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Virtual worlds arent just for playing, they also open a gate to other didactic uses as virtual museums. Blog version:


<ul><li> 1. Virtual worlds arent just for playing, they also open a gate to otherdidactic uses as virtual museums.I love going to all sort of museums, but taking yourstudents with you is another thing as finding time, organizing the trip and preparing the goalscan be resource consuming.The alternative is to attend a virtual museum while in classroom. The existing ones offerdifferent options:1. Picture galleries: they just offer a bunch of pictures of their expositions.2. Virtual reality exposition rooms: you can walk inside a 3D world interacting with theelements.3. A mixed approach of the previous ones.To better understand what this is about have a look at the Smithsonian National Museum ofNatural History. Get inside, have a walk and realize the possibilities of this resource. Otheroptions arent so impressive but theyre indeed equally valuable as the Louvre Museum.Some ideas to work with:1. Just a lovely walk inside the museum.2. A webquest: combine it with flow control tools, as Moodle.3. A cultural trip to solve some exercises or complete a presentation.</li></ul> <p> 2. BIOAndoni Sanz /ndn sn/ is a Computer Scientist working as a STEM Teacherand IT researcher. Google Certified Educator and Moodle expert hesimmersed in a non-stop research on technology applied to education combinedwith the latest pedagogy trends, as b-learning, gamification or flippedclasses.Actually hes working on a project called Gamecodization: teaching codingthrough video games.For more information or to contact him:Blog: http://andonisanz.blogspot.comWebsite: http://www.andonisanz.comCoding: http://www.gamecodization.comTwitter: @andonisanz </p>