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Confused as to how to get the most out of video conferencing, or never used it before? Read the Executive Offices Group guide and find out more.For more information on Executive Offices Group London serviced offices, London meeting rooms and London virtual offices, visit:


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2. Contents The Benefits of Video Conferencing Four Technical Points to Remember Six Pointers About Conduct Video Conferencing With Executive Offices Group 3. Ten Top Tips for Video ConferencingThe Benefits of Video Conferencing Video conferencing can be anequaliser, levelling the playing for smallbusinesses competing with larger rivals This technology allows a business tooperate globally without having toworry about the cost of flights or thetime lost in international travel Internal operations also benefit fromimproved communications, with theopportunity for more regulardiscussions allowing bettercoordination between teams in multiple Photo by William Cho on Flickrlocations 4. Ten Top Tips for Video ConferencingFour Technical Points to Remember Make sure you know how your equipment works,so you can avoid embarrassing and timeconsuming errors. Familiarity with the featuresalso allows you to use the equipment to its fullestpotential Another way to ensure that your meeting goessmoothly is to test the equipment beforehand, orfind someone to help with this if you dont feelconfident enough on your own Make sure that your video conferencingequipment is set up so that you can see theimage from your own camera. This allows you tosee how you look to other participants in themeeting There may be some delay in the transmission ofthe video image. Usually, there is very little youcan do about this, so try to keep yourmovements small and quite slow to keep anyPicture by Daniele Pieroni on Flickrproblems to a minimum 5. Ten Top Tips for Video ConferencingSix Pointers About Conduct Remember that dress code is the same as it wouldbe for a face-to-face meeting Keeping the discussion on topic is important. Try andmake clear, precise points, directed at specificindividuals Stay focused, as it can be easy to get distracted byother work or tasks when calling in from your desk orfrom home Keep your environment free of noise and clutter, asthese can distract you and the other participants inthe meeting Make sure there is a good structure to the meeting. Agood chairperson with a sound technical knowledgeof the equipment is essential It can be easy to forget to look at the camera, andlook at the person you are addressing on yourmonitor instead. To them, you will be looking off-Photo by Jacob Btter on Flickrscreen 6. Ten Top Tips for Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing With Executive Offices Group Executive Offices Group offer City of London Serviced Offices,London Meeting Rooms and London Virtual Offices, as well assome in other locations, including Cambridge and Leeds Video conferencing facilities are available at 16 of our locations,most which are located in central London We employ meeting coordinators at our locations, who will helpyou with preparation, testing and will provide on-site technicalsupport. This can include support outside of ordinary workinghours for international calls You will be provided with some of the best video conferencingservices available, including full catering facilities, up-to-dateequipment and high-speed broadband