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UNIVERSAL DESIGN- BARRIER FREE ENVIRONMENTS UNIVERSAL DESIGN IN CATALONIA Technical standards of Catalonia and Spain Slide 2 The purpose of this presentation is : Make a summary of the accessibility tehnical standards of Catalonia (Construction) Make recommendations on accessibility issues not covered by the regulations Facilitate the understanding of the Universal Design concepts with photo and diagram examples Slide 3 REGULATIONS: TECHNICAL BUILDING CODE (CTE). DB SUA. Royal Decree 314/2006 ACCESSIBILITY CODE OF CATALUNYA Decree 135/1995. Slide 4 ACCESS ASPECTS: URBAN ACCESS ACCESS TO PREMISES-BUILDINGSACCESS TO PREMISES-BUILDINGS TRANSPORT ACCESSIBILITY ACCESSIBILITY IN COMMUNICATION Slide 5 LEVELS OF ACCESS TO PREMISES- BUILDINGS. TABLE OF USES AND ACTIVITIES: Classification based on the activity, use, and surface. DT-2.pdfDT-2.pdf Required level of accessibility. Annex2.pdfAnnex2.pdf Slide 6 ACCESS TO BUILDINGS : ACCESSIBLE: Raised thresholds should be avoided. Admitted a slope 2 cm beveled or rounded at 45. According to the Code, practicable option allows a step height 12 cm. (Inadequate) Slide 7 HORIZONTAL MOBILITY: Width 0.9 m Obstacle free height 2.1 m (except doors where 2 m). On each floor, it should be a turning space of 1.5m in diameter. In case if direction change: a turning space of 1.2m in diameter. Neither isolated steps, nor two consecutives steps are allowed. Inclines of 5 cm should have a gradual slope 25% Inclines of more than 5 cm high: adapted ramp. Slide 8 DOORS: Door width 0.8 m Height 2 m In case of glass door (no security door): Height of the bottom base 30 cm. Width of horizontal fringe 5 cm placed 1.5 m high and with high contrast Slide 9 FLOORING: Non-slip Compact and fixed to the ground Slide 10 VERTICAL MOBILITY: Technical data/ Decree 135/1995. Slide 11 RAMPS: Technical data / Decree 135/1995. Length without flat space (L) and longitudinal slope (PDT) allowed: L pdt 12%. 3 L pdt 10%. 6 L pdt 10% 9 L pdt 10%. Practicable: pdt 12%. 10 L 20 m => pdt. 8%. Practicable: L shouldnt be > 10 m The cross slope is 2%, recommended of 0%. Slide 12 RAMPS. HANDRAILS: Anatomical design (section equivalent to a round tube 3 5 cm in diameter). Separated 4 cm from the vertical objects Fastened firmly at the bottom and without obstacles for continuous hand moviment No need to put it if A0.8 m The sink can not have anything below that hinders its use. Mirrors should be framed and placed 0.90 m above the ground surface. Indicators of men/women services have tactile signage Men/women, with a letter "M" (men) or W" (women) above the door handle. There are two support rails at a height between 0.7 m 0.75 m near toilets and bidets. The bar at the accessway is swing-up. All the accessories and mechanisms are placed at a height between 0.4 and 1.4 m. The taps are driven by pressure mechanisms or lever. The taps of bathtubs placed in the center, not at the edges. Slide 15 RESTROOMS: Slide 16 EXAMPLES OF PARKING PLACES: Slide 17 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION.