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<ul><li><p>ANNIVERSARIES AND DATES </p><p>VLADIMIF~ VAS IL 'EV ICH BOLOTIN (ON H IS 50th B IRTHDAY) </p><p>March 29, 1976, marked the 50th birthday of Vladimir Vasi l 'evich Bolotin, Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, who has spent 25 years in scientif ic, pedagogic, and social activity. </p><p>V. V. Bolotin has made a substantial contribution to many branches of mechanics: shell theory, osci l la- tion theory, aeroelast ic i ty theory, rel iabil ity theory, the mechanics of po lymers, and the theory of composite mater ia ls . He is one of the leading scientists of the Soviet Union. His works have received international ac- claim and have been translated into many languages. Bolotin participated in many international congresses, conferences, and symposia. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Budapest Technical University. </p><p>In 1948 t3olotin graduated f rom the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers; in 1950 he became a can- 5idate and received his doctorate in 1952. </p><p>Bolotin has been a pro fessor since 1953, and since 1958 he has held the chair in dynamics and the strength of mach ines in the Lenin Energy Institute in Moscow. </p><p>In 1974 Bolotin was elected a~ associate member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the specialty of mechan ics . </p><p>Bolotin is the author of over 250 scientific works on oscillation theory, elasticity theory of plates and shells, structc~ral mechan ics , and reliability theory, among them a number of monographs [1-6]. </p><p>An impo~Xant part of ]3olotin's work was devoted to the theory of the reliability of mechan ica l sys tems, Lhe statistical theory of rupture, the mechan ics of compos i te materials, the theory of viscoelastic med ia of variable structure, the parametr i c oscillations of elastic sys tems, aeroelasticity theory, asymptot ic methods [n the theory of the oscillations of elastic bodies, the prob lem of "acoustic fatigue," and also the theory of diagnostics and forecasting of the reliability of systems. </p><p>Bolotin also helped create a scientific collective at the Lenin Energy Institute wh ich carr ied out research for the Scient i f ic -Research Institute in a number of b ranches of industry and technology. Among his students are six doctor,~ and 50 candidates of science. </p><p>V. V. Bolotin is also an efficient administrator and organizer. He has served as a member of the Nation- al Commit tee of the USSR in theoretical and applied mechan ics , the Scientific Counci l on P rob lems of Strength and Plasticity, the A l l -Un ion Counc i l of Scientific Societies, the P res id ium of the Centra l Commit tee of the Scientific and Techn ica l Society of the construct ion industry. He is also a director of the section on structural </p><p>Trans lated f rom Prikladnaya Mekhanika, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 138-139, Apri l , 1976. </p><p>[This material is ,r~rotected by copyright registered in the name of Plenum Publishing Corporation, 227 West 1 7th Street, New York, A r Y. 10011. No part ] of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, </p><p>[microfilming, recording or otherwise, without written permission o f the publisher. A copy of this arlicle is available from the publisher for $ ZhO. l 431 </p></li><li><p>mechanics in this committee, and a chairman of the section of the Scientific and Technological Council of the State Construction Industry of the USSR. He is a member of the editorial board of "Mechanics of Solids," "Structural Mechanics and the Design of Structures," and the "International Journal of the Mechanics of Solids and St ructures . " </p><p>Bolotin devotes much attention to improving the curr icu lum for engineers in the nation. He is the cha i r - man of the committee for the preparat ion of special ists and the improving of standards in the All-Union Council of Scientific Engineering and Technical Societies. Bolotin also represents the USSR in the committee on en- gineering education of the International Federat ion of Engineering Societies and part ic ipates in a UNESCO group working on curr icu lum for engineering training. Bolotin has done much in this area to modernize cur - r icula and to incorporate progress ive methods into the process of training scientific special ists. </p><p>Bolotin was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Red Banner of Labor. </p><p>Bolotin ce lebrates his birthday in the bloom of his creat ive efforts and full of new plans. </p><p>The editor ial board wishes to heart i ly congratulate V. V. Bolotin on his birthday and also wishes him future success in his wide-ranging activit ies. </p><p>1. 2. </p><p>3. 4. </p><p>5. </p><p>6. </p><p>WORKS OF V. V. BOLOTIN </p><p>Dynamic Stability of Elastic Systems [in Russian], Gostekhizdat, Moscow (1956). Nonconservative Prob lems of the Theory of Elast icity and Elastic Stability [in Russian]. F izmatgiz, Moscow (1961). Statistical Methods in Structural Mechanics, Holden-Day, San Franc isco (1969). Contemporary Prob lems in Structural Mechanics [in Russian], Stroiizdat, Moscow (1964). Coauthors: I. I. Gol 'denblat and A. F. Smirnov. Application of the Methods of Reliabil ity Theory and Probabil ity Theory in the Design of Structures [in Russian], Stroi izdat, Moscow (1971). Structural Mechanics. Contemporary State and Prospects of Development [in Russian], Stroiizdat, Mos- cow (1972). Coauthors: I. I. Gol'denblat and A. F, Smirnov. </p><p>432 </p></li></ul>