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    March 29, 1976, marked the 50th birthday of Vladimir Vasi l 'evich Bolotin, Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, who has spent 25 years in scientif ic, pedagogic, and social activity.

    V. V. Bolotin has made a substantial contribution to many branches of mechanics: shell theory, osci l la- tion theory, aeroelast ic i ty theory, rel iabil ity theory, the mechanics of po lymers, and the theory of composite mater ia ls . He is one of the leading scientists of the Soviet Union. His works have received international ac- claim and have been translated into many languages. Bolotin participated in many international congresses, conferences, and symposia. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Budapest Technical University.

    In 1948 t3olotin graduated f rom the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers; in 1950 he became a can- 5idate and received his doctorate in 1952.

    Bolotin has been a pro fessor since 1953, and since 1958 he has held the chair in dynamics and the strength of mach ines in the Lenin Energy Institute in Moscow.

    In 1974 Bolotin was elected a~ associate member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the specialty of mechan ics .

    Bolotin is the author of over 250 scientific works on oscillation theory, elasticity theory of plates and shells, structc~ral mechan ics , and reliability theory, among them a number of monographs [1-6].

    An impo~Xant part of ]3olotin's work was devoted to the theory of the reliability of mechan ica l sys tems, Lhe statistical theory of rupture, the mechan ics of compos i te materials, the theory of viscoelastic med ia of variable structure, the parametr i c oscillations of elastic sys tems, aeroelasticity theory, asymptot ic methods [n the theory of the oscillations of elastic bodies, the prob lem of "acoustic fatigue," and also the theory of diagnostics and forecasting of the reliability of systems.

    Bolotin also helped create a scientific collective at the Lenin Energy Institute wh ich carr ied out research for the Scient i f ic -Research Institute in a number of b ranches of industry and technology. Among his students are six doctor,~ and 50 candidates of science.

    V. V. Bolotin is also an efficient administrator and organizer. He has served as a member of the Nation- al Commit tee of the USSR in theoretical and applied mechan ics , the Scientific Counci l on P rob lems of Strength and Plasticity, the A l l -Un ion Counc i l of Scientific Societies, the P res id ium of the Centra l Commit tee of the Scientific and Techn ica l Society of the construct ion industry. He is also a director of the section on structural

    Trans lated f rom Prikladnaya Mekhanika, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 138-139, Apri l , 1976.

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  • mechanics in this committee, and a chairman of the section of the Scientific and Technological Council of the State Construction Industry of the USSR. He is a member of the editorial board of "Mechanics of Solids," "Structural Mechanics and the Design of Structures," and the "International Journal of the Mechanics of Solids and St ructures . "

    Bolotin devotes much attention to improving the curr icu lum for engineers in the nation. He is the cha i r - man of the committee for the preparat ion of special ists and the improving of standards in the All-Union Council of Scientific Engineering and Technical Societies. Bolotin also represents the USSR in the committee on en- gineering education of the International Federat ion of Engineering Societies and part ic ipates in a UNESCO group working on curr icu lum for engineering training. Bolotin has done much in this area to modernize cur - r icula and to incorporate progress ive methods into the process of training scientific special ists.

    Bolotin was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Red Banner of Labor.

    Bolotin ce lebrates his birthday in the bloom of his creat ive efforts and full of new plans.

    The editor ial board wishes to heart i ly congratulate V. V. Bolotin on his birthday and also wishes him future success in his wide-ranging activit ies.

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