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To honor all the veterans as we approach Veteran's Day


<ul><li> 1. Serving still that we maybe free</li></ul> <p> 2. AMERICAN VETERANDr. James E. Martin, MSgtU S Air Force, Retired November, 2011 We fought in the jungles of Viet Nam, We sailed the South China Sea. We stormed the beaches of Normandy, We served that men may be free. We persevered through trying times, Endured the scorn of some.We watched our buddies lose their limbs,Many never made it home. In Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm We again answered the call.Many sleepless nights in the heat, And again, many gave their all.Were American Veterans, and proudly so.We care not for glory or fame.We simply desire common respect,Theres surely, in this, no shame. In future days more wars will be fought,Young folks will be challenged still.The American Veteran will again stand tallAnd conquer through determined will. 3. SEAL TEAM SIXMay 07, 2011Dr. James E. MartinAmerica was again put to the testAs a brutal man faced some of the best.Though only to a few is your identity knownCourage and skill youve to the world shown.When the order was given you rose to the taskNothing more from this nation could we ask.Youve made us again feel pride inside,Proud that in America we safely abide.Though some may challenge our determinationAnd laugh at perceived hesitation,We say to you all loud and clear,Youll not forever stand and cheer.Justice will be served though sometimes delayedAs is evidenced by what youve recently displayed.Americas best -- without a doubt,We salute you brothers and praises shout!! 4. THE GREEN BERETDr. James E. Martin, MSGTU S Air Force, RetiredTo be among the bestWas the lads earnest desire.He rose above the restIn his soul there was fire.He understood wellThe severity of the test.To him it was swellTo pursue this great quest.He vigorously stayed the course,He endured all the pain.Himself he did forceTo from quitting refrain.Graduation day finally came,The ceremony, it was grand.Not longing for fortune or fame,With proud peers he did stand.Smartly placed on his headWas the beret of beautiful green.Nothing more need be said,All was proudly now seen.At attention he proudly stood,With a very swollen chest.It was now understood,He was with Americas best. 5. TO BE AN AMERICAN Dr. James E. MartinTo be an American is something grand,As witnessed from a distant land.The quality of life we enjoy here,Is surely something that we should hold dear.Many complain within these doors,Who have never traveled to distant shores.They have never seen the poverty and pain,As in so many places misery reigns.If life is so horrible in this place,Why do so many to these shores race?Is it as bad as is commonly reported?Or have some carelessly, the facts distorted?From one who has been privileged to many places see,There is no place on earth I would rather be.These blessings on which we have grown to depend,I trust that we all will eagerly defend. 6. SPECIAL FORCESDr. James E. MartinSurrendered to a mission bold,Soldiers -- usually not very old.Prepared for battles, extremely tough, Forged on the anvil of rugged trailPromising to give more than enough.Forgetting the option to ever fail.Enlisted with a purposed will, Only a few ever make the grade,Enthusiastically taking the targeted hill. Often the supreme price is paid.Cautiously waiting for the moment right, Rugged individuals are they all,Committed to curtailing the enemysRigid in stance, standing tall. fight. Courage they are putting to a severe test,Intent on following lawful commands, Consistently proven to be Americas best.Involved in many distant lands. Elite is often to them ascribed,Above and beyond is their creed, Even when being quietly described.Adamant while watching a buddy bleed. So give honor to those to whom it is due,Laboring often in unheard of places,Since most cannot do what they daily do.Living routinely in uncomfortable places. 7. A GOOD SOLDIERDr. James E. Martin Being a good soldier is a lofty aspiration.Achievement of this goal brings high admiration. This purpose should be ones determination,Gratitude will result from a proud nation. To see this high and lofty end, Attention to detail must one lend. Devotion to duty must he never bend,Loud and clear must this message he send. Above and beyond is his call,Careful to never in disgrace fall.Proudly with his peers standing tall, Confidence and courage he shows to all. 8. RED, WHITE, &amp; BLUE Dr. James E. MartinThe banner of red, white, and blue,Is a beautiful sight, tis true.Endeared by many, scorned by some,Its place in history securely won.Under this banner many proudly serve,From duty they are sworn to never swerve.In distant lands, away from those dear,Overcoming hardship, privations, and fear.Some may still ask why they go.Why do they such devotion show?The answer is simple, they proudly say,We would never have it any other way. 9. A SOLDIER Dr. James E. MartinSoldierWhat a noble name!Worn by many with historic fame.Whether Army, or Navy, whichever you choose,Never your pride should you lose.Perhaps Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard it be,Stand tall and ridicule always flee!To serve this nation wherever you are sent,To complete the mission, all energy spent.To return home knowing you have done your best,Is to have passed the ultimate test.To know others can live free because you served,Is a badge won, and well deserved!Though many may not understand,There are duties that go with living in this land.To be willing to go and the uniform wear,Is an honor that many through the ages will share. 10. THE SAILOR Dr. James E. MartinA sailor was all he ever wanted to be,As a youngster this was all he could see.At night he would dream of amazing things,And hope that some day he could realize his dreams.To be on a carrier he could not forget,Or perhaps a frigate, or a small corvette.Whichever of these the Navy would choose,He did not want his opportunity to lose.He hoped that his dream was not just a whim,There was no doubt that he knew how to swim.Finally he realized his dream come true,He proudly attired himself in Navy blue.Weeks turned into months, months into yearsAs he proudly served and made a career.That day finally came that he did so long dread,Its been a great life, he proudly said.As he put on his uniform that final time,More satisfaction he knew he would never find.Those ships he had dreamed of as a boy,His sailing on all three brought him great joy. 11. TRIBUTE TO A FALLEN SOLDIER Dr. James E. MartinA SOLDIER GAVE HIS LIFE TODAY,AWAY FROM HOME, SO FAR AWAY.HE HAD OFTEN WONDERED HOW IT WOULD END AS HE, HIS ENERGY DID ALL EXPEND.BACK AT HOME HIS FAMILY CANNOT BELIEVETHOSE HORRID WORDS THEY HAD JUSTRECEIVED.SO YOUNG WAS HE, YET HOW HE HAD AGEDIN THOSE MANY MONTHS THE WAR HAD RAGED. HE DIED KNOWING HE HAD DONE HIS BEST.NOW HIS BODY WILL BE LAID TO REST.WILL THE PRICE HE PAID BE REMEMBERED WELL?WHAT WORDS WILL THEY HIS LOVED ONES TELL? WILL A NATIONS GRATITUDE HIS FAMILY KNOW?FOR THE DEVOTION TO DUTY HE DID SO BRAVELYSHOW.HIS MEMORY WILL LIVE ON THOUGH HE BE GONE,MAY HONOR AND RESPECT BE PROPERLY SHOWN. 12. SOME GAVE ALL Dr. James E. MartinThey came from all over the land,Some very young, others old.There was in them all something grand,That needs to be continually told.That something that in them all was found,That simply could not be obscured,Was a devotion to duty and honor profoundThat to the end endured.In Asia, Europe, Africa, and more,They answered their countrys call.And there on foreign, distant shoreThey courageously, silently did fall.There still are some whose remainsThe location of which only God is sure.The freedoms that they died to obtainPrayerfully will forever endure.Gratitude is to them surely due,If it could be properly expressed.This, obviously, we cannot doExcept by public address. 13. He stood there as we departed the bus,Nobody but he could make any fuss.Tribute First impressions are those that last,And his was certainly made very fast. He seemed larger than any in the crowd.ToTo ensure that all heard, he was very loud. He immediately began barking out commands. Which were heard throughout the land.ASpeech was heard that was not very cool, Words you had never heard in Sunday school. An atmosphere of command was quickly in place, And to question that authority would bring you disgrace.Drill Hours quickly turned into days, As we began to learn his ways. To regular hours and regular chow,We readily adapted somehow.Sergeant Activities of both mental and physical sort, Required each of us to quickly contort. Impossible it seemed each and every day, To accomplish all that was thrown our way. When it seemed that all energy was spent,Another task from him was sent.Dr. James E. MartinTo even hint that it could not be done,Was another victory by him won. Day after day we labored through, Finding things easier to do. As pounds were perhaps lost and more energy found, We came to realize that we were graduation bound. The obstacle course was one final test To discover ourselves at our best.He stood there laughing as we would crash,Or into the mud sometimes splash.Finally, it all came to an end,And that last day with him we would spend.To finally realize that it was really doneAnd the impossible race had been well run.Looking back after these many years,With much satisfaction, and occasionally with tears, That man who once seemed to have no heart, Gave to many a fresh, new start. 14. ON HAVING SERVED Dr. James E. MartinThe memories of a veteran are as varied as can be,Some involve sorrow, others genuine glee.To have learned new things and seen new placesWhile trying to put names to remembered faces.To have given your all and passed the testBrings joy in knowing that you have done your best.At other times, however, to have tried and failedYet, in the end to have still prevailed.On some missions wondering how you had made it through,Accomplishing what few had the courage to do.Sometimes, regardless of how hard you would try,You would find yourself unable to do anything but cry.Upon learning that a buddy had given his lifeIn the heat of battle, amidst unbelievable strife.Some of these things that a warrior must endurePuts metal in his backbone, that is for sure.To ask one if he would ever do it again,Many would affirm without any spin.To have succeeded in defeating a menacing foeMakes one eager to again go.A few made the choice to from duty fleeThinking that in another country they could be free.The freedom they enjoyed in their cowardly state,Is to most of us, however, a miserable fate.The service of no two was exactly the same,Most never experienced prestige or fame.They went and stayed till the job was done,Then returned home for their day in the sun. 15. CHRISTMAS IN IRAQ7 DECEMBER, 2007He fulfills his duties day after dayAs he continues to serve so far away.He remembers so well, those back at homeAnd tries to not focus on his being alone.He longs for the day when he can returnAnd the pleasures of home he can relearn.He has been for so long in that distant land,He has almost forgotten homes joys, so grand.For those of us who cannot be by his sideWill thoughts for him in our hearts abide?Will we remember him in our prayer?Will we express that for him we care?As another Christmas draws ever nearAnd the joys abound with festivities and cheerLet us not forget those many so braveWho daily risk death and the grave. 16. AIR FORCE FAMILY[TO TOM FROM DAD] Dr. James E. Martin The tradition goes on, With son number two.To all he has shown He will soon say, I do!With uplifted hand, And to oaths commitment,Attentively he will stand And begin his enlistment.Following in the steps of brother and dad, In service to a country so grand,Experiencing the joys that they have hadHe will get to see first hand. As your uniform you wear, Wherever you may go,Do not ever falter, or despairNor your pride to others not show.Someday when your journey comes to an end, And you, like me, will reminisce, You will also, hopefully, this message send, It is something I will always miss! </p>