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WOUND MANAGEMENTChronic and complex wound management requires a systematized and comprehensive approach and represents a considerable COST BURDEN to the society on health services. It requires considerable manpower, frequent specialist consultation and adjunct therapies.

India is known as the diabetes capital of the world and about 5% of India's total diabetic population develops foot ulcers resulting in approximately 45,000 lower limb amputations annually



ABDOMINAL DEHISCENCETYPE OF WOUNDSNPWT is used to treat almost all kinds of wounds with very few contraindications or complications.


NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPYNPWT is wound therapy to manage effective wound treatment and has become a widely used option for treating variety of acute, chronic and complex wounds. Sterile healing environmentReduction of edemaIncreased wound perfusionIncreased granulation tissue formationDecreased bacterial loadingDecreased anaerobic activityFaster wound healing

This technique involves the use of open cell non-linear PU foam to seal the surface of wound with a transparent adhesive film followed by application of intermittent or constant pressure through a therapeutic NPWT device.

NPWT TECHNOLOGYAn advance wound healing technique that promotes VASCULAR PROFUSION, REDUCES EDEMA, enhances MICRO ANGIOGENESIS which aids in wound healing in acute as well as chronic scenario.

Wounds heal up to 61% faster With NPWTBENEFITS OF NPWTNPWT has revolutionized the management of wounds. It has many advantages over conventional methods of wound dressingNon-invasive treatment Reduction of dressing changesReduced nursing timeReduced infection risks (patient & hospital)Concurrent rehabilitationBetter patient toleranceCost benefitsImproved patient quality life

Infection rates drop as much as 38%

Financial burdendecreases up To 83%

Company: Triage Meditech Pvt LtdBrand : CCNPWTOne of the fastest growing domestic Medical Technology companiesManufacturer of complete NPWT products and other advanced wound management productsHolds over 80% of the domestic market sharePan India presence through direct and dealers networkCurrently exporting to more than 11 countriesABOUT USThe first company to introduce NPWT technology in India and the first Indian company to export this technology to outside India. At present, we are supporting to more than 11 countries

HEALTHCARE FOR ALLTriage Meditech Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to support the mission "healthcare for all". Our mission is to improve healthcare by utilizing technological advancement and developing best-in-class products. The company's continuous R&D and evolution efforts towards manufacturing and promoting indigenous products at affordable price. We intend to offer the best quality products which help healthcare professionals and caregivers to offer quality in their practice and solutions to their patients. We are dedicated to continuous advancement in our offerings and we understand the missing or discomfort factors that patients experience. We address these factors during the planning & development of our products.

Bangladesh Bulgaria IndiaMiddle East Nepal Sri Lanka Uzbekistan



Complete Portfolio for NPWT ConceptWHY US?The FIRST company to introduce this concept in IndiaA COMPLETE manufacturing Indian company for the entire conceptMaintaining international STANDARDS with COST EFFECTIVE solutionsPan India EFFICIENT sales and support network through direct as well as dealer networkBest of standard STERILISATION Gama radiationAn ISO 13485:2003 certified and DCGI REGULATED companyBacked by QUALIFIED clinical staffs supervised by a panel of super speciality physicians for QUALITY ASSURANCETRAINED engineer for tech SUPPORT

As no two wounds are alike so are NPWT systems. For effective treatment always choose right partner who can deliver OUR VALUE

QUALITY CARE SAFETYCOST EFFECTIVEEFFICIENTSATISFACTIONMost Featured System | Complete Portfolio | Low Noise levelAcademic Upgradation Support

WHAT IS CLOSED CYCLIC NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPY (CCNPWT)?NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPY also widely known as NPWT, WOUND VAC or TNP(Tropical Negative Pressure) is a widely accepted wound management modality today, i.e., A specially designed foam dressing applied on a wound bed, sealed with a PU/PE drape further connected with a drainage tubing to the Therapeutic Negative Pressure Device


Removes excess fluid (infections and non-infectious), reduces edema, allowing tissue decompressionStimulates granulation tissue formation by increasing vascular perfusionEncourages mechanical stretching, approximates wound edges, enhances dermal perfusion, overall wound contractionProtects wound from microbe imbalanceMaintains a moist wound healing environment


VTG 2901The new programmable CCNPWT system delivers controlled negative pressure in the wound site to accelerate healing process. VTG 3000Newly introduced portable system in CCNPWT portfolio caters the future of advanced wound care where you need and when you need. PPT 1000Peace of Mind for You. Convenient and affordable system designed to deliver effective therapy for venous insufficiency.DRESSINGSsuperior quality dressings and accessories offer quality wound care. Our products are being tested on predefined parameters for the optimum results.

CCNPWT ABDOMINAL DRESSINGA MESH LESS ABDOMINAL DEHISCENCE TREATMENTIs a transparent polyurethane non adherent sandwiched dressing, with a layer for encapsulating exposed or open bowel protection layer. The non adherent protection layer having uniform perforation drains out fickle materials from abdominal cavity provides an infection free environment for early closure of abdominal wall.

CCNPWT THERAPY DRESSING BENEFITS Flexible foam dressing adapts to the contours of deep & irregular surface of the wound bed

Specially designed hydrophobic, non-linear networked foam dressing removes bacteria colonised wound exudate

The CCNPWT foam dressing aggressively promotes uniform healthy granulation tissue formation throughout the wound bed

CCNPWT provides a closed sterile & moist wound healing environment

Promotes granulation tissue formation, recent studies suggest mechanical stretching may result in increased mitosis (Cell Replication)

Controlled Negative Pressure Therapy decreases wound volume approximating wound edges, helps uniformly draw wounds closed

Promotes continuous wound debridement by removing wound debris & bacteria colonized wound output/interstitial fluid allowing tissue decompression


BIO-MECHANISM.Reduces oedema Reduces bacterial loadStimulates cell proliferationEnhances dermal perfusionPromotes micro angiogenesisProtects wound from re-infection, cross infection or spreading further infectionPromotes Skin Graft/Flap uptake (The flexible foam dressing gently presses the skin graft or flap ensuring full contact with the wound bed

Increased PerfusionMorykwas Michael J, Argenta Louis C, Shelton-Brown Erica I, McGuirt Wyman: NPWT: A New Method for Wound Control and Treatment: Animal Studies and Basic Foundation. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 1997Peak blood flow recorded at 125 mmHgStudy helped establish original pressure protocol with Foam Dressing (400-600 micron pore-size)Hypothesized that reduction in oedema decompresses small blood vessels and increases flowFrank Ischaemia and Wound Hypoxia

Positive effect on perfusion with 100-125 mmHg

Reduction of Inhibitory FactorsMorykwas Michael J, Argenta Louis C, Shelton-Brown Erica I, McGuirt Wyman: NPWT: A New Method for Wound Control and Treatment: Animal Studies and Basic Foundation. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 1997Reduction of oedema has positive effect in wound healing Reduction of inhibitory factors contained in interstitial fluid (chemical)Decompression of small blood vessels, which restores flow (mechanical)

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy increases perfusion and oxygenation, therapy likely enhances resistance to infection


What types of wound benefit from CLOSED CYCLIC NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPY? Broadly Catagorised as:ACUTE WOUNDSSUB-ACUTE WOUNDSCHRONIC WOUNDSFull thickness and partial thickness burnsDiabetic / Neuropathic ulcersVenous Insufficiency ulcersPost-operative and dehisced surgicalTraumatic WoundsSkin Flaps and GraftsExplored fistulas



Active bleeding or patient on anticoagulant therapyProximity of blood vessels, organs, muscle, and fascia requiring protectionIrradiated vessels and tissueBony fragmentsUntreated malnutritionNon-compliant or combative behaviour

Fixation of skin graft (mesh-grafts) or flap until the graft has taken (4-6 days). In these special cases,

Topical Negative Pressure Therapy is used for the secure fixation of a split skin graft to the wound

The soft foam helps gently press the graft/flap onto the wound bed and thus ensures full contact between the graft and the underlying wound bed, irrespective of the wound contours and the formation of pockets, also continuously drains out the wound output, ensures infection free graft uptake CCNPWT helps in Flaps & Graft uptake

Wound Healing with Proven Cost EffectivenessCLOSED CYCLIC NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPY has been used on more than a million wounds worldwide.


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