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A brief demo of our reconditioning software to eliminate slow recon process. We improve communication and accountability to save your dealership money.


  • 1. Revolutionizing the reconditioning process Stop guessing and start knowing
  • 2. When you log in, youll see every car, in every department throughout the recon process
  • 3. You can see each car that was purchased and is awaiting a decision to wholesale it or send it through service
  • 4. See all the cars that are in service, if they need parts and if those parts are overdue. We can customize this to your processes as well
  • 5. Here are all the vehicles waiting approval for recon work. Clicking the approved box stamps the approval information automatically.
  • 6. Never lose a car that has been sent out. Track all sublets, where they are, and when they are supposed to be back.
  • 7. Now you can have control over the We Owe process. Alert service to approved work and priority level.
  • 8. Here you can see the detail process as well. We can help address the issue of pictures here, or customize the system for your process.
  • 9. Time breakdown by department allows you to identify inefficiencies and fix them faster. You also see the savings you gain by honing the processes.
  • 10. Financial reports for each department WITHOUT manually entering numbers into a spreadsheet!
  • 11. No Charge Customization At Recon Advisor, we will design a custom solution to meet your processes and departments. There is NEVER a charge for customization, now OR down the road.
  • 12. We offer our industry leading program, our customization service, and on going support all with NO CONTRACTS.
  • 13. CALL TODAY 1-800-424-3520 Ext 302 I will build a custom demo for your dealership and have it in 48 hours, all at no charge, what do you have to lose? Take control of the recon process and save time and money!


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