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Unreal Audio. Lots of Sound Assets. SoundNode SoundCue AudioComponent SoundClass SoundMode. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?!?. SoundNode. The raw, imported sound file. Currently only 16-bit WAV files are supported. Hence, the term SoundNodeWave Converting files is easy with Audacity! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Unreal Audio

Unreal Audio1Lots of Sound AssetsSoundNodeSoundCueAudioComponentSoundClassSoundMode


3SoundNodeThe raw, imported sound file.Currently only 16-bit WAV files are supported.Hence, the term SoundNodeWaveConverting files is easy with Audacity!Compress audio? Id love to!4SoundCueCreated in the editor to hold one or more SoundNodesWhy would you ever want to do that?To add amazing effects!Lets look at a few now...Result is a sound with zero or more effects.5

6AudioComponent (Engineers)All SoundCues play through AudioComponentA general one is used when you call PlaySoundBut you can create your own!

AudioComponent.SoundCue = SomeSound;AudioComponent.Play();

7Sound MixingCertain sounds should be louder or softer than others.Dialog volume should increase and ambient volume should decrease for cutscenes.Bad solution: manually set sound volumes for each scenario on a case-by-case basis.Good solution: make use of SoundClasses and SoundModes8SoundClassEach SoundCue can be assigned to a SoundClass.Common SoundClasses:MusicWeaponsAmbientDialogueSoundClass has volume, pitch, reverb settings.SoundClasses are hierarchical.

9SoundModeCreate a mode or configuration for SoundClasses to be in.Controls several SoundClasses at one time.i.e. Cinematic: Lower Ambient SoundClass, Raise Dialog SoundClass, Lower Weapon SoundClass.Activate a SoundMode, and set it to fade in over a certain period of time.

10Sound Mixing Example11Sound Mixing StrategiesAnything above 2.0 volume will not cause noticeable difference in audio.Except for music, use mono assets to maintain audio consistency across platforms.Suggested Volume Guidelines:Dialog: 1.4Music: 0.75Weapons: 1.1Ambience 0.512SoundActorsAmbientSoundAmbientSoundSimpleAmbientSoundNonLoop13Reverb VolumesAllows echo effects.Created using the ReverbVolume with the builder brush.SoundClass must have Reverb set.Demo14Going ForwardCome to a consensus on a sound class hierarchy and SoundClass default settings.Come to a consensus on useful SoundModes.Designers: Start setting SoundModes via kismet, or let engineers know to trigger them via script.Engineers: Create hierarchy and SoundModes.15Questions