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<p>Walt disney 1901 - 1966</p> <p>Walt Disney1901 - 1966Animator, film producer and entrepreneur</p> <p>I admire him because...</p> <p>He created the most successful family entertainment empire in the world.</p> <p>He gave the world animation and famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck.</p> <p>He gave the world the theme park.</p> <p>His early lifeFirst Walt Disney studied art in Chicago. Then he was an ambulance driver in the first world war. After that he worked in adverts and that is where he learned about animation In 1923, he moved to Hollywood. </p> <p>Then it began...His first animation starring Mickey Mouse was a silent short called Plane Crazy in 1928.His first talking picture starring Mickey was Steamboat Willie, also in 1928 which can still be seen today.His first full length film was Snow White in 1937 which took 3 years to make.This was followed by Pinocchio in 1940, then Dumbo in 1941 and Bambi in 1942.</p> <p>ProgressPeople had to go to the cinema to see these films back then.Now you can buy them on DVD, digitally improved. These classic films are still huge sellers today.</p> <p>TelevisionAfter the second world war, Disney and his brother, Roy, ventured into television.Walt Disney did the voice of Mickey Mouse until 1946. Today, the Disney channel is one of the most popular channels on t.v. </p> <p>Amusement ParksDisneyworld, the worlds first theme park, opened in California in 1955.Then came Disneyland, Florida in 1971.There are now 3 more parks, in Paris, Japan and Hong Kong.</p> <p>Disneys EmpireWalt Disney died in 1966, a very rich man.Disney thought films were all about magic and entertainment.For several generations millions of children, all over the world, have loved his characters.</p> <p>My visit to Disneyland Paris</p> <p>Walt Disney</p>


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