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1. Designing for your customers! MBA Bootcamp 2. Ram and Sita plan a wedding 3. Iteration 1 4. Iteration 2 5. Iteration 3 6. Iteration 4 7. Iteration 5 8. Lean Method 9. Why Lean Startup? Customer tastes are uncertain Prototype at a low cost without much waste Quickly get customer feedback at each stage Change one parameter at a time Iterate! Iterate! Iterate! 10. Look to really impress a small group of users who absolutely cannot live without your product. ! Make 10 people LOVE your product than have 1000 people LIKE your product. 11. Keep experimenting with the real world. 12. Dont scale a company until: You know your customers You know what product/service you are building You know what the customers want You have setup the suppliers, team & partners You already have a way(s) to make money You are making a prot! 13. Your only goal as a startup founder is: ! to discover the business model through experimentation. 14. Think. Make. Check. 15. Traditional Development is Risky 16. Reduce the risk by talking. 17. Traditional Development is Risky 18. How to do a customer interview 1. Identify your target 2. Articulate your assumptions 3. Create a topic map 4. Craft the conversation prompts 5. Plan to listen after making your introduction 19. Lets do it. 20. Sketch your customer 21. Sample Topic Map Feels stressed Works in the tech park Likes to drink chai Has a long commute Earns more than 1 lakh per month 22. Sample Interview Where do you work? Have you ever felt too stressed in the middle of the day? What do you do to manage your stress those times? How often do you drink beverages outside? How long do you commute every day? What do you like/hate about coffee/tea shops? 23. User Interview Find 2 others to interview. Prepare 3 questions about your product. 5 minute exercise. 24. Envision 6 uses of your product. 5 minute exercise. 25. Lets see a sample 26. With , canChai Yoga Ahmed Relax mid-day Quench thirst Drink healthy Buy Tea for home Connect with other tness freaks Be Productive 27. With , can 28. Lets see a sample 5 minute exercise. 29. Pick 1 top use case Relax mid-day 30. Sample features 1. Massage chairs 2. Soothing music 3. Aroma 4. Dimmed lighting 5. Special Tea formula 31. Now, nd 5 features to enable that use case. 5 minute exercise. 32. 5 minute exercise. 33. Always build something a few people love, a lot