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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Unit 1 A land of diversity Words and expressions Slide 2 illustrate illustration Historic Prehistoric Slave Slavery Spain Spanish Majority Minority Immigrat Immigration Percentage Denmark Danish Korea Korean Conquer Conqueror Slide 3 Mix Mixture Nation National Nationality Race Racial Apply Applicant React reaction Society Social Socialist Center Central Indicate Indication Apparent Apparently Bake Baker bakery Slide 4 1.The Taiwan S_____ separates Taiwan Island from the mainland. 2.Only a few of them thought highly of the plan.The m_____ were against it. 3.Now in china,an increasing p________ of the population have their own cars. 4. Whats your n_____ ? Im British. 5.My father h_____ three men to help him with the harvest last summer. 6.He has twenty heads of _____( )on his farm. trait ajority ercentage ationality ired cattle Slide 5 8.______ ( ),he has lost interest in physics. 9.Now and then some ______ ( )came into sight. 10.The government announced additional rules on ______ ( ). Apparently seagulls immigration Slide 6 1. _________________ 2. ___________________ 3. _______________________ 4. _____________________ 5. _________________ 6. _____________________ by means of make a life/living team up with take in mark out a large percentage of Slide 7 (1)These plants only appear in Africa. These plants only _______in Africa. (2)Didnt you think of closing the window? Didnt it _____ _____ _____ to close the window? (3)In this way,he gradually caught up with the others. _____ _____ _____,he gradually caught up with the others. occur occur to you By this means Slide 8 (4)They keep in touch with each other using the telephone. They keep connected with each other _____ _____ _____ the telephone. (5)When you receive this letter.I will have left this country. _____ _____ _____ this letter reaches you.Iwill be abroad already. (6)Day by day,thousands of birds started flying over to his garden and settled there. Gradually,the garden _____ ________ to thousands of birds. by means of By the time became home Slide 9 (7)They played many songs and some of my favourites were among them. They played many songs ________ some of _____. (8)People used to think that the earth was flat. It was _____ _____ that the earth was flat. (9)Would you like to go out to take a walk? Do you _____ _____ _____ out for a walk? including my favourites once thought feel like going Slide 10 Unit2 cloning Words and expressions Slide 11 Differ Difference Different Exact Exactly Disturb Disturbing Object Objection Moral Morality Regulate Regulation Extinct Extinction Popularity Popular Mere Merely Decorate Decoration Slide 12 Able Unable Argue Argument Loud Aloud Loudly Reason reasonable Slide 13 Object to In favour of Be bound to From time to time Bring back to life Pay off Slide 14 1.The brothers d_____ widely in their tastes. 2.The question is quite s________ _,while that one is much more complicated. 3.It is quite d_____ to hear the bad news. 4.Smoking is f_____ in public places. 5.His suggestion sounds quite r_________ to most of us. 6.The film was a _____ ( )success. 7.Id like to come,too,if you have no _____ ( ). 8.He ______ ( )asked us our names. iffer traightforward isturbing orbidden easonable commercial objection merely Slide 15 9.There were strong ______ ( ) for and against the plan. 10.He always managed to ______ ( )what he wanted. 1.At the beginning, he was against my proposal. However,in the end,he changed hes mind. At first he hesitated about my suggestion,but he _____ ______ agreed. arguments obtain at last Slide 16 2.Later they learnt that an earthquake had taken place in that area. Then ______ _____ _____ that the area had been hit by an earthquake. 3.Although he was not strong,he joined in the work. _____ _____ weakness, he took part in the work. 4.We are still far from being able to clone extinct animals. We are still _____ _____ _____ from being able to clone extinct animals. came the news Dispite his a long way Slide 17 5.They dont know if the new policy is in their favour. They _____ _____ this new policy can bring benefit to them. wonder whether Slide 18 Step 4 Language points 1.Firstly,gardeners use it all the time to produce commercial quantities of plants. quantities of a large /good/great number of+ a great /good deal of+ a great /good many + many a + more than one + Slide 19 2.cloning scientists were cast down to find that Dollys illnesses cast down discourage be cast down:feel discouraged cast about/around for cast away cast aside cast off Slide 20 3.On the other hand,Dollys appearance raised a storm of objections and . objection: have an objection to (doing) sth. raise /voice an objection object vi. object to sth./doing sth. Slide 21 4 It suddenly opened everybodys eyes to the possibility.. open ones eyes to sth. Slide 22 5.The fact that she seemed to develop normally that fact that 6 Then came the disturbing news that Dolly had become seriously ill. here,there,now,then,up,down,in,away, off,out,in the room,on the wall Slide 23 1.He will___________________next month. (undertake) 2.He _______________________( ). (undertake) 3.He quickly_________________________ ( ) accumulation 4.The school________________________ forbid 5.Have you any objection to my opening the window? Would you ______ _____my opening the window? undertake a journey undertook a new task accumulated large fortune forbids the students to smoke object to Slide 24 The plane flew away. Thousands of Ss.waited in the lecture hall. Your turn to recite the passage comes now. ---Away flew the plane ---In the lecture hall waited thousands of students. ---Now comes your turn to recite the passage. </p>


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