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  • Dr. Mikhail Titov CV

    - 1 -

    Dr. Mikhail Titov University Docent Radboud University Nijmegen Institute for Molecules and Materials NL-6525 AJ Nijmegen The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 24 365 2850 Fax: +31 24 365 2120 E-mail: m.titov@science.ru.nl webpage: http://www.theorphys.science.ru.nl/people/titov/




    Born: July 8, 1972 Krasnoyarsk Russia

    Married to: Alina Titova

    Children: Anna (23/09/1992) Daniil (17/04/1994) Maria (21/12/2000) Mark (11/03/2012)

    Languages: Russian (native) English (fluent) German (B2) Dutch (A2)

    Citizenship: German

    Home address:

    Bleesweg 8a 47533 Kleve Germany

    Telephone (work): Telephone (private):

    +31 24 365 2850 +49 2821 5904195 +49 176 3993 1210

  • Dr. Mikhail Titov CV

    - 2 -


    1/09/1989 − 1/07/1993

    1/09/1993 − 1/07/1995

    Graduate student Field theory and theoretical high-energy physics Faculty of Physics St.Petersburg State University, Russia

    1/02/1996 − 1/09/1998

    PhD student Department of Theoretical Physics Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Gatchina, Russia

    1/09/2007 − 1/06/2010

    Postgraduate Training for Higher Education Degree Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, UK


    29/06/1993 Bachelor degree in Physics Thesis: "Quantum chromodynamics in the light-cone coordinates" St. Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia Supervisor: Prof. V.A. Franke

    21/06/1995 Master degree in Theoretical Physics (Diplom) Diploma thesis: "Quasi-particle damping in two-dimensional high-temperature superconductors" St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia Supervisor: Prof. S.V. Maleyev

    21/10/1999 PhD degree in Physics PhD thesis: "Spectral correlations and statistics of resonances in quantum chaotic scattering" Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina 188300, Russia Supervisor: Prof. Y.V. Fyodorov

    19/11/2010 Post-Graduate Certificate of Academic Practise (PGCAP)

  • Dr. Mikhail Titov CV

    - 3 -

    POSITIONS 01/09/1998 – 08/01/2000

    staff researcher (tenure) group: "Theoretical condensed matter physics" directed by Prof. S.V. Maleyev Department of Theoretical Physics Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, 188300 Gatchina, Russia

    09/01/2000 – 31/10/2001

    FOM post-doctoral researcher group: "Mesoscopic Physics" directed by Prof. Dr. C.W.J. Beenakker Instituut-Lorentz, Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands

    01/11/2001 – 31/10/2005

    staff researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) group: "Waves in complex media and mesoscopic phenomena" directed by Dr. H. Schomerus Max-Planck-Institute for Physics of Complex Systems Dresden, Germany

    01/11/2005 – 18/09/2007

    senior researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) group: "Quantum transport" directed by Prof. Dr. W. Belzig Konstanz University, Konstanz, Germany

    19/09/2007 – 31/03/2012

    Lecturer in Physics (tenured since September 2010) head of the group: "Condensed matter theory: mesoscopic physics" Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, UK

    01/04/2012 – present

    University Docent Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University Nijmegen NL-6525 AJ Nijmegen, the Netherlands

    SPECIAL ACADEMIC DUTIES Peer review Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, E

    Journal of Physics A, C (IOP) Europhysics Letters, European Journal of Physics, etc.

    since 1999

    Expert NSF (National Science Foundation, USA) EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK) EPSRC College Member

    since 2006 since 2008 since 2013

    PhD external examinor

    Fabio Santandrea (supervised by M. Jonson) Ibtsam Riaz (supervised by A. Geim and K. Novoselov, University of Manchester, UK) Chris Poole (supervised by V. Fal’ko, Lancaster University, UK) Juha Voutilainen (supervised by T. Heikkilä, Aalto University, Finland)

    June 2011 Dec 2011 Feb 2012 April 2012

    ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES Heriot-Watt University University course timetabler in Physics

    Responsible for tutors in Physics 2007-2012 2009-2012

    Radboud University Responsible for research seminars & colloquia Research group management


  • Dr. Mikhail Titov CV

    - 4 -

    SUPERVISION PhD student supervision

    Ivan Ado, “Localization effects in topological magnets”, Radboud University Nijmegen 2013-2017 Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes, “Quantum transport and non-unitary gauge invariance in graphene-based electronic systems”, PhD, Heriot-Watt Univeristy, Edinburgh, 2013 Sebastian Gattenlöhner, "Quantum transport in disordered and strain-engineered graphene" PhD thesis submitted, Heriot-Watt Univeristy, Edinburgh, 2014

    BSc and MSc supervision

    Around 2-3 projects a year; currently: Robert Sokolewicz (MSc) Marijn Man (Radboud Honours BSc) Ana Jekova (BSc)


    01/10/1995 – 30/10/1995 01/07/1996 – 31/07/1996 01/07/1997 – 31/07/1997

    Collaboration within INTAS projects: INTAS-94-2058 "Quantum chaos" INTAS-97-1342 "Magnetotransport, localization, interactions, and chaotic scattering in low dimensional electron systems" Physics Department, University of Essen, Germany

    01/11/2000 – 15/11/2000 visiting fellow, group of Prof. P.W. Brouwer Physics Department, Cornell University, Ithaka, USA

    01/04/2003 – 01/06/2003 01/09/2003 – 31/11/2003

    visiting fellow, group of Prof. I.L. Aleiner Physics Department, Columbia University, NY, USA

    01/04/2009 – 30/06/2009 01/04/2010 – 30/06/2010 20/05/2011 – 20/07/2011

    guest scientist , group of Prof. A.D. Mirlin Karlsruhe Institute for Nanotechnology and DFG Center for Functional Nanostructures, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany

    01/10/2013 – 31/10/2013

    visiting scientist, group of Prof. W. Metzner Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany

    16/11/2004 − 30/11/2004 02/01/2005 − 15/01/2005 15/03/2005 − 31/03/2005 02/05/2005 − 15/05/2005 24/08/2005 − 09/09/2005 27/02/2006 − 03/03/2006 15/05/2006 − 26/05/2006 27/09/2006 − 10/10/2006 04/02/2007 − 17/02/2007 12/04/2011 − 20/04/2011

    visiting researcher group of Prof. C.W.J. Beenakker Lorentz-Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands

  • Dr. Mikhail Titov CV

    - 5 -

    2007 – 2011

    multiple short visits in the group of Prof. Dr. W. Belzig Universität Konstanz, Germany

    2010 – 2011

    multiple short visits in the group of Prof. Dr. B. Trauzettel Universität Würzburg, Germany


    NWO FOM project grant PI “From topological insulators to topological magnets” (Nijmegen): 1 PhD position 2013-2017, 1 postdoc position 2014-2015;

    EU MC-IRSES 2013-2017 “Interactions in novel materials” Coordinator of the research network (Nijmegen, Exeter, Karlsruhe, St. Petersburg);

    Academic Research Collaboration (British Council & DAAD): collaboration with the group of Prof. Trauzettel (Universität Würzburg), 2010-2011;

    Scottish Universities Physics Alliance: 1 PhD position, 2010-2014; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK) through Condensed Matter Physics Doctoral Training Centre: 1 PhD position, 2009-2013; DFG Priority Program "Semiconductor Spintronics" (together with Prof. Dr. W. Belzig): 1 postdoc position, 2007-2009.


    Short-listed (2nd place) for the full-professor post (W3) at the University of Würzburg (12.01.2011)

    Interview for the full-professor post (W3) at the University of Braunschweig (17.11.2010)

    Interview for the full-professor post (W3) at the University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany (02.11.2009)


    • Graphene and topological insulators

    • Transport and interactions in compensated metals and semiconductors

    • Quantum kinetics and non-equilibrium phenomena in magnetic systems

    • Disordered systems and Anderson localization

    • Mesoscopic phenomena in solids

    • Quantum dots, nanowires, and SNS junctions

    • Quantum entanglement and majorana fermions in semiconductors

    • Quantum chaos and propagation of waves in random media

  • Dr. Mikhail Titov CV

    - 6 -

    TEACHING EXPERIENCE Radboud University Nijmegen

    • Master course “Theory of Condensed Matter”, since 2013

    • Undegraduate course “Statistical Physics”, since 2014 Heriot-Watt University

    • Lectures and Laboratory work “Computational Physics”, 2008 • New Master course and tutorials “Quantum Statistics”, since 2008 • New undergraduate course and tutorials “Physical Mathematics”, since 2008 • New Master course and tutorials “Condensed Matter Physics”, since 2009 • New Master course and tutorials “Nano Physics”, since 2010 (for five universities) • New Postgraduate course and tutorials on “Disordered Systems”, since 2011 (for five


    University of Konstanz

    • Tutorials in advanced quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, 2005−20


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