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<ul><li> 1. Theme is the overall moral or message the writer is trying to convey. The message might be about life, society, or human nature. Themes often explore universal ideas and may be implied rather than stated explicitly. Theme is one of the most fundamental aspects of a work of art. Theme </li></ul> <p> 2. Many readers view themes differently, so you must gure out the theme for yourself. No single theme is likely to be the correct one, though some seem more likely than others. Stories typically have more than one theme. Theme is at the center; it is the moving force- the principle of unity. Theme 3. Check out the title. Sometimes it tells you a lot about the theme. Notice repeating patterns and symbols. Sometimes these lead you to the theme. Theme can be revealed through: SETTING; CHARACTERS actions, thoughts, and words; POINT OFVIEW, MOTIFS, IMAGERY Also, be aware that a theme we determine from a story never completely explains the novel. It is simply one of the elements that make up the whole. How do you nd themes? 4. 1. Think of an idea that is in the story 2. Turn the idea into an assertion 3. Find rationalization of the assertion in the story 4. Now, decide, is the assertion a theme? How do you nd themes? 5. !"#$%&amp; !"#$%&amp;'(#)* +,"$%-,(* ./%0#%$''* !1"2#%-* 3"$12'* 4#-"1%,*5/"6$"'* 3/-'* 3$1,(* 6. FriendshipFriendshipcanbeachallengeandacomfort. DreamsNotalldreamscometrue. LonelinessAllpeoplearelonelyintheirownway. StrengthStrengthisnotalwaysagoodphysicalcharacteris=ctohave. DogsDogsmakegoodfriends. FarmingFarmingisahardlife. MigrantworkersMigrantworkersmustmovearoundalot. DeathDeathisatragedy. Assertions 7. Rationalize !"#$%"&amp;'()!"!#$%&amp;'()*%+!,-'!.&amp;!-!,*-//&amp;'0&amp;!-'(!-!,1231$45! 6*-$-,4&amp;$!! 7&amp;''%&amp;!%)!)12&amp;82&amp;)!-!,*-//&amp;'0&amp;!31$!9&amp;1$0&amp;!:!0&amp;;'0!%'41!4$15! B%-/10)?!CD*&amp;E!'&amp;F&amp;$!.&amp;&amp;'!2-(G!H!.&amp;0%')!-'(!&amp;'()!=%4*!9&amp;1$0&amp;!*&amp;/+%'0!7&amp;''%&amp;!-F1%(!4$1!-/)1!.</p>