unit5 welcome to the unit unit5 welcome to the unit

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  • Unit5 Welcome to the unit

  • How much do you know about films?

  • actoractressDaniel Emma

  • Do you know them?Feng Xiaogang Zhang Yimoudirector

  • Who make a film?actoractress director producercameraman make-up artist scriptwriter lighting managercostume designerset designerfilm editor

  • Being a directorStand by!Action!

  • Being a directorTake Two!

    Good Take!

  • Get readyStart Once more Well doneBadStand byAction Take two Good takeNG No goodStopCut

  • 1. What would you like to be, an actor/actress or director?2. Why?Discussion

  • Discussion

    YesId love to.What about you?Would you like to be an actress?I dont like acting very much. Id rather be a director.

  • What are they talking?

  • What does Eddie say Hobo is very lucky?

    2. What does Hobo ask Eddie to do?

    3. Eddie says he is too good for TV. What does he mean?Ask some questionsBecause Eddie says that he is Hobos friend and he is Tomorrows TV superstarHe asks Eddie to stop daydreaming and be more realistic.He asks Eddie to stop daydreaming and be more realistic.

  • Exercise : 1 He doesnt want to be an actor. Hed rather be a teacher. 2A: B: 90 A: I want to get full marks in the English test. B: Stop daydreaming. Ninety is enough. 3 The final exam is coming.You should work harder than before.

  • 4 The pumpkin is round. Its too suitable for the lamp.5. You are so tall. You are too suitable for playing basketball. 6 The bell for class is ringing. Why dont you stop talking?