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Using Quotations

Using QuotationsGMS 2015Created by J. Sanders1TodayWhy use quotes?What makes an important quote?Quote vs DialogueQuotation Worksheet


2Define quotation/quote:Definition:Write down a guess.Look at the next slide. Add to your definition.Compare with a partner. Report out.3Confusion over Quotation Marks:A quotation is a line of text surrounded by quotation marks. A quotation is used to add information to your own writing while still giving the original writer credit. A quotation might have dialogue in it.Dialogue is a line of text that shows a character has spoken aloud. It is used to show when characters are talking.BOTH of them use quotation marks, so be careful.

Quotation with Introduction:

Quotation Sandwich: This in a Venn Diagram:

Sketchnote this in journals. Activity takes about seven minutes.

Because the punctuation used for dialogue is called a quotation mark, they find this confusing, especially younger grades. Ive had many students frustrated because a page didnt have any dialogue, so how were they going to get a quote from that page? I always describe a quote as something to note.

8BrainstormingWhat types of writing use quotations?

What types of writing use dialogue?Quotations: essays, articles, textbooks, etc. Tend to be NON-FICTIONDialogue: stories, novels, scripts, etc. Tend to be FICTION

Have them do this silently, discuss and then report out. Have one half of the students standing report out on quotations and the other half on dialogue.9

Activity: have each student circle the most important one.Share with each other. Report out.While they report out, count how many said cite it Make the class do it again (just tell them how many were correct) until they are right.

Discuss how quoting and paraphrasing without citing = stealing.

Many students paraphrase without citing and they think its okay. I talk to them about how they need to make citing sources habitual.

Slide: (stand), Dialogue (sit), Both (crouch):A student at Glenrosa Middle School was, according to the newsletter, terribly gifted (p.3).Suzy said ouch!In the worksheet, Rah said, this school is a hub of collaboration! (p.2).The CBC article said that WE Day was an incredible experience for our students! (p. 19).Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold It was touching when Johnny said, Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold (p. 148).

Create a Kahoot for this!

Quote (stand)Dialogue (sit)Both (crouch)Quote (stand)Dialogue (sit)Both (crouch)

15Quotation Worksheet:Fill out the worksheetBe able to explain what not to do!Come up with some of your own examplesBe able to explain what TO do!