us/canada transportation border working group: border wait time buffalo-niagara region

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US/CANADA TRANSPORTATION BORDER WORKING GROUP: Border Wait Time Buffalo-Niagara Region. Stephanie Dafoe Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Agency Relations & Security Manager. Roger Ripa Buffalo & Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Senior Systems Analyst. Project concept and benefits…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Border Wait TimeBuffalo-Niagara Region

    Stephanie DafoeNiagara Falls Bridge CommissionAgency Relations & Security ManagerRoger RipaBuffalo & Fort Erie Public Bridge AuthoritySenior Systems Analyst

  • Project concept and benefits

  • What is currently in place and how it got therePeace BridgeQueenston/Lewiston= Bluetooth reader

  • What type of data does it produce and who uses the data

  • Issues that arose and solutions that were developed

    ProblemSolutionImproper placement of readersHands-on investigation by all parties to track down issues and to tune and relocate readers. Testing to insure proper separation of vehicle types (auto, truck, NEXUS)Improper configuration of readers and linksLive system monitoring by agencies working together with software developer receiving the dataSeparating distinct vehicle typesDirectional antennas to detect certain areas of traffic separately from others (ex. NEXUS lanes)Tagging of vehicles record an ID and classify it as car or truck for future visits. Currently a 34.7% repeat use rate.Queue mode versus cumulative mode wait timesWait time lag (slow to show changes in delay)Shorter distances between linksQueue mode helpsCellular internet communication issues near the borderHardwiring into existing networks where possibleSwitching to a private cellular network versus the public network

  • What is queue modeAuto inspectionTruck inspection61425141520120Wait in minutesLink threshold

    CumulativeAuto WaitCumulativeTruck WaitQueue ModeAuto WaitQueue ModeTruck Wait25+15+1 = 41 min.6+15+1 = 22 min.25+15 = 40 min.6 min.

  • What we have learned from the process

  • Next steps

    *What is Bluetooth?How does the system work?*System not perfected at the expiration of contract with contractorNo agreement in place to continue operationSystem abandoned in place by contractorBridge operators took ownership and funded continuation of the systemBridge operators also funded a three month system improvement blitz to make final decision on system viabilityImprovements were significant and the system has now been accepted

    *Data is based on the average wait time of the last X many traversals recordedAverage for each vehicle type and direction is posted for agencies rounded to nearest secondAgencies pull the data and post updates every 5 minutes, rounded to nearest minute.Anything below a 5 or 10 minute threshold = No DelayTrending arrows used by some agencies to indicate continuous increases or decreases over last three posted wait times****About 12% Bluetooth penetration right now.*

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