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Download V1.3 Network+ Certification. CompTIA Network+ Certification Vendor Neutral Certification Fulfills the U.S. Department of Defense Directive 8570.1 Fulfills

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v1.3Network+ Certification

1CompTIA Network+ CertificationVendor Neutral Certification

Fulfills the U.S.Department of Defense Directive 8570.1

ISO Certified ANSI AccreditedMeasures technical knowledge required of network practitioners2

Network+ KnowledgeConfigure, maintain, and troubleshoot network devices using appropriate network tools and understand the features and purpose of network technologiesCandidates will be able to make basic solution recommendations, analyze network traffic, and be familiar with common protocols and media types.

2Career Advancement for IT ProfessionalsTarget AudienceIndividuals working in or planning to work in technology roles such as:


3Network+ Recommended/Mandated Skills More than 350,000 Network+ Certified IT Professionals and in the TOP 10 Certifications in the WorldCompanies such as Apple, Best Buy, Canon and Cisco have Made Network+ part of their certification programs.U.S. DoD 8570.1 Mandates Network+ CertificationNetwork+ Developed with Support of Leading Technology Organizations and Validated by Field ExpertsCompTIA Network+ Certified by ISO and Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)4

This slide contains some important information to position Network+ with customers.1)The number of people globally who have certified2)The development of the certification using ISO accredited methods by industry subject matter experts3)Mandate by the U.S. militaryand increasing use by corporate personnel working on contract with the U.S. government4)Use as a foundational certification in the programs of large hardware and service companies


Network+ Exam Details5

The exam is priced at Tier Two ($253U.S. non-member, $215 member) and recommends 9 months of network experience in order to pass the certification. Network+ will have performance based questions added in November.5Network+ Objectives6DomainPercent of ExaminationNetwork Concepts21%Network Installation and Configuration23%Network Media and Topologies17%Network Management 20%Network Security 19%Total100%

Notice that almost 20% of Network+ is now devoted to security.6Competitive Information7CompTIA Network+Cisco CCENTCisco CCNAMicrosoft MTA/Networking FundamentalsTarget AudienceNetwork Administrator, Remote support engineer, Field service technician Entry level networking professionalSystems Administrator, Network AdministratorThose in the Microsoft certification program to learn Windows server specific skills Unique CharacteristicVendor-neutral for broad skills, updated every 3 yearsStepping stone to other Cisco certificationProvides Cisco specific networking knowledge, for broadly used networking solutionWindows specific certificationPricing$246; $209 member$125$250Site license for academia. Single Certiport voucher (U.S.) $47

Cisco and Microsoft certifications are the ones you will encounter most often in selling Network+.7Selling Network+ Against Cisco8

In positioning Network+ against Cisco, there are three important points to begin with.Network+ is a certification that measures networking knowledge and skills that must be kept current through a continuing education program; Network+ is not tied to any one hardware vendors specifications.Cisco exams expire and must be retaken to remain current.

The second point is that Network+ is one of the approved options for required certification in the U.S. Military mandate (called Dept. of Defense 8570) for Information Assurance personnel.

Third, there are many large and international companies such as those listed here that actively use, recommend, or require Netork+ for their internal or channel technicians.

8Organizations that Require, Mandate or Teach Network+ Professionals9

Government OrganizationsCorporate OrganizationsAcademic Organizations

This is a good list of organizations that have an affiliation with Network+. But you can add or substitute your own customers to this slide, where appropriate to your market.9Apple Network Consultant Recognition10

Recently, the Apple Consultants Network began accepting CompTIA Network+ certifications as a prerequisite for their mobility program.* This presents an excellent opportunity for the CompTIA community to leverage their knowledge to grow a new revenue stream by supporting the deployment and management of iOS devices. This is a recent Network+ win, which will contribute credibility when you talk with customers. The Apple Consultants Network refers to companies that sell Apple products, and services related to those products. There are certification requirements for companies that are accepted into the network, and Network+ was recently approved as one of the required certifications for companies in the mobility category of the Apple Consultants Network.Why did Apple approve Network+? Because, before the service personnel in small companies move to Apple partner training and certification programs, it is in Apples interest to help ensure that trainees have a similar foundational understanding of networking. So, they choose certifications as prerequisites for their own programand Network+ is a certification that they chose to include.

10Publishers with Network+ Content exams11

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