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  • Waldstein Acoustic Pianos: EU series

    The EU series feature European design combined with outstanding Pearl River piano specification including all wooden action components for the most satisfying response and durability.

    A specially designed Sitka Spruce soundboard and high quality hammers ensures a wonderfully clear and rewarding tone. The spruce keys have both strength and rigidity enabling the full dynamic range of the piano to be easily enjoyed.

    The finest high polished polyester cabinets are finished with chrome fittings to compliment the latest interior design style.

    Intermusic, Unit 9, Cabot Business Village, Poole, Dorset BH17 7BA. Tel. 01202 696963Intermusic Ltd. is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Waldstein Pianos.

    info@waldsteinpiano.co.ukAll specifications are subject to change without notice. For a detailed

    specification on each model please visit www.waldsteinpiano.co.uk

    EU 112Featuring an expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber this compact modern piano has a full tone and dynamic range. Attention to detail despite an aff ordable price ensures suitability for all pianists from beginners to the experienced players who cannot accommodate a larger instrument.

    H: 44.5 / 113 cm, W: 57.5 / 146 cm, D: 23.5 / 60 cm 249 kgAvailable in Black, White, Mahogany and Walnut Polyester.

    Available as a silent piano, call for details or visit the website

    The larger frame and soundboard within a traditional style cabinet ensures this model will satisfy the most accomplished pianist. The perfect balance of full expression and rewarding playing is possible from this mid-sized piano without being overpowering in rooms unable to accommodate a grand piano.

    H: 46.5 / 118 cm, W: 58.5 / 148 cm, D: 23.5 / 60 cm 259 kgAvailable in Black Polyester.

    Available as a silent piano, call for details or visit the website

    EU 117

  • Waldstein Acoustic Pianos: Traditional Series

    Waldstein Traditional series feature all the outstanding specification of Pearl River Piano, the Worlds largest piano factory. The latest production machinery and experienced piano makers ensure absolutely consistent standards of excellence.

    From the traditionally sand cast iron frame to a strong braced back frame and key bed, no compromises have been made in construction. The double crowned soundboard tension is controlled by straight grained spruce ribs and a hard caped maple bridge to ensure a clear and resonant sound projection.

    GP148The Best Selling Baby GrandFrom the tapered leg to the adjustable music desk and twin position support for the bevel edged top lid this is a truly beautifully designed baby grand piano. Priced lower than many upright pianos you can enjoy the majestic splendour of the king of instruments. The ultimate surround sound system can be yours as the longer key depth enables you to control and feel the music projecting from both sides of the soundboard.

    H: 39/ 99 cm, W: 58.5/ 149 cm, D: 58/ 148 cm 352 kgAvailable in Black, White, Mahogany and Walnut Polyester.

    For the serious musician or school teacher this upper range piano has an elegant and substantial design befitting the strong resonance and durability. The large soundboard and acoustic chamber enable the full breadth of tone and colour to envelope the ear as the easy to play action encourages your enjoyment. A slow-close lid is fitted for when you are unable to enjoy playing this magnificent piano.

    H: 47.5/ 121 cm, W: 58.5/ 149 cm, D: 24/ 61 cm 259 kgAvailable in Black or Walnut Polyester.


    115TThis delightful piano has a beautiful cabinet featuring a keyfall lock, traditional style pilasters and a graceful profile to compliment any room decor. Available in a range of finishes with brass fittings this is the perfect aff ordable piano. Being larger than most similarly priced pianos the 115T provides a fuller sound and more rewarding playing experience.

    H: 45.5/ 115 cm, W: 58.5/ 149 cm, D: 24/ 61 cm 252 kgAvailable in Black, White, Mahogany and Walnut Polyester.

    Available as a silent piano, call for details or visit the website


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