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Tracker Goals. Main issue is to be able to run cold as more radiation is accumulated. Due to uncontrolled humidity behavior, our present limit is around 0C. Need to achieve reliably nominal cooling performance (coolant at -20C) after LS1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Common System Integration

Tracker GoalsMain issue is to be able to run cold as more radiation is accumulated. Due to uncontrolled humidity behavior, our present limit is around 0C. Need to achieve reliably nominal cooling performance (coolant at -20C) after LS1.Running cold implies improvements and consolidation on the following areas:Improve dryness of various cold volumes (sealing, flushing, instrumentation)Consolidation of the cooling plant system (including the brine circuit)Re-commissioning (Pixel, SS at lower temperatures)

September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips1Tracker: Key point in preparation for LS1During this YETS11, assess the performance of the current Brine primary circuit with the goal to be able to operate the 7 cooling plants to nominal temperature + the new CO2 plant.Increase the dry-gas (N2 + Air) flushing capabilityPixel clean room need to be ready Advance procurement of all instrumentation and material, mock-up practice, etc. New pipes for phase I pixel ? Need to decidePreparing the new CO2 cooling plantSeptember 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips2Tracker: key points for LS1Humidity seal most challenging:Detailed efficient planning needs to be developedWhenever possible, organize it in self-consistent parts, fully qualify them and move onNeed to coordinate efficiently with other activities from Tracker, HB and EB inside the solenoid.Cooling system consolidation (pending also the brine ultimate performance assessment)Ancillary system consolidation (thermal screen, heating foils, monitoring and instrumentation, dry-gas system, etc.)Re-commissioning activity to validate all the work done and establish new running condition for both Pixel and SS tracker.Installation of the new cooling plant

September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips3More on THIP as shown at the TC retreat 2011September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips4Silicon Strip Tracker: Winter Technical Stop 2011-2012These issues are discussed for both Silicon Strip and Pixel within the THIP group: the general area of been able to run the tracker colder, many activities are planned during this winter break which do not depend upon CMS opening (cooling plant cabinet, dry air system, N2 system, etc.)In the assumption CMS will open during this coming winter:Improve humidity (both absolute value and stability) in the most critical area (just outside the tracker bulk-head) on a few sectors [time estimated 3 days + 2 contingency, testing also during the night]Test the concept of an extended baggy [time estimated 3 days]Add suitable dew point sensors (FOS, sniffing lines, other sensors) in the most critical areas [in parallel with a) and b) activities]September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips5Improve humidity just outside the tracker bulk-headIntervene on the BH to PP1-channel gap with the purpose of boxing a minimum region of 1/16 (i.e. one PP1 worth) or multiple of it.September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips6

Last Section of a PP1-ChannelRegion to be boxedACBPipe insulation ends ~hereTracker bulk-headImprove humidity just outside the tracker bulk-headAdd another line for dry air (roughly same throughput of present PP1 line) to blow directly in the region where pipes are (mostly) without insulation. Add instrumentation as appropriate (FOS, sniffing line, other sensors)September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips7

Extra dry gas flowACImprove humidity just outside the tracker bulk-headAdding another sealing barrier is currently under discussion with TC. The idea is to seal in a more favorable place, isolating a smaller volume around the Tracker BH, avoiding air sipping through HE,EE from reaching the BH region.September 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips8

This seems the best place to add a 2nd sealingTest the extended Baggy conceptSeptember 29 2011Tracker Silicon Strips9The concept relies on applying a