Transforming ePortfolio Credentialing with Open Digital Badges

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Transforming ePortfolios

Transforming ePortfolio Credentialing with Open Digital Badges

Joshua QuickGraduate Research AssistantCenter for Research on Learning and TechnologySchool of EducationIndiana University-Bloomington

James E. Willis III, Ph.D.Research AssociateCenter for Research on Learning and TechnologySchool of EducationIndiana University-Bloomington

Why Add Badges to ePortfoliosCan provide additional useful informationSpecific claims and detailed evidence Context in which content was createdStandardize the inclusion of additional information without cluttering eportfoliosMay simplify the process of defining competenciesMay offload summative credentialing functionsAllows more formative and transformative functionsCan connect eportfolio content to competencies and gradesLearners stack badge URLs in maps or gradebookCan increase value of portfolio content by circulating independently

Point out challenges of circulating independentlyLife expectancy of the ePortfolio/BadgeControl over artifactsInstitutional/ system limitations

Platform Examples

These are the platforms Ill be talking aboutMentioned copyrighted/ trademarketeed aspects.

Chalk & WireFocuses on pedagogy

Concerns over formal assessment

Badges next logical step

Geoff IrvineCEO & Founder

Example of integration of Chalk & Wire into various systems. Provide support for decision making for learners and instructors. LTI Integration offers support for including evidence in badges in other systems and institutions.

Example of Chalk & Wire Portfolio, University of Buffalo. Noted limitations in being bound to this particular instance and license Chalk & Wire.

DigicationBadges as conversationInitial partner with CredlyePortfolio and Badge integration

Jeffrey YanDigication Co-founder & President

Badges as a functioning conversational unitCan put together ones story...explain nuances in persons background (narrative)SSO with Credly and Digication (like Dropbox) People can put their portfolio link as evidence in badge and vice versa Digication eportfolio can serve as backpack for badges...concern is contextualizing ones work Have future plans around badges...already storing badge data (know how to do it), know how badges work, digication will support open badges (even if school doesnt have Credly)Piece excited about...integrate badges into pedagogy

2 Examples of Badges displayed and added to Digication portfolios: University of Alaska

Notre Dame

FoliotekIssue badges with Pearson AcclaimFocus on assessment and student showcasing authentic projectsBadge and ePortfolio integration in development

GEOFF LEIGHDirector of Product Development

Badges on product roadmap for 2016, but not driving force, uptake to the industry is slow, driving force is Competency-Based EducationNicely poised to accomplish competencies (achievements, gradebook, and portfolios all exist in different spaces)...which can have different functions between FERPA, gradebook, etc.

Badge links to projects potential here.

Showcases individual project work. Badge integration can assist in delivering evidence of these projects across spaces and systems beyond the portfolio,

MaharaMaraha v1604Open Badge Factory plugin for Mahara

Badges can be displayed but not issued in Mahara

Enables display of Badges already in Mozilla Backpack and other custom Badge platforms.

Kristina HoepnnerMahara Project Lead & Community Facilitator Catalyst

Released new version April 2016Once badge public, it will show up in list of badges (Mahara is only a displayer, not an issuer) Implemented Open Badge Factory as third-party plug-in into core Mahara

Plug-in: displays badges already in Backpack Once badge public, it will show up in list of badges (Mahara is only a displayer, not an issuer)

David Bell, KiwiConnexion

PebblePadTutors issue badges issued through Credly; PebblePad connects to repository directly for access and to use within portfolios.

Enabling learners to tell their own compelling stories

Provide support and tools through reflections, ePortfolio, and badges

Shane Sutherland Toni LavenderChief Executive Officer Development Director

Badges via Credly now (student has to have Credly account), then issued to PebblePad...have integrations with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs, people pop badge in to it...with current version Exists as individual controlled artifact and tool

University decides how much weight can be added for informal learning into formal transcript...but not badges (yet) . Different artifacts...PebblePad doesnt care about artifacts, but they do care about learner making professional narrative as emerging professional formal certificate, transcript, personal record...literacy, and evidence

Sheffield Hallam University Examples

Try to avoid having people unnecessarily move things outside PebblePad...want people to have internal record, so badge operates inside and outside of PebblePad (phase two: badge creation tool inside point in rebuilding certificat builder...need to have badge store)...distributed outside PebblePad) Phase 3: learning in PebblePad, share reflections with team/others, get comments from others...issue badges for being great feedback giver, problem solver, movement has critics b/c badges carpetbombing ;)

TaskstreamFocus on authentic assessment of outcomes

ePortfolios for deeper, reflective learning with deeper institutional plans

Interested in the potential value of badges

Jeff ReidVP of Product Management

Courtney PeaglerVP of Strategic and Business Development

No current plans for badge development but recognize that badges may produce high value if done in certain ways

Example of Taskstream ePortfolioLoyala University of Chicago

Consider the potential of a badge linked to this profile that can exist in multiple spaces.ePortfolios can be exported outside of institutional system but cannot be midified after that.

LiveTextAssessment Tools and PlatformePortfolios benefit learners through collecting their activities, reflections, and experiencesConsiders badges as an alternative method of assessment Interest in badges but still exploring options

Katie KalmusDirector, Product & Client Development

Sample ePortfolio in LiveText

Gallery of ePortfolios , that can be individually shared (to courses, social media, peer assessment/comments) Easy Editing Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Content integrations (Drop Box, Google docs)

Looking AheadLifespan of Badges and ePortfolio evidence

Learner control over ePortfolio evidence with Badges

Further integration of Badges across systems and institutions

Across the discussed and other platforms there exist a range of criteria for when a badge or ePortflio lifespan. Different institutions and systems guarantee accessibility and ownership for only certain periods or on certain institutional membership criteria. This presents a challenge.Similarly, this also effects the ability of the learner to use ePortfolio for evidence in badges such as in cases when a badge may rely on evidence that is no longer accessible to the learner or their audience.Additionally, these and other examples represent a range in the integration of badges into existing and future ePortfolio systems


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