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Slide Show by Laurel and Adrianna. Liquidation. Exposition. Torn Thread. Anti-Semitism. Death March. Medical Treatment. Conflict. By Anne Isaacs. Climax. Resoultion. Liberation. Rising Action. Rations. Resistance. Resolution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Torn ThreadBy Anne IsaacsSlide Show by Laurel and AdriannaRationsDeath MarchLiquidationMedical TreatmentAnti-SemitismResistanceExpositionLiberationConflictResoultionRising ActionClimax

  • ResolutionHomeArmy troops walk down a street in Berlin after the fall of the city. Hitler is defeated, and Eva and Rachel leave Europe for Canada after the war.

  • ExpositionHomeSetting- Labor Camp in Parschnitz, CzechoslovakiaSituation/Climate- Book Starts out with Eva and family in a ghetto Characters- Eva, Rachel, Papa/Samuel, Kayla, Dora, Rosie, Herr Schmidt, Frau HawlikParschnitz Ghetto during daytime.

  • ConflictHome

    Eva is stuck in a labor camp and is force to wind bobbins for the time being. Eva is the protagonist and the Nazis are the antagonist.Jews getting ready to go to a work camp.

  • Rising ActionHome sleeping a barracks.Eva got sent to a labor camp in Czechoslovakia. Rachel got sick with typhus. The Soviet Army gets close to camp.

  • LiberationHome picture of Nazis burying dead bodies. The Soviets came and save Jews from Nazis. Frau Hawlik lives, because she runs from the Russians. Herr Schmidt.

  • Climax Home The climax is when Eva gets hurt in a sewing machine accident. This is also when Rosie dies.A girl sewing.

  • ResistanceHomeTwo Jewish brothers pose with the adopted daughter of their German rescuer. Herr Schmidt a Nazi, who likes Jews and is a Nazi to help them. Czech Citizens rescued many Jews from this camp.

  • Anti-SemitismHome men put up a sign on the front of a Jewish business which reads: "Not one penny to the Jews." Nazis treated Jews like dirt, and feed them barely anything.

  • Death MarchHome Jews at camps usually have to walk 2-5 miles to get to the factory, this is called the death march. Girls walking to a factory.

  • LiquidationHome riding in a liquidation truck. When of the weak Jews, and one of our many characters, Rosie, have been poisoned to death.

  • Medical TreatmentHome In the labor camp, when Rachel and Eva had typhus, they werent sent to a hospital. All treatment they got were bandages. A sick Jewish girl.

  • RationsHome Lewin (right) poses with another officer in the Soviet Army.