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Production department

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI have great pleasure in expressing my deep sense of gratitude to my institute GIDC Rajju Shroff Rofel Institute Vapi of management studies giving me an opportunity to learn practically about the different activities carried on in the United Phosphorous limited.

First of all I m thankful to GRIMS and director of our college Dr. R.S.Shah for providing me such great opportunity. I am thankful to Mr.kanubhai Desai (vice president) and Mr. Akhilesh Sharma (H.R. Manager) of UPL for granting me permission of summer training.

I am also thankful to my college guide Prof. Jayshree tailore who have supported and guided me during my whole training.

I would also thanks to my external guide in UPL Mr. Mayur shah, Miss.Menka sigh, Mr. Parth and all the plant people who guided for valuable information with kind support for giving me the required data for completing my training and project report.

And last but not the least I would like to thank each and every person who directly and indirectly supported me in doing this work. And also my family members and friends who encouraged and motivated for my project work.


The knowledge of the practical implication of the management and its function in an organization is very important for a management student. To get the real feel of this knowledge, I had undergone summer training in this organization. As a management student, it was pleasure to undergo practical training and submit the report to our college. A comprehensive understanding of this will increase my practical knowledge and decision making ability. I gathered all required information from the organization. It is earnestly hoped that this report will meet the educational requirements.

INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANYUnited Phosphorus Ltd. is a part of the Shroff group, which has diverse interest in the crop protection chemicals. The year of commencement of business is started from 1969 to till. UPL is a leading global producer of generic crop protection products, intermediates, specialty chemicals and other industrial chemicals. The company ranks 4th amongst the generic Agro chemicals companies in all over the world.

UPL has transformed itself into a multi-dimensional, multi-location company offering a comprehensive range of quality products, efficient customer service and a wide distribution network. UPL is also the only Agrochemical Company in India, and amongst two or three companies in the world, to have successfully implemented SAP/R3 (ERP) solution. Today the company with a modest beginning has grown and consolidated its strengths, skills and people to achieve a unique enterprise. Here the company's care strategy is to offer better value to its customers on the price quality matrix and participating in their programs to delivery better value to the customers.










Corporate Mission And VisionWe will be a World Class Organization that Enhances Value to our Customers and other Stakeholders by:

Caring for Employees to work as a Motivated Team in an Open and Learning Environment

Setting Challenging New Standards of Performance

Focusing on Total Quality, Innovation and Responsible Care towards the Environment.

We are in the business of:

Manufacturing and Supplying Crop Protection and Specialty Chemicals world-wide

Providing solutions to optimize farm productivity for the farmer through innovative and cost effective products to provide the customer better value for money.

Grow steadily focusing on Total Quality, Innovation and Responsible Care towards the Environment.

Respond to New Standards of Performance.

Diversify markets.

Provide customers with prime quality products and services, backed by efficient and courteous customer service.

Earn enduring respect of customers and the community.

Rank among the tope five Crop Protection and Specialty Chemicals supplier in the region.



1969Factory 1 : Founded at Vapi Red Phosphorus1972Gold Shield for Red Phosphorus Board on AWARDS for Import Substitution

1975Agrochemicals & Metal Phosphorus Chlorides1980Factory 2 : Ankleshwar backward integration - Yellow phosphorus

1983Synthetic Pyrethoid insecticides Mercury Compounds1985Certificate of Merits AIP, PCL, Ministry of Commerce, GOI

1985Organo phosphaten plasticisers Organo mercurial1989Tri methyl phosphite Synthetic pyrethoid intermediates

1990Top Export Award CHEMEXCIL1991Top Export Award CHEMEXCIL

1992Top Export Award CHEMEXCILFirst Export Award CHEMEXCIL1992Factory 3 : Ankleshwar Organo phosphorus insecticides

1993Innovative Technology Award for TMP Indian Chemical Manufacturers AssociationConsistent Export Award - F.G.M.I Association1993Factory 3 : Ankleshwar Organo phosphorus insecticides

1994Corporate Excellence Award Dalal Street JournalThe Analyst Award - Investor Friendly Company -C.F.A.ITop Export Award CHEMEXCIL1994Factory 5 : JhagadiaFactory 6 : Gopipura

1995Outstanding Export Performance Award - Ministry of CommerceAccorded the status of Trading House.Top 1995Outstanding Export Performance Award - Ministry of Commerce

1995Top Tax Payers Award-Central Board of Direct Taxes Sutra1996Factory 7: Vapi - Manufacture of Pollution Control Equipment.

1997Certificate of Approval-Quality Standards ISO 9002:19941998ISO-14001 Environment Management System Certificate

1998Outstanding Export Performance Award by Industries Commissioner, Government of Gujarat 1998Awarded Certificate of a Super Star Trading House-Director General of Foreign Trade

1998Awarded ' Samman Patra ' for Export Performance-Commissioner ate Of Customs Mumbai 2001The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence-Nominated for Emerging Company

2004Certificate of Approval-Quality Standards ISO 9001:2000(VAPI)2004Outstanding Export Performance Award -Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council, Mumbai

2005Certificate of Approval-Chemo Electronic Laboratory ISO 9001:2000(VAPI)2004Gujarat State Safety and Health Award to Unit3, Ankleshwar

2005Frost & Sullivan India Manufacturing Excellence Award 2004Gujarat State Safety and Health Award to Jhagadia

2004Gujarat State Safety and Health Award to Halol

2004ICMA Aditya Birla Award for Best Responsible Care Committed Company 2003-2004

Growth Strategy

UPL has pursued a strategy of continuous expansion, backward and forward integration, branded product development, thrust on registration and aggressive marketing. Through acquisitions, strategic alliances and subsidiaries, UPL has built a network across the globe and operates across seven manufacturing sites, six in India and one in Europe, each with close support from on-site technical services and quality control.

Integration is the core strength of UPL. This approach secures reliable raw materials for multi-site manufacturing through an extensive downstream range of products and services. UPL pioneered 'backward integration' in agrochemicals and is one of the world's few companies to manufacture complex oregano-phosphorus compounds starting from the basic raw material, rock phosphate ore. This strategy has now been extended to other products, the most recent being an integrated caustic chlorine plant using the latest membrane technology, creating basic building blocks for agrochemicals and specialty chemicals.

Company has pursued a strategy of

Continuous Expansion

Back & forward Integration Branded Product Development

Thrust on registration & Aggressive Marketing






Pioneered in "Backward & Forward integration" In agrochemicals is the care strength of UPL.

Capability is applied R & D strategy is one of UPL's major corporate strength.

A team of experienced professionals IT specialists maintains

The SAPIR3 (ERP) system. This made UPL one of the Agrochemical Company worldwide to have successfully implemented SAPIR3 (ERP) solutions.

A world wide marketing network across the globe in more than 100 countries.


The growth of agrochemicals sector is linked to monsoon. A good monsoon will see the growth, but a poor monsoon will negate the growth.OPPORTUNITIES

The opportunities for growth are tremendous, both on local as well as export front. In India, the consumption of agrochemicals is very low as "compared to countries like U.S.A., Japan etc.

In respect of exports, there is very good potential for the growth of agrochemicals. Some of the countries have stopped production of agrochemicals there and started outsourcing their requirements from countries like India. So overall scenario for exports is very encouraging.


The major threat faced by this sector is the emergence of unorganized sector, who indulge in production of spurious agrochemicals. This eats into the market as well as margins of genuine producers.

Another threat is the registration required for ag