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  • MineraOil-immersed Distribution andMed i u m Power Tra nsformers


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    We offer you a conrplete range of oil-immersed distribution and medium power transformers adapted tothe structure of your distribution network and suited to standard and special applications.

    Our Large industrial woddwide platform provides a full range of produts at ourcustomer's doorstep ensuring a shorter delivery time


    Customer benefits. High quality and realibility. Economically optimized. Capitalization of losses. Reduced dimensions. Solid construction. Long life-cycle. Low maintenance. Eco-friendly solution


    Ouality based on years of experienceWith more than 40 years of technical expeftise and over two millionoil-immersed transformers installed worldwide, we constantly designand improve the Minera transformer range to ensure optimumreliabillty and safety of your installations while offering the mostcost-effective solution. You are sure to invest in a proven technologyconstantly enhanced in our competence centers.

    Our standard range of Minera transformers is available as:. Three phase units (single phase available on request). With ratings up to 20 MVA, 72.skV, 50/60 Nz

    (Higher ratings available on request). Naturally cooled (ONAN) or air-forced (ONAfl upon request

    We also offer transformers for special applications (rectifier, Oil & Gas Zone ll,earthing, welding,transformers with OLIC, reactors, etc.)

    Minera oil-immersed transformers meet the requirements of internationalstandards such as ANSI, lEC, SPLN and individual country standards.

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  • Minera, the right tunefor your network

    Depending on the application andenvironmental influences, you might require adifferent type of oil-immersed transformer.Minera can deliver the flexibility you require:

    . Breathing type with conservator, hermeticallysealed or nitrogen gas cushion sealed type

    . For indoor applications: in buildings orindustrial plants, or in compact distributionsubstations

    . For Outdoor applications: ground mountedbut also pad or pole mounted

    . Low noise levels for urban or residentialareas

    . Normal, low or very low level of losses toenhance the distribution network effrciency

    . Vegetable Oil available on request

    High quality levelfor more reliability

    As a customer satisfaction is our main concern, we constantlyimprove our manufacturing processes, We have reduced our deliverytimes while ensuring a high quality level. All of our Mineraoil-immersed transformer production sites are ISO 9001 or ISO 14001and OHSAS 18001 certified.

    To ensure this high level of quality, our Minera transformers undergoroutine tests in accordance with IEC standards. We can also proceedto type test or special tests on request.

    Our company follows a policy of continuous improvement takinginto account the latest worldwide developments. This ensures thattransformers are state-of-the-art and comply fully with the moststrict requirements: fast delivery time, improved quality and recyclingcapabilities, reduced size and, on request, very low noise and verylow losses.

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    Highest systemvoltage (HV)

    Rated power Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)

    400 1 460 860 1457 670 670 1280aatr

    500 1660 970 1512 670 670 1 530 380630 1660 1020 1557 670 670 1760 475

  • MineraOil lmmersed Distribution andMedium Power Transformers

    Oil lmmersed Distributionand Medium Power Transformer Hermetically sealed, conservator type or Nz Gas Cushion Type

    Rated power 25 - 2O.OOO kVA (higher rating available on request)

    lnsulation levels According to IEC Urrr = 1.1 ,3.6,7.2, 12, 17.5,24,36,72kVAccording to ANSI up to 69 kV (higher ratings available on request)

    Phases 3-phase (single phase is available on request)

    Tappings x 2.5/o or + 2x2.5% (or different ranges on request)

    Short circuit impedanceUk=4% Ior P < 630 kVA and Uv < 24 Kt/tJk=4 or 45% for P < 630 kVA and UHr = 36 kVUk-6/. or above for P > 630 kVADifference value aiso available on request

    Rated frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)

    Vector groups

    Yzn recommended up to 50 kVA with Ura


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