm) 100-100D/B Center Stage Entertainment/ Storage Armoire W56(142cm) D21.25(54cm) H84(213cm) 100-300 Studio Cal King Bookcase Bed W91.75 (233cm) D110 (280cm) H68 (173m) 100-301 Studio King Bookcase Bed W91.75 (233cm) D106 (270cm) H68 (173cm) 100-302 Studio Queen Bookcase Bed W75.75 (192cm) D106 (270cm) H68 (173cm) 100-800SQ Studio Cocktail Table W30 (76cm) D30 (76cm) H17 (43 cm) 100-842 Marceline End Table W27 (69cm D27 (69cm) H25.13 (64cm) 100-500 Marceline Sideboard W60 (152cm) D19 (48cm) H37 (94cm) 100-778 Studio Swivel Desk Chair W23.50 (60cm) D25.50 (65cm) H37.25 (94cm) 100-914 Studio Credenza Desk W72 (183cm) D22 (56cm) H30 (76cm)</p> <p>100-200 Hyperion Dreser W64(163cm) D21(53cm) H38.75(98cm)</p> <p>100-844 Hyperion Nesting Table W30.75 (78cm) D20.75 (53cm) H28(71cm)</p> <p>100-918 Marque Writing Desk W58 (147cm) D26 (66cm) H30 (76cm)</p> <p>100-550 Marceline Bunching Curio W36 (91cm) D18.25 (46cm) H81 (206cm) 100-220 Carolwood Chest W34 (86cm) D19.75 (50cm) H35 (89cm) 100-801 Buena Vista Cocktail Table W48 (122cm) D48 (122cm) H16 (41cm) 100-845 Animators End Table W33 (84cm) D18.25 (46cm) H25 (64cm)</p> <p>100-920 Studio Plasma Credenza Studio Blonde nish. W64 (163cm) D23 (58cm) H26.50 (67cm)</p> <p>100-221 Carolwood Chest W18 (46cm) D18 (46cm) H35 (89cm)</p> <p>100-310 Carolwood Cal. King Upholstered Panel Bed W76.50 (194cm) D92.50 (235cm) H58 (147cm) 100-311 Carolwood King Upholstered Panel Bed W80.50 (205cm) D88.50 (225cm) H58 (147cm) 100-312 Carolwood Queen Upholstered Panel Bed W64.50 (205cm) D88.50 (225cm) H58 (147cm)</p> <p>100-620 Marceline Round Dining Table Diameter: 54 (137cm) H30 (76cm) 100-802 Spotlight Oval Cocktail Table W50 (127cm) D29 (74cm) H19 (48cm)</p> <p>100-921 Studio Flat Panel TV Console W82.25 (209cm) D22 (56cm) H30.75 (78cm) 100-883 Legacy Hall Chest W44 (112cm) D20 (51cm) H36.25 (92cm)</p> <p>100-660 Hyperion Dining Table W78 (198cm) D46 (117cm) H30 (76cm) 100-803 Buena Vista Cocktail Table W48 (122cm) D48 (122cm) H17.50 (45cm)</p> <p>100-222 Carolwood Chest W34 (86cm) D19.75 (50cm) H35 (89cm)</p> <p>100-910 Walts Signature Desk W74 (188cm) D36 (91cm) H30 (76cm) 100-960 Buena Vista Bar Cabinet W42 (107cm) D19 (48cm) H72 (183cm)</p> <p>100-400 Smoketree Mirror W36 (91cm) D2.50 (6cm) H36 (91cm) 100-260 Center Stage Night Stand W32 (81cm) D21 (53cm) H27.75 (70cm) 100-750 Hyperion Arm Chair W23.75 (60cm) D25.50 (65cm) H36 (91cm) 100-840 Studio Martini Table Dia. 14 (36cm) H21 (53cm)</p> <p>F I N I S H E SD700-S Studio Sofa L88.50 (225cm) D38 (97cm) H37.50 (95cm) L702-CH Storyteller Chair W27 (69cm) D35 (89cm) H38 (97cm) L702-OT Storyteller Ottoman W27.50 (70cm) D23.50 (60cm) H16 (41cm)</p> <p>D700-CH Studio Chair W48.50 (123cm) D38 (97cm) H37.50 (95cm)</p> <p>D703-CH Park Occasional Chair W26.50 (67cm) D28.50(72cm) H30 (76cm)</p> <p>Studio Blonde</p> <p>L701-CH Studio Club Chair W32 (81cm) D40 (102cm) H30 (76cm) L701-OT Studio Club Ottoman W27.50 (70cm) D23.50 (60cm) H17.50 (44cm)</p> <p>D704-CH Kingswell Chair W28 (71cm) D36 (91cm) H35.50 (90cm)</p> <p>L704-CH Kingswell Chair W28 (71cm) D36 (91cm) H35.50 (90cm) L701-LS Studio Club Loveseat L53 (135cm) D40 (102cm) H30 (76cm)</p> <p>Acorn</p> <p>D705-CH Scriptwriter Chair W29.50 (75cm) D29.50 (75cm) H36.50 (93cm) D702-S Storyteller Sofa L82.50 (210cm) D35 (89cm) H38 (97cm) D705-OT Scriptwriter Ottoman W25(64cm) D20 (51cm) H18.50 (47cm)</p> <p>WA LT D I S N E Y S I G N AT U R E L I N E N CO L L E C T I O ND702-CH Storyteller Chair Overall: W27 (69cm) D35 (89cm) H38 (97cm) D706-CH Holmby Chair W28.50 (72cm) D31 (79cm) H39 (99cm)</p> <p>Studio Walnut</p> <p>All Walt Disney Signature Linens are available for purchase. Please contact your local Drexel Heritage retailer.</p> <p>L702-S Storyteller Sofa L82.50 (210cm) D35 (89cm) H38 (97cm)</p> <p>L706-CH Holmby Chair W28.50 (72cm) D31 (79cm) H39 (99cm)</p> <p>a c e s s o r i e s</p> <p>100-TT-0001 Colony Theater Wood bowl on a polished nickel base. Studio Walnut nish. Diameter 16 (41cm) H7 (18cm) Note: Do not use for food or drink. 100-LT-0001 Riverside Studio Walnut nish. Diameter 15 (38cm) H29 (74cm) Lamp, wood and metal with frosted glass shade.</p> <p>100-TT-0003 Entertainer Square black mirrored tray with nickel accents. W16 (41cm) D16 (41cm) H3 (8cm)</p> <p>100-TT-0005 Showcase Oval Metal Tray Nickel nish. W20.50 (52cm) D15.75 (40cm) H3.25 (8cm)</p> <p>100-TT-0004 Toluca A set of three stacked boxes, wood: Studio Walnut nish. Small W10.25 (26cm) D3 (8cm) H2.75 (7cm) Medium W12 (31cm) D4.50 (11cm) H4 (10cm) Large W14 (36cm) D6 (15cm) H5.50 (14cm)</p> <p>100-LT-0002 Matinee Black/Polished Nickel nish. Diameter 16 (41cm) H32.75 (83cm) Lamp, wood shaft, paper shade. 100-TT-0006 Impresario Glass Vase. Packed four per box. Mercury Glass nish W6 (15cm) D6 (15cm) H7 (18cm) Note: Water can be used in the liner tube only, not in the glass vase.There are natural imperfections (bubbles and impurities) due to the design of the glass.</p> <p>100-TT-0007 Lucille &amp; Leota Small and Large mirrored balls on stands. Mercury Glass nish. Small - Diameter 5 (13cm) H10 (25cm) Large - Diameter 6 (15cm) H12 (31cm) Packed two small and two large per box. There are some natural imperfections (bubbles and impurities) due to the design of the glass.</p> <p>100-LT-0006 Hollywood Way Mercury Glass nish. Diameter 22 (56cm) H30 (76cm) Mirrored glass lamp with linen shade.There are some natural imperfections (bubbles and impurities) due to the design of the glass.</p> <p>100-WA-0003 Fall Scene (Leaves On A Branch) Walt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W18.25 (46cm) H24.25 (62cm)</p> <p>100-WA-0004 Fall Scene(Leaves On A Branch)</p> <p>Walt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W18.25 (46cm) H24.25 (62cm)</p> <p>100-WA-0001 Spring Scene Walt Disneys Fantasia, (1940) W35 (89cm) H41 (104cm)</p> <p>100-WA-0005 Fall Scene(Falling Leaves)</p> <p>100-WA-0006 Fall Scene(Falling Leaves)</p> <p>Walt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W18.25 (46cm) H24.25 (62cm)</p> <p>Walt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W18.25 (46cm) H24.25 (62cm)</p> <p>100-WA-0002 Summer Scene Walt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W32 (81cm) H38 (97cm)</p> <p>100-WA-0007 Winter SceneWalt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W24.50 (62cm) H30.50 (78cm)</p> <p>100-WA-0008 Winter SceneWalt Disneys Bambi, (1942) W24.50 (62cm) H30.50 (78cm)</p> <p>WA LT DI S N E Y S I GN AT U R E R UG CO L L E C TION</p> <p>Rug Pattern: Conte Color: Tan/Green</p> <p>Rug Pattern: Fresco Color: Brown/Multi</p> <p>Rug Pattern: Fresco Color: Ivory/Ivory</p> <p>Rug Pattern: Graphite Color: Brown/Multi</p> <p>Rug Pattern: Stipple Color: Brown/Black</p> <p>www.drexelheritage.com Disney</p>