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<ol><li> 1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Use of Five Ws </li><li> 2. PURPOSE OF FIVE WS:- Starting point of Interview. Solving any Mysteries. Learning the Digital Equipments(Physical Content). Learning the usages of different softwares(Non- Physical Content). Identifying the different problems of social life. Writing the Poetry, Stories etc. </li><li> 3. TYPES OF FIVE WS:- Why When Where What Who </li><li> 4. WHY? It defines the asking for the reasons. Asking any Explanation for the answer. For Example:- Asking the use of other options of MS Word Asking the for the reasons of not using other companys software. Some Technical Questions of Why? Why would they use a different feature? Why might this feature fail to work? </li><li> 5. WHEN? It defines the your requirement at specific time When answers provide an indication of sequence For Example:- When we will require this feature in MS Word? When to use the MS Word Some Technical Questions of When? When will the user be ready to do the step? When will users have the necessary knowledge to complete a step? </li><li> 6. WHERE? It defines the place or position For Example:- Where to use this electronic Device? Where to insert this dvd in computer? Some Technical Questions of Where? Where is the product not applicable and what can users doing in that situation? Where does the context limit the use of a feature? </li><li> 7. WHO? I resembles to specific person or personality Finding the responsible of the loss For Example:- Who is the owner of this software? Who invented this Bluetooth device? Some Technical Questions of Who? Who will use the product or function? Who else will be affected when they use a function or perform a task? </li><li> 8. WHAT? It explains the characteristics of the object It also resembles to asking of certain loss? For Example:- What is the purpose of this software? What is the specification to the this tablet? Some Technical Questions of What? What can we not do with a given feature? What features are available? </li></ol>