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Penny Grigor Sherry Tu Megane Ah Yu Ho Pak Ho Justin


  • site analysisunion lawn

    history / action / climate / movement

    penny grigor action / panoramas sherry te - movementmegane ah-yu - history

    ho pak ho justin - movement

  • historythe union lawn (also known as the concrete lawn) was originally the site of

    ornamental lake, which was filled in due to the space limitations. the site was

    known for its indigenous and non indigenous people significance.

    fiona johnson and jillian walliss (reconciling history: inserting an indigenous space

    into the university of melbourne campus, ) suggested the histories of events that

    explains in this space from the campus tour and the official history of the built

    environment fails to acknowledge the university as a place of debate of student life.

    today, the union lawn, also known as the concrete lawn is known as a major

    gathering place.

    the site is surrounded by the redmond barry building, the melbourne school of

    design, the raymond priestly building, the union house and the baldwin spencer

    building. three buildings known as redmond barry building, the raymond priestly

    building and the union house still remains today from the 1985s.

  • union house

    1938 map

    zoology shed

    the lake

  • 1985 map

    union lawn/ concrete lawn

    union house


    architecture buildingraymond

    priestly building


  • 2016 map

    raymond priestly building


    highlight of buildings that still remains today from the 1938

    mapan overlay of buildings

    improvement in 1985, that has been constructed.

    union house


    redmond barrybuilding

    architecture building

    raymond priestly building

    union lawn/ concrete lawn has been constructed on the

    lake area

    union lawn/ concrete lawn

    old commerce

    an overlay of the 1985 map onto the 1938 map

    showing site improvement

  • union lawn/ concrete lawn

    union house

    melbourne school of design

    redmond barrybuilding

    baldwin spencer

    raymond priestleybuilding

    an overlay of the 2016 map onto the 1938 map

    showing site improvement

    legend:the highlight of building that still remains today from the

    1938 mapan overlay of buildings

    improvement in 2016, that has been constructed.

    union lawn/ concrete lawn

  • 11 am 9 am 1 pm

    3 pm 5 pm 7 pm

    action / intensity each dot represents a person

    blue - walking / red - waiting / green - eating + drinking / yellow - socialising

  • action / intensity

    + the site is mainly used as a thoroughfare and as a rest area. the south grassy area is barely used, except as an area to wait for others. the north-east corner gets very congested

    during peak times, due to the caf and seating creating traf-fic.

    + the majority of non-pedestrian use is in the north-west cor-ner. workers from union house use that path to transport trol-

    leys and rubbish through raymond priestley.

  • action / use

    + on wednesdays, the markets contribute to quite a lot of the foot traffic through the

    area, as many people who are walking through are also shopping. the caf

    (standing room) is a central part of the us-age of concrete lawn. when its shut, the

    main use of the site becomes as a pathway between buildings.

  • panoramas

    9 am

    11 am

    1 pm

    3 pm

    5 pm

    7 pm

  • climate / sun + shade

  • climate / heat

  • history + titleactionpanoclimatemovement-edgesite analysis - movement - circulation