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<ul><li><p>Luxury Lifestyle Magazine</p></li><li><p>99 magazine is a uniquepublication, aiming to satisfydemands of luxurious lifestyleset up by highly respectfularistocratic circles withinRussian community around theworld.</p></li><li><p>99 magazine gives you access tosecrets from a modern fleet ofluxury jets, cars and jewellery tofine art and cultural events, reviewsby the contributors who haveexperienced it all.</p><p>With an editorial team of topjournalists and professionaladvisers guided by Ms. AmandaRudin (Head of Fashion TV UK),9HU\ 9HU\ Magazine is a topchoice when one is seeking forpremium products and services.</p></li><li><p>5HDGHUV3URILOH</p><p>Gender</p><p>Men 68%Women 32%</p><p>Minimum income (Euros)</p><p> 100,000+per year 68% 500,000+ per year 32%</p><p>Age</p><p>18-25 3%25-45 71%45+ 26%</p><p>Profession, status</p><p>Owners and partners 86,5%Senior management 8,5%Other, self-employed 2,5%Subscribers (political, science and celebrity VIPs) 2.5%</p></li><li><p>France: 8,000 copiesHotels, Ski Resorts, Chattels, Business and VIP lounges</p><p>United Kingdom: 10, 000 copiesHotels, Restaurants, (LHR,LGW airports) First Class lounges, Members clubs, </p><p>Golf ClubsMonaco: 2,000 copies</p><p>Top 5 hotels, premium suites, Hotels, Golf Clubs, Restaurants</p><p>Switzerland: 3,000 copiesTop 5 hotels, premium suites, Hotels, Restaurants, Financial institutions,</p><p>Private boarding schools</p><p>UAE: 2,000 copiesDubai top 5 hotels, premium suites, Hotels, Restaurants &amp; Bars, Airport </p><p>Business Lounges</p><p>Italy: 2,000 copiesHotels, Chattels</p><p>Russia: 2,000 copiesRestaurants &amp; Bars, Hotels</p><p>Germany: 2,000 copiesHotels</p><p>Seychelles: 1,000 copiesResorts</p><p>Distribution</p></li><li><p>Our partners</p></li><li><p>Full page 2,500 Spread 6,000Inside front cover + 1st page 7,500 Inside back cover 4,000Back cover 7,000</p><p>*prices exclusive of UK VAT</p><p>Address</p><p>40Langham street, London , W1W T: +44 (0) 203 205 0042T: +44 (0) 207 637 1374</p><p>Advertising rates in pounds sterling*</p><p>www.vvmag.comwww.russianmediasolutions.com/vv</p></li></ul>