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Gaining an understanding of how to brand yourself and your business using social media.


  • 1. TRMA 585 P1: Developing AProfessional Online Identity Spring 2012KAYLAN CARPENTER

2. ONLINE IDENTITIES, PERSONAL BRANDING, SOCIAL MEDIA 3. LINKEDIN LinkedIn seems to be the perfect answer to social networking withouthaving to cross paths with your personal Facebook site. Easy to set up and use, more and more professionals are using it to attractemployment and search for jobs, and connecting to professional groups. Upload a resume, build your profile and ask for recommendations all fromone site. Study that shows LinkedIn is a hot social networking site : 4. ONLINE PRIVACY Nothing that you place online is private, and even though you delete or erase thoughts or images they are never truly gone. Keep in mind when thinking about the future and employment A tip sheet for staying safe: Remember you can be tracked or found onlinevia, web posts, birthdates, pictures, and friendssites. Keep this in too consideration when Think before you put something online, and talk to your friends as well about what they post. 5. TWITTER #TRMA585 A way to share your thoughts with the world A way to link to other professionals, get thereopinions and share yours, a possible way topromote yourself and your business A link to the AAMFT video of Twitter for therapists Very enjoyable way to keep up professionally,possibly leading to business ventures. Hashtags (#......) a way to tweet or connect to anidea of interest. 6. GOOGLE PLUS (G+) Google Plus is a newer social network, a bit of a cross between Twitter and Facebook A new site that is not yet used as much as Facebook and Twitter, but still has relevant use. A bonus for someone that wants to keep all information within Google (mail, social networking, websites. Keep informed on security issues, and make sure you read the new security policy. I personally did not make an account 7. PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGES A well known site that is easy to use and has the addedbenefits of being used by many, although could getconfusing to keep personal and business separate. A link discussing Facebook pages for therapists Should friends or personal clients be invited to join yourFacebook site.?? Confusing ethically, could require aspecial section in the PDS. 8. LEARNING FROM MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS & ORGANIZATIONS Lets not re-invent the wheel If you have questions, ask someone or research someone with more experiencedI really liked Dr. Keely Holmes, PsyD & Julie Hanks Both I felt had valuable tools for all therapists to consider. Be involved with your membership organizations (AAMFT, ACA, APA) Keep up with whats going on. Ignorance is no excuse. 9. BLOGS: BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, TUMBLR, POSTEROUS Blogging- A great way to share material with others online. Therapists can use blogs to post valuable information to perspective clients as well as give perspective clients an idea of personality and style before scheduling an appointment. I loved word press as it seemed easy to set up and use. I found many other clinicians also using that site. Blogger was also a useful site to learn about as it usesa lot of the Google products that we also learnedabout in this class 10. PORTFOLIOS & PROFILES 11. MANAGING YOUR ONLINEIDENTITY HooteSuite, TweetDeck and Seesmic are popularsocial media communications dashboards usedfor online brand management. Google alerts send you daily emails of things thatyou have tagged as having an interest in. I found that managing your online identity to be adaunting task with all the different sites andupdates to do. I absolutely fell in love with HootSuite. It seems easy to use and keeps track of everything for you. I found that many other clinicians use it too. 12. WEBSITES & DOMAIN NAMES Ever thought it was hard to make a website.. Thinkagain check out a way to do it in five easy steps Love the idea of starting a webpage both for mybusiness and possibly for my hobby. Use this link tocheck and see if the name you always wanted isavailable. I used to think that making a website was sodifficult, no I am excited to get started. 13. HAVING AN IMPACT Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & websites can give individuals a voice to the world Many are using these sites to get important topics out to the general population that does not know they exist. Individuals are making a difference in the lives ofmillions, because of their want to make adifference. Are you ready to make change happen??? 14. GOALS & STRATEGIES Figure out a plan, who you want to attract, andwhat you hope to gain out of having social mediaas part of your business Identify ways to standout If you dont have a lot of time pick one for twosocial sites to be involved in full time instead oftrying to keep up with all of them Track your progress, if you start with goals you willbe able to see if you are meeting them, if your notreevaluate your plan. 15. A way to post PowerPoints, articles and otherinformation to share with the world Works very well for big events such as conferencesor for educators at school, to give an entire groupyour presentation to follow along with It is very easy to get drawn to slideshare and losetrack of time. Be careful on your hours spent looksat others when you could be build your own 16. FINAL THOUGHTS Coming to the end of my graduate career I amthankful for all of the information that we learnedto help start a private practice and help to brandourselves. Although it will be a bit before I launch my own business, all of the resources I have gathered will help me to formulate a smart business plan when the times comes. I really appreciated all of the infospecific to the mental health