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UltrAA Lamp AccessoryService Manual

Accessory part number 00 100569 00

Safety Class 1 (IEC 1010-1) Installation Category II

Publication Number: 85 101294 00 Date: August 1995

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UltrAA Lamp Service manualPre-installation Photron Superlamp de-installation Installation Retro-fit kit installation Typical installation time Installation procedure Testing Single lamp instruments Control module installation Performance testing Spares and test equipment Diagnostics Diagnostic LEDs Test points Electronics Input power section Circuit description 15 VDC supply circuit Output power section Exlploded diagram UltrAA Lamp wiring details Interwiring diagram Assembly diagram UltrAA lamp PWB schematic

ContentsSafety practices and hazards Electrical hazards UV radiation Heat hazards Other Warning and Caution messages Warning symbols Field service policy Spare parts policy Operational spare parts Warranty Contract maintenance UltrAA lamp warranty General Information Overview Theory of Operation Standard hollow cathode lamps UltrAA hollow cathode lamps UltrAA lamp control module Specifications Features and options Electrical supply Electrical output Performance Environmental conditions Weights and dimensions

UltrAA Lamp Accessory Service Manual

Safety practices and hazardsOperation of an UltrAA Lamp Accessory involves the use of high voltages and radiant energy. Careless, improper or unskilled use of this accessory can cause death or serious injury to personnel, or severe damage to equipment and property. All users of an AA (Atomic Absorption) instrument and its accessories must be familiar with the correct operating procedures. The cover on the accessory must not be removed by the operator. Service is to be performed only by Varian trained, Varian qualified or Varian authorized Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). The safety practices described below are provided to help the CSR operate the accessory safely. Read these safety practices thoroughly before attempting to operate the accessory, and always operate the accessory in accordance with these safety practices.

Electrical hazardsThe UltrAA Lamp Accessory contains electrical circuits, devices and components operating at dangerous voltages. Contact with these circuits, devices and components can cause death, serious injury, or painful electric shock. Panels or covers which are retained by screws on the accessory may be opened only by Varian trained, Varian qualified or Varian approved CSRs. Appropriate warning labels are attached to the instrument in easily visible locations to warn of the dangers in that immediate area. Replace blown fuses with ones of the size and rating stipulated in the text adjacent to the fuse holder or in the service manual where listed. Always ensure the accessory is turned off and disconnected from the mains supply before attempting any replacement. All electrical components float above chassis ground with some potential differences > 500V DC. To avoid death, serious injury, or painful electric shock; never touch electrical components or connectors until at least 18 seconds after power supply is switched off. The internal power supply common operates above chassis ground potential. To avoid damage to the power supply or the associated AA instrument; never connect the common to chassis ground.

UV radiationThe UltrAA hollow cathode lamp emits UV radiation. Always wear UV absorbing safety glasses when directly viewing an energized UltrAA hollow cathode lamp.

Heat hazardsHot surfaces can present heat hazards that can result in burns. The glass envelope of an UltrAA lamp can become much hotter than that of a standard hollow cathode lamp. Before touching an UltrAA hollow cathode lamp, turn off the lamp and allow it to cool.

UltrAA Lamp Accessory Service Manual

OtherCare should be taken when working with glass parts to prevent breakage and cuts. This is especially important when handling hollow cathode lamps. The UltrAA Lamp Accessory weighs approximately 7.5 kg (16.5 lb). Take care when lifting or moving the accessory.

'Warning' and 'Caution' messagesA 'Warning' message is used in the text when failure to observe instructions or precautions could result in death or injury. A 'Caution' message is used when failure to observe instructions could result in damage to equipment (Varian supplied and/or other associated equipment). A 'Note' message is used to give advice or information.

Warning symbolsThe following is a list of symbols that appear in conjunction with warnings in the manual. The hazard they describe is also shown.

Electrical shock

Eye hazard

Hot surfaces

Broken glass

Drop hazard

Fire hazard

The following is a US Federal Communications Commission advisory statement:

UltrAA Lamp Accessory Service Manual

Field service policyVarian accessories are designed to be serviced in the field by Varian trained and authorized CSRs. In the normal course of field service, it is policy to complete troubleshooting and repairs at the accessory location. Board or module replacement techniques are the recommended method of repair for this accessory. Most faulty boards and modules can be repaired in a workshop or returned to the factory for repair. When time permits, repairs may be attempted to component level on site.

Spare parts policyProprietary items and parts that are unique to the Varian equipment should be sourced from service kits or from a Varian Service Center. Common items may be sourced locally and equivalent parts may be used unless otherwise specified. Operational spare parts for all Varian instruments and major accessories are available for a period of seven years after manufacture of the final production unit. Operational spare parts may not be provided after this period unless available. Varian will effect functional repair to any of their products during the seven years following manufacture of the final production unit.

Operational spare partsOperational spare parts are defined as individual electrical or mechanical parts susceptible to failure through wear and tear during their normal operation. General hardware (for example, sheet metal parts, structural members, assemblies and castings) will normally outlast the useful life of an instrument or accessory, and therefore will only be supplied if available after the final production unit is manufactured.

WarrantyVarian OSI warranty covers any defect in materials and workmanship, but not against consequential damages. Full details relating to the terms of warranty are expressed in the Contracts/Policies section of the Instrument Log Book, publication number 85 101092 00, and are also available from any Varian Sales and Service Office or Agency. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Consumable items such as (but not limited to) nebulizers, light sources and other glassware items, temperature probes and graphite components are subject to a limited or pro-rated warranty. The Varian warranty provides for specific legal rights. There may also be other rights that vary from country to country or region to region. The warranty applies only to the correctly installed Varian equipment and cannot be extended to cover the associated miscellaneous installations. The warranty does not cover defects that may be caused by users of the equipment, inappropriate applications, unauthorized service, etc.

UltrAA Lamp Accessory Service Manual

Contract maintenanceQuotations for contract maintenance may be obtained from any Varian Sales or Service Office.

UltrAA lamp warrantyWarranty cover extends to 5000 milliampere-hours, pro rata, at or below the recommended lamp operating current (not the boost current).

UltrAA Lamp Accessory Service Manual

11.1 Overview

General information

The Varian UltrAA Lamp Accessory is a high intensity hollow cathode spectral line source for the provision of lower detection limits, increased sensitivity and improved calibration linearity. It is designed to complement the new generation spectrometers (SpectrAA 600/800), however, it may be retro-fitted to existing SpectrAA 5, 10/20, 30/400 and 250 Plus series instruments. This product replaces the OEM product, the Photron Superlamp, providing our customers with improved performance, reliability, flexibility and lamp lifetimes. Varian will no longer supply the Photron Superlamp power supply module, however, Varian will continue to supply Photron lamps. The intensity of the UltrAA lamp is increased by a factor of 3 to 5 (giving about a 10 % reduction in photomultiplier volts) with an increase in sensitivity of about 10 to 15% compared with a standard hollow cathode lamp. The UltrAA Lamp Accessory features the ability to power two UltrAA lamps, hence, is able to utilize the Smart Lamp Management feature of the SpectrAA 600/800 series instruments (automatic 20 minute pre-warming of the standby lamp).


Only the unboosted section of the UltrAA lamp will be automatically powered by the instrument. An operator is required to manually strike the boost circuit when setting up for an automated run or immediately prior to use. Later model Zeeman spectrometers will be factory pre-fitted with the UltrAA Lamp Accessory's unique loom terminating in a connector on the instruments rear panel, thus, providing the customer with the option to later purchase and s