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<p>Using Oracle Cloud Control 12c to perform Multiple Oracle database upgrade from to Oracle [Tested by - Monowar Mukul] </p> <p>In case of large number of databases to upgrade then the database provisioning features of OEM12c can be very useful for any type of mass deployments. The examples show the upgrade of multiple databases performed simultaneously in parallel.</p> <p>Go to the Database Provisioning </p> <p>Select Upgrade Oracle Database under Deployment Procedures section and click on Launch</p> <p>Select Standalone Database from the Upgrade LOV and Click on the Add Targets [Ex: emay11g and mondb11g from two different hosts].Deselect Upgrade Listeners --- we will do that later</p> <p>Select the option Upgrade Database Instance Only and select the Database Oracle Home from drop down list</p> <p>Select a directory for the Working Directory location. It will be cleared automatically by the provisioning process later on.</p> <p>Select the Override Preferred Credentials option to choose the named credentials for both the database as well as operating system user</p> <p>Select one of the databases and click on Create New Listener.Enter the details for the new listener. </p> <p>Select the other database and similarly enter the details of the listener as above.</p> <p>We can create a breakpoint which will pause the deployment process and provide us an opportunity to fix anything as well perform a review before the upgrade process begins.</p> <p>We can choose at which stage we wish to create the breakpoint and we have selected the stage just before the actual database upgrade is performed.</p> <p>Review the upgrade process and click on Submit</p> <p>Check the progress:</p> <p>Once the breakpoint stage is reached, the upgrade deployment process will stall briefly and we will get an email notification informing us of the same and that we need to take some action to resume the upgrade process.</p> <p>Select the Upgrade Oracle Database Instance step (step 7) and click on the arrow button to resume the process.</p> <p>Check the progress:</p> <p>Click on View Log</p> <p>Click on Log Report tab to get more information</p> <p>Finally I checked the UpgradeResults.html from /cfgtoollogs/dbua//upgrade1 for both databasesConfirm that both the databases have been upgraded to</p> <p>Confirm that both the databases have been upgraded to</p>


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