USAD22 (Week 2): History of Art & Design and Appreciation

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  • What is Art?Art like beauty, truth, and life itself is larger than any single definition.Art (art), n. 1. the quality, production, or expression of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. (C. L. Barnhart and Jess Stein, eds., The American College Dictionary (New York: Random House, 1963), 70Art is an experience. When we are so moved by an experience and we want to share it with others, we are where art begins.Art does not need to be understood to be enjoyed.

  • Early History of Human Age:Stone AgeBronze AgeIron Age

  • Stone Age:PaleolithicMesolithicNeolithic

  • Part One: Foundations of Art (Before History)The Art of the Hunters- Prehistoric Europe and West AsiaThe Art of Farmers- Cave Art- Neolithic Architecture

  • Women of WillendorfSubject: WomenMaterial: LimestoneDiscovered: Willendorf, AustriaDimension: 4 inches high (11.5cm)Now: Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna

  • Woman of Willendorf:Woman from Willendorf (Venus of Willendorf)Paleolithic - C. 30,000 25,000 B. C.Female figure: Breast, belly and the buttocksWomen with no face, tiny curls of hair cover the whole headSymbolizes fertility, some kind of magic charmSex and art would seem to have been closely allied from the very beginning

  • Man from Brno:Subject: ManMaterial: Mammoth IvoryDiscovered: Brno, Czech RepublicDimension: 8 inches high (20.3cm)Now: Moravian Museum, Brno

  • Man from Brno:Found at Brno in the Czech Republic in the grave of a man.Paleolithic - C. 30,000 25,000 B. C.Earliest discovery of a puppet or doll.It is thought the man it was buried with could have been a shaman and the puppet may have had an esoteric or occult significance.Three parts: The head, body and left hand.The hand is missing due to damage

  • Womans Head of Brassempouy:Subject: WomenMaterial: Mammoth ivoryDiscovered: Brassempouy, FranceDimension: 1 inches high (3.4cm)Now: Muse des Antiquits Nationales, St. Germain-en-Laye

  • Womans head from BrassempouyWomans head from Brassempouy (Venus of Brassempouy)French: la Dame de Brassempoy, Lady of Brassempouy Dame la Capuche, Lady with the Hood)About 25,000 years old.It is one of the earliest known realistic representations of a human faceReveals that women dressed their hair in braidsWorn as pendants, perhaps as charms

  • Mother Goddess of Laussel:Subject: WomenMaterial: StoneDiscovered: Laussel, FranceDimension: 18 inches high (47cm)Now: Muse d Aquitaine, Bordeaux

  • Mother Goddess of Laussel, Dordogne, FranceMother Goddess of Laussel (Venus of Brassempouy)C. 22,000 19,000 BCVisualization of a pregnant women figure.The head has been obliteratedThe right hand is holding a bisons horn and the rest hand is resting on the belly, indicating the swelling womb.Bisons horn: 13 notches, it is believed that this indicates the phases of the moon.

  • Cave Paintings:Found in side the cavePainted using Earth/Mineral Pigments: Earth Pigments: Found in rocks and soils Ochers, sienna and umbersMineral Pigments: Created by combining and heating naturally occurring elements Ultramarine (lazuli stone) and spinel (Crystalline pigments of volcanic source) pigments

  • Bison, Altamira Spain :

  • Bison, Altamira SpainCave Paintings: Image of a bisonC. 14,000 10,000 BCSubject: Animal (Bison)Material: Pigment on limestone rockDiscovered: Altamira (Northern Spain)Dimension: 6 feet 4 inches high (1.95 m)

  • Great Hall, Lascaux FranceCave Paintings: Image of aurochs, horses, deerC. 16,000 14,000 BCSubject: Animal (Bison)Material: Pigment on limestone rockDimension: 16 feet (5 m)Cave: Religious sanctuary, or templesSuccessful hunting

  • Bison Modelled Clay, FranceSculpture: Clay (unbaked), on the floor15,000 BCSubject: Animal (Bison)Material: Pigment on limestone rockDimension: 25 and 24 inches (63.5 cm and 61cm)It was not confined to those that were hunted and eaten.



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