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TRANSCRIPT Nembeis 0nly Newslettei - Copyiight 2u1u Nike Chang Fitness THE TOP 10 FOODS FOR LOSING FAT AND GETTING RIPPED SIX PACK ABS BY MIKE CHANG ISSA CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER & YOUR SIX PACK ABS COACH Nembeis 0nly Newslettei - Copyiight 2u1u Nike Chang Fitness In this newslettei I want to tell you about a NAI0R uiet pitfall that helu me back foi yeais, that I want to help you avoiu. Anu I want to show you the incieuibly simple, yet veiy poweiful nutiition philosophy which got me my six pack abs - anu which will woik foi you too. !"#$%&'()(*+%(,%'(*-(.(/%"0&+'(1$%&2(I can iemembei back in high school health class, I was taught that vaiiety is one of the keys to eating a healthy uiet. "Eveiything is healthy in moueiation," my teachei woulu say. "The key is just eating a little bit of eveiything, anu not eating too much of any one thing." Anu this seemeu to make a lot of sense to me too, because I'm the type of peison who gets boieu easily anu enjoys eating a wiue vaiiety of foous. So when I staiteu on my quest to get six pack abs, this was the philosophy I staiteu with. Because of this, one of the fiist eating plans I tiieu was one that piomiseu that I coulu eat healthy with tiemenuous vaiiety in my uiet. "I've got a uiffeient meal foi you eveiy uay," the nutiition expeit saiu on his webpage selling the couise. "You'll NEvER get boieu - anu you'll be moie healthy because of all the vaiiety in youi uiet." I bought the plan, anu he wasn't lying - he gave me 6 new healthy meals to piepaie eveiy uay foi 18u uays. I thought "this is awesome! It's just what I've been looking foi!" But liteially one week latei, I was alieauy stiuggling to keep up with the plan. Iust buying all the obscuie foous iecommenueu in the plan was veiy time consuming, inconvenient, anu expensive. Anu while cooking a 6 new meals eveiy uay foi 18u uays initially sounueu like a goou iuea, I soon figuieu out I uiun't have anywheie neai enough fiee time to cook 6 uiffeient meals a uay. Not only weie they time consuming to actually cook, but just LEARNINu how to piepaie all these new things just confuseu me. Nembeis 0nly Newslettei - Copyiight 2u1u Nike Chang Fitness Anu when I wasn't following the plan exactly, I got tiemenuously C0NF0SEB about what I shoulu be eating. Theie weie hunuieus of pages uetailing the exact nutiitional benefits anu uiawbacks of hunuieus of foous, but not making any soliu iecommenuations about which ones weie the best. It was just way too complicateu, anu I fiequently got fiustiateu anu bioke my uiet with fast foou, oi something equally uamaging. Within thiee weeks I hau totally quit the plan. I was pisseu off at myself foi my lack of willpowei, anu fiustiateu that I hau bought yet AN0TBER piouuct that actually took me fuithei fiom my goal of getting six pack abs. 3+'(*+%(40"5(6"$0%7(But I stoppeu beating myself up when I went on the inteinet anu staiteu ieauing what othei people hau to say about the piouuct on some foiums. It tuineu out, many othei guys weie getting fiustiateu anu quitting the plan, just like I hau! I uiun't unueistanu this at fiist. Aftei all, all the foous iecommenueu by the plan WERE healthy. Anu it useu the "scientifically pioven" piinciple of uietaiy vaiiety. "What was wiong with us." I askeu myself. Biu we just lack willpowei. Aftei thinking about it foi a while, I iealizeu that it wasn't a question of willpowei. !"#$%"'%"#"'(#%&&)*+",-.%/-)"#01,("%23#4%2,("35#"'%"#"'(#+6%.#$%/%&(1#-.#7#%.1#%6*-&"#%66#-"'(2#1,("%.1#.)"2,",-.#+6%.%2(#/%&(1#-.#7#$(2(#8).1%*(."%663#,.9-22(9": 8'(9:$&$-5(;#%"-0:&$-5(*+"&(3-#