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sometimes students are asked to write about tousm or places to visit this document could help


<ul><li> 1. Visiting TunisiaJust make the visit virtually firstWell lets makeA look at Sfax from above</li></ul> <p> 2. Now youre going to see each place closelyWhen you see this picture below, anywhere (inpostcards or in the internet) then you mustdeduce that this place is Sfax 3. The calche is a traditional and anextraordinary way to enjoy this virtual trip 4. a tour with the calche will be a reallynice thing to do to start this virtualadventureYou can find calche day or night itsalways available 5. The virtual tour will take you to explore the medinawhich is located inside the walls of the antique city;its there where you can have a look on the garmentsdone by hand in the craft shops. You will have thechance to enjoy a ride on the calche; and you will beable to enjoy the music of Tabbal Kerkennah. There is 6. more! You will be able to see how and where sfaxiensused to live, the architecture, the clothes, the furnitureand even arts, all you need is visiting Dar Jalloulimuseum and the cultural space Borj Kallel.Tabbal Kerkennah : music , rhythm , joy andtraditional dances 7. Bab Diwan : one of the doors of the walls of theantique city, its through this door that you can accessthe medina 8. The medina ; tradional soukIs pictured below 9. Next, lets have a look at the new city (BabBhar) from the sea 10. Now lets move to see some of the placesthat show sfaxians lifestyle in the pastSo, Dar Jallouli museum is the place to visitfirstit opens at 9: 30 A.M 11. its closure time is at 16:30 P.Mthis is the Tunisian timing of courseAdditional information about this museum:it is closed on Mondays and its phonenumber: 0021674221463It is located in the center of the Medina, in abourgeois house from the 17th Century. Thismuseum contains a collection of householdobjects evoking everyday life used in Sfax inthe past. 12. the cultural space Borj Kallel , its location isin road gremda km 6 , it is another place toconsider .Look at borj kallel at night 13. Now its time to see Inside Borj kallel 14. In this beautiful space you are going to seehow sfaxians used to live in the past , theirhome , their furniture , their clothes andeven how they used to cook , to makeclothes and not only that much more stuff isthere in this cultural space 15. audio amplifierKitchen tools 16. Oil lamp 17. Artistic painting 18. Ancient former radio 19. A chest painted wood and various itemsused to work wool 20. A grain mill 21. a wall clock 22. A sewing machine and various irons 23. A spinning wheel to make wool thread 24. A cardboard suitcase to go to a hammam (its a traditional bathroom) tmk (a kind oftraditional female shoes its in the picturebelow ) 25. Well what youve just experienced and seenis not all , you can enjoy many other things ,just make this virtual trip a real one and youwont regret itYou may wonder what other places you canadmire in Tunisia 26. Well , Im going to give you an idea aboutsome places and experiencesNow its October so two more months it willbe winter timeSo you may want to see southern Tunisia inwinteryou are going to admire the beauty of theSahara in winter. During this virtualexcursion you will see southern Tunisia. Thefirst place to visit is in the governorate ofGabes, its your opportunity to be at thefilming location where two of star warsepisodes are featured, this place is hotel Sidi 27. Driss in Matmata. Of course you can see theextraordinary traditional troglodytedwellings there since Matmata is wheresome of the local residents live in traditionalunderground troglodyte structure.Taking a camel Safari into the desert and tostone village of Tamerza would be anunforgettable experience. AT Tamerzawhich is located in the governorate ofTozeur , you will explore the mountain oasisand then travel further to see Saharaarchitecture at its finest and beautifulwaterfalls. 28. Matmata 29. Camel safari in the Sahara 30. Old tamerza : to stone village of Tamerza 31. Mountain oasis of TamerzaWhat I included in this presentation is justfew examples of what you may see inTunisia once you decide to visit this NorthAfrican CountryThanks for allowing me to show you someof the beautiful places in Tunisia, now its 32. up to you if you want to know more aboutthis beautiful and lovely country </p>