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This is the January 2014 edition of the USS Bunker Hill CG-52 Ombudsman Newsletter. The feature article in the newsletter is Operational Security (OPSEC).


<ul><li><p> 1 Introduction to your Ombudsman </p><p>2 FEATURED ARTICLE: OPSEC </p><p>3 OPSEC cont- </p><p>4 FFSC Workshops </p><p>6 Resources for Military Families and Things to Do in SD </p><p>8 Moving? Resources for coming to or leaving San Diego </p><p>CONNECTIONS January 2014 Dear BUNKER HILL Families and Friends, Are you new to San Diego? Are you new to the command? If you are looking for answers and dont know who to call, I am your answer. I am your ombudsman and I am here to help you find the resources and information you need as you navigate the waters of military life. Sincerely, Danice Toyias, Command Ombudsman CONTACT INFORMATION PHONE: (619) 405-7389 FACEBOOK: USS Bunker Hill Ombudsman, Official Facebook Fan Page, Like Me! Call, Email, Text, or Message me on FB! </p><p>NEW! USS Bunker Hill Ombudsman Facebook Page! For information, freebies, things to do, and lots more, please LIKE the page. Click FOLLOWING, GET NOTIFICATIONS, and SHOW IN NEWS FEED to ensure you see my updates. </p><p>SAILORS: If you are new to the ship, PLEASE email me from your work address the name(s) and email address(es) of those family members youd like added to the email distribution list. </p></li><li><p> CONNECTIONS January 2014 Page 2 </p><p>As a family member of the military community, you are a vital player in our success, and we couldnt do our job without your support. You may not know it, but you also play a crucial role in ensuring your loved ones safety just by what you know of the militarys day-to-day operations. You can protect your loved ones by protecting the information that you know. This is known in the military as operations security or, OPSEC. OPSEC is keeping potential adversaries from discovering our critical information. As the name suggests, it protects our operations planned, in progress and those completed. Success depends on secrecy and surprise, so the military can accomplish the mission quicker and with less risk. Enemies of freedom want our information, and theyre not just after the military member to get it. They want you, the family member. </p><p>FEATURED ARTICLE: OPSEC (Operational Security) </p><p>What can you do? There are many countries and organizations that would like to harm Americans and degrade our influence in the world. Its possible and not unprecedented for spouses and family members of U.S. military personnel to be targeted for intelligence collection. This is true in the United States, and especially true overseas! What can you do? BE ALERT Foreign Governments and organizations can collect significant amounts of useful information by using spies. A foreign agent may use a variety of approaches to befriend someone and get sensitive information. This sensitive information can be critical to the success of a terrorist or spy, and consequently deadly to Americans. BE CAREFUL There may be times when your spouse cannot talk about the specifics of his or her job. Its very important to conceal and protect certain information such as flight schedules, ship movements, temporary duty (TDY) locations, and installation activities, just to name a few. Something as simple as a phone discussion concerning where your spouse is going TDY or deploying to can be very useful to our adversaries. Protecting Critical Information Even though this information may not be secret, its what we call critical information. Critical Information deals with specific facts about military intentions, capabilities, operations or activities. If an adversary knew this detailed information, our mission accomplishment and personnel safety could be jeopardized. It must be protected to ensure an </p><p>adversary doesnt gain a significant advantage. By being a member of the military family, you will often know some bits of critical information. Do not discuss them outside of your immediate family and especially not over the telephone. Examples of critical information: Detailed information about mission or assigned </p><p>units. Details concerning locations and times of unit </p><p>deployments. Personnel transactions that occur in large </p><p>numbers (e.g. pay information, power of attorney, wills, deployment information). </p><p> References to trend in unit morale or personnel problems. </p><p> Details concerning security procedures. Puzzle pieces These bits of information may seem insignificant. However, to a trained adversary, they are small pieces of a puzzle that highlight what were doing and planning. Remember, the elements of security and surprises are vital to the accomplishment of our goals and our collective personnel protection. Where and how you discuss this information is just as important as with whom you discuss it. Adversarys agents tasked with collecting information frequently visit some of the same stores, clubs, recreational areas or places of worship as you do. Determined individuals can easily collect data from cordless and cellular phones and even baby monitors using inexpensive receivers available from local electronics stores. </p></li><li><p> CONNECTIONS January 2014 Page 3 </p><p>OPSEC CONTINUED-- </p><p>If anyone, especially a </p><p>foreign national, persistently </p><p>seeks information, notify your </p><p>military sponsor immediately. He or she will notify the unit </p><p>OPSEC program </p><p>manager or local office of </p><p>investigations. </p><p>OPSEC IS A FAMILY AFFAIR All family </p><p>members are part of the OPSEC </p><p>team and need to protect the Navy's </p><p>information to ensure our safety. </p><p>Discuss OPSEC with </p><p>the rest of your family! </p></li><li><p> CONNECTIONS January 2014 Page 4 </p><p>Fleet and Family Support Center Jan-Mar Campaigns </p><p>SETTING AND ACHIEVING YOUR 2014 FINANCIAL GOALS FFSC San Diego Workshops </p><p>January--Family &amp; Personal Enrichment Program Awareness: This year, FFSC has added several innovative programs to the array of workshops and services they already provide. They now have family programs at various locations for parents with young children to enjoy fun activities, learn about child development and resources, and network with each other. February--Military Saves Campaign: This campaign will focus on saving, money management, and raising awareness on how you can build wealth at any stage of your career. Take the Military Saves Pledge at and check the FFSC Facebook page for information related to this campaign during February. March--Relocation Assistance Awareness: FFSC has a number of tools to reduce the stress and uncertainty surrounding a permanent change of station. FFSC often encounter many who are unaware of the full financial entitlements available to them and may be missing out on these benefits. They also have information about your duty station, whether its your first trip to San Diego or another base anywhere in the world. Lastly, they have the best-kept secrets and important reminders about packing and moving. Save time, money, AND stress by using the FFSC relocation services available as workshop or individual consultation. </p><p>Million Dollar Sailor/Spouse Workshop Who wants to be a millionaire? Start today and save to be a millionaire with this two-day workshop of proven strategies to assist service members and their families in saving a million dollars over their lifetime. Topics include banking and financial services, military pay, and retirement planning, home buying, consumer awareness, car buying, insurance, and Thrift Savings Plan. Jan 15-16, 8 am-4 pm, Murphy Canyon </p><p>Chapel, 3200 Santo Rd, SD, CA 92124 Mar 26-27, 8 am-4 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 259 Tax Tips Do you ever feel pressured around tax season? If so, this workshop discusses how to file your taxes, filing deadlines, and how to make your refund work for you by reducing </p><p>debt or investing in your future! Feb 11, 3-4 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Mar 12, 3-4 pm, FFSC NBC, Bldg 318 The Art of Successful Investing Facilitated by an industry expert, this advanced workshop addresses tried and true principles of successful investors. This workshop is geared for the savvy investor with solid investment plans-such as a fully funded retirement or a child's college education. Feb 19, 12-1:30 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Get the latest detailed information on the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and how TSP can contribute to financial retirement security. Jan 30, 2:30-4 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 </p></li><li><p> CONNECTIONS January 2014 Page 5 </p><p>FLEET AND FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER CAREER SERVICES </p><p>fairJOB</p><p> FFSC Programs &amp; Workshops San Diego Metro January-March 2014 2</p><p>Job Fair Opportunity for transitioning Sailors, retirees, and spouses to network with over 70 employers looking for your skills! Bring copies of your resume and come dressed to impress. Mar 26, 10 am-2 pm, Scottish Rite Center, </p><p>1895 Camino Del Rio South, SD, CA 92108</p><p>How to Work a Job Fair Workshop Make the most of your job fair experience and ensure you set yourself up for success by attending this class. Mar 24, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Mar 25, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 259 </p><p>CAREER SERVICESUnless otherwise noted below, register for the below workshops at 866-923-6478 or Or, call to schedule an individual appointment on any of these topics.Finding Federal Employment The latest information and resources to navigate the federal employment process and get tips from the experts on how to create the perfect federal employment resume. </p><p> Jan 7, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBC, Bldg 318 Jan 21, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Feb 4, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBPL, Bldg 211 Feb 18, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBC, Bldg 318 Mar 4, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Mar 20, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBPL, Bldg 211 </p><p>How to Work a Job Fair Workshop Make the most of your job fair experience and ensure you set yourself up for success by attending this class. Mar 24, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Mar 25, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 259 </p><p>Insights to Starting a Home-Based Business Get time-tested resources, information, advice, and proven techniques about starting your home-based business, directly from organizations and agencies willing to help you succeed! Feb 13, 12:30-4:30 pm, Logan Heights Library, </p><p>567 South 28th St, SD, CA 92113</p><p>Introduction to Owning Your Own Business Interested in the adventure of starting your own business? Get the latest information, resources, and guidance to make your prospective business a successful reality.</p><p> Jan 14, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 259 </p><p>Military Spouse Employment Workshop Ready to enter or return to the workforce and not sure where to start? Get your resume reviewed, explore your education and career goals, and learn about networking opportunities. Call (858) 277-4259 to learn more and register. All sessions of this course are held at the Bayside Community Center, 2202 Comstock Street, San Diego, CA 92111.</p><p> Jan 10, 9-11 am, Bayside Community Center Jan 24, 9-11 am, Bayside Community Center Feb 7, 9-11 am, Bayside Community Center Feb 21, 9-11 am, Bayside Community Center Mar 7, 9-11 am, Bayside Community Center Mar 21, 9-11 am, Bayside Community Center</p><p>Get the latest hot job postings on Facebook! Like our FFSC Jobs Facebook at </p><p></p><p>Resume Writing Make sure your resume stands outget the latest tips and techniques to wow employers with an organized, effective, and winning resume. Jan 9, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBPL, Bldg 211 Jan 14, 9-11 am, FFSC Santee Jan 16, 10 am-12 pm, FFSC GVB Jan 21, 1-3 pm, FFSC VSM Jan 23, 2-4 pm, Paradise Hills Library, </p><p>5922 Rancho Hills Drive, SD, CA 92139 Feb 5, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBC, Bldg 318 Feb 13, 10 am-12 pm, FFSC Santee Feb 19, 10 am-12 pm, Murphy Canyon Chapel, </p><p>3200 Santo Rd, SD, CA 92124 Feb 25, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBPL, Bldg 211 Mar 5, 2:30-4:30 pm, FFSC VSM Mar 13, 1-3 pm, FFSC NBSD, Bldg 263 Mar 25, 9-11 am, FFSC Santee Mar 27, 2-4 pm, Paradise Hills Library, </p><p>5922 Rancho Hills Drive, SD, CA 92139 </p><p>continued on next page...</p></li><li><p> CONNECTIONS January 2014 Page 6 </p><p>Information for San Diego Families </p><p>School Liaison Officers (SL0) If you are new to the area, please contact a SLO for information on schools and your options. Visit to find out who your SLO is in your area. School Liaison Officers can help you with School Transition Services; Deployment Support; Command, School, Community Communications; Home School Linkage and Support; Post-Secondary Preparations; Special Needs System Navigation, and so much more. Looking for Childcare? is the new portal for managing your childcare requests. When you use, you can find comprehensive information on childcare programs worldwide, conduct a customized search for the care you need, and submit a request for care at any time and from any location. Get Help Paying for Childcare Visit NACCRRAA, the Military Subsidy Department at or call 800-424-2246 for details. NACCRRAA's programs include Operation Military Child Care (OMCC), Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN) and Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care. Please see for information about these programs: </p><p> Operation Military Child Care (OMCC) The Operation Military Child Care program provides fee assistance for Families of Sailors who are deployed or attached to a ship. </p><p> Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN) The Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood program provides fee assistance for families of Active Duty Sailors who are unable to access on-installation child care. Families living within 30 miles or 45 minutes of on-installation childcare must be on the waitlist before applying for fee assistance. </p><p> Exceptional Family Member </p><p>Program (EFMP) Respite Care The EFMP program is specifically designed for Navy families who have children ages birth to 18 identified as Exceptional Family Members, category IV or V. The program provides 40 hours of respite care per month to support the unique child care needs of EFMP families. </p><p> Child Passenger Safety Laws in California In California, children under 8 years old must: ride in a child passenger safety seat (for younger children) or booster seat. If they are taller than 4'9", they do not have to ride in a booster seat, however, ALL children under 8 must ride in the back seat. For more information on the child passenger safety laws in California, please see </p></li><li><p> CONNECTIONS January 2014 Page 7 </p><p>THINGS TO DO IN SAN DIEGO </p><p>Community Support Programs, the Navy Region Southwests edition of WaveWinds magazine is online. Whether you are a single sailor or family, this magazine contains a comprehensive list of programs and events available in the area. Navy Life This Week! from Community Support Programs, Navy Region Southwest, this page contains programs and events in the San Diego area each week. If you arent already, be sure to get on their mailing listsign up on the right side of the page linked here: </p><p>RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES </p><p>San Diego Military Outreach Ministries has several ministries...</p></li></ul>