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  1. 1. for public libraries Molly Wetta for ALA TechSource #tumblr4publib
  2. 2. Molly Wetta Collection Development Librarian (and official tumblarian) Lawrence (Kansas) Public Library lawrencepubliclibrary.tumblr.com personal tumblr: mollymwetta.tumblr.com readers advisory tumblr: findyournextbook.tumblr.com twitter: @molly_wetta mollymwetta@gmail.com
  3. 3. Agenda Getting Started General Tips Building Community Readers Advisory on Tumblr Notable Public Library Tumblrs Beyond Readers Advisory
  4. 4. What is tumblr? the boring answer: a microblogging platform and social media site that supports multimedia content. the best baby twitter and wordpress didnt know they had But what is tumblr *really*?
  5. 5. tumblr is... #CAT GIFS
  6. 6. tumblr is... #BOOKS #READING #LIBRARIES
  7. 7. tumblr is... #FANDOM
  8. 8. tumblr is... CONVERSATION #YALIT #booklr
  9. 9. tumblr is... YOUR COMMUNITY #LFK #LAWRENCE KS
  10. 10. Why should libraries use tumblr? vibrant bookish + library community reach new audience the young folks (18-34) heavy internet users users spend longer per visit than other social media (http://mashable.com/2013/04/17/users-stay-longer-on-tumblr-than-facebook/)
  11. 11. Getting Started theme pick a clean design navigation + index description specify location + mission website/logo consistent branding across platforms URL if possible, keep handle consistent with other social media accounts
  12. 12. Administration Buy-In explain your goals have a plan have a schedule (how much time will you devote to it?) show positive examples of library tumblrs
  13. 13. Goals engagement + interaction quality content that supports strategic goals extension, not duplication, of services
  14. 14. Measures What does success look like? posting consistently strong local following reblogs from high profile accounts YOU DECIDE How to get numbers Google analytics native analytics
  15. 15. Assemble Your Team recruit experienced tumblr users (even if theyre not on web/social teams) have a clear leader responsible for voice and schedule mix of front-line staff and those who work behind- the-scenes coordinate with staff managing other platforms
  16. 16. Copyright and Ethics fair use reblog with attribution + preserve notes takedown notices
  17. 17. Copyright and Ethics Bobby Finger, one of 27 curators of the tumblr #gif tag: Unattributed sharing doesnt irritate me at all. I think part of the unspoken agreement you have when uploading a GIF anywhere on the Internet is that its no longer yours its part of the great big community pool we all visit when wanting to express how were feeling in the way nature intended: on a loop. Ann Friedman, What Journalists Really Need to Know About Animated Gifs. 24 November 2014. http://www.poynter.org/how-tos/writing/183802/what-journalists-need-to-know- about-animated-gifs-really/
  18. 18. Gifs Through Native Search
  19. 19. Hashtags be consistent: these curate your content first 5 featured okay to get a meta/silly with hashtags
  20. 20. Hashtags to Watch and Use books + lit: #lit, #yalit, #booklr, #book advice libraries: #tumblarians, #libraries fandom specific (may not be what you think) supernatural: #spn hannibal: #fannibal #doctorwho vs. #drwho
  21. 21. General Tips for the care and feeding of your public library tumblr
  22. 22. Reblog! Add your own comments.
  23. 23. Interact with other libraries. Interact with authors.
  24. 24. Participate in memes.
  25. 25. Capitalize on breaking news.
  26. 26. Celebrate Internet holidays.
  27. 27. Sometimes a post totally bombs. Its okay.
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Connecting with Your Local Community Find your local/regional hashtag Follow other blogs focused on local content Reblog/Like other local power users Host a real life Tumblr meet up
  30. 30. Feature Local Content
  31. 31. Use high quality photos.
  32. 32. Show your personality! Interact with patrons.
  33. 33. Promote your events strategically. Know your audience.
  34. 34. Reblog and add a local twist! Feature your services, programs, and collections.
  35. 35. Curate local artists Feature current events
  36. 36. Spotlight local, but with wide appeal. Spotlight novel ideas or innovative marketing.
  37. 37. Showcase staff. Show your personality.
  38. 38. Track any mention of your library. You never know what youll find.
  39. 39. Share local events your followers will be interested in. (bonus! may lead to outreach and partnership opportunities).
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. Readers Advisory on Tumblr booklists (dont be afraid to think outside the box!) graphics and flowcharts (these are crazy popular) book reviews (especially in gifs!) personalized recommendations (through the ask box, can be private or shared with everyone) book discussions (#reblogbookclub)
  42. 42. Flowcharts + RA Graphics
  43. 43. Put a creative or unique spin on the booklist theme or topic.
  44. 44. Take inspiration from pop culture and other forms of media.
  45. 45. Tumblr runs on fandom -- really, pop culture content is the way to go.
  46. 46. Start with image that introduces content or theme. Use a gif. Tag official account.
  47. 47. Like-->Try--Why posts done two ways.
  48. 48. Mix photo slide of recommendations with text with gifs and descriptions.
  49. 49. Title to introduce post with image and text. Text to explain images (for visually impaired). Attribution to author gives personal touch.Images! Tumblr is a highly visual platform.
  50. 50. Collaborate with other libraries.
  51. 51. Ask Box Recommendations
  52. 52. Personalized Book Suggestions
  53. 53. Review Books in Gifs Curate a gif library Find that perfect gif Reaction gifs! Tell the synopsis in pictures labor intensive, but fun
  54. 54. Virtual Book Discussions #reblogbookclub: the official tumblr book club follow via hashtag discussions, author talks, fanart not constrained to a particular time like a twitter chat one book, one community events
  55. 55. Index RA Content
  56. 56. Questions?
  57. 57. Notable Public Library Tumblrs and Beyond Readers Advisory
  58. 58. Pickerington Public Library http://pickeringtonlibrary.tumblr.com/
  59. 59. Austin Public Library http://austinpubliclibrary.tumblr.com/
  60. 60. Local History and Archives Hennepin County (MN) Public Library http://hclib.tumblr.com/
  61. 61. Spotlight on Community Evanston (IL) Public Library http://evanstonpubliclibrary.tumblr.com
  62. 62. Curating Content Darien (CT) Public Library http://darienreads.org
  63. 63. Focus on Makerspace Denver (CO) Public Library http://dplidealab.tumblr.com/
  64. 64. Questions?
  65. 65. Molly Wetta Collection Development Librarian (and official tumblarian) Lawrence (Kansas) Public Library lawrencepubliclibrary.tumblr.com personal tumblr: mollymwetta.tumblr.com readers advisory tumblr: findyournextbook.tumblr.com twitter: @molly_wetta mollymwetta@gmail.com
  66. 66. image credits Slide 10: CC image by Flickr User Darren Larson http://bit.ly/1HK2GVU Slide 11: CC Image by Flickr User Joey Rozier http://bit.ly/1MjAJuq Slide 12: CC Image by Flickr User steve9567http://bit.ly/1DqEIgs Slide 13: CC Image by Flickr User sarahluv http://bit.ly/1JsRpJK Slide 14: Avengers wallpaper http://cupegraf.com/345702-avengers-assemble.html Slide 16: CC image by Flickr User Horia Varlan http://bit.ly/1I4j6Ye Slide 20: CC image by Flickr User Kristina Alexanderson http://bit.ly/1gK9hsA Slide 28: Downtown Lawrence Mural by Molly Wetta Slide 40: CC image by Flickr User by Anna Creech http://bit.ly/1Gwh1Dl