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List of expressions to use when writing essays


<ul><li><p>TRANSITIONAL WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS </p><p>Phrases linked to personal opinions: </p><p> I believe / do not believe that </p><p> Personally, I feel that </p><p> It seems to me </p><p> I would argue that </p><p> I am convinced that </p><p> I am of the opinion that </p><p> I am completely opposed to . </p><p> In my view </p><p> To my mind </p><p>Responding to opinions: </p><p> While it is true that . it is also a fact that </p><p> Although it is true that . We must remember that </p><p> It could be argued that However, I would point out that </p><p> Despite the argument that I would stress that </p><p> It may be true that but all too often </p><p>Changing topic: </p><p> Turning to the question of </p><p> With regard to </p><p> Let us now consider </p><p> A second / Another pint I would like to consider is </p><p>To provide an example: </p><p> To exemply </p><p> As an illustration of </p><p> In this specific instance </p><p> To cite a reference </p><p> In the following manner </p><p>To conclude or summarize: </p><p> Last of all, </p><p> As a consequence of </p><p> To recapitulate </p><p> Hence, </p><p>To add a point: </p><p> Additionally, </p><p> Subsequently, </p><p> Likewise, </p><p> Above all </p><p> Most of all </p><p>To compare: </p><p> To the same extent, </p><p> In a similar fashion </p><p> as compared with </p><p> A comparable aspect </p><p> equally important </p></li><li><p>To contrast: </p><p> Even though </p><p> In contrast to this, </p><p> Nonetheless </p><p> A clear / distinct /striking difference </p><p> diametrically opposed </p><p> the antithesis of </p><p> dissimilar to </p><p>To indicate cause and effect: </p><p> Following that </p><p> On this account </p><p> eventually </p><p> resulted in </p><p>To emphasize or intensify: </p><p> Above all, </p><p> Primarily </p><p> Even more important </p><p> Increasingly important </p><p> of great concern </p><p> The chief characteristic </p><p> The major point /reason </p><p> To highlight </p><p> To stress </p><p> Unequivocally </p><p> Doubtlessly </p><p> Unquestionably </p><p> To enlarge upon </p><p>Subtitutes for said: </p><p> Added </p><p> Addressed </p><p> Admitted </p><p> Affirmed </p><p> Argued </p><p> Cited </p><p> Complied </p><p> Conceded </p><p> Concluded </p><p> Confirmed </p><p> Consented </p><p> Declared </p><p> Described </p><p> Disclosed </p><p> Implied </p><p> Indicated </p><p> Informed </p><p> Justified </p><p> Mentioned </p><p> Noted </p></li><li><p> Notified </p><p> Observed </p><p> Opposed </p><p> Pointed out </p><p> Predicted </p><p> Quoted </p><p> Referred </p><p> Replied </p><p> Restated </p><p> Specified </p><p> Stated </p><p> Uttered </p></li></ul>