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DESCRIPTION As you go on searching for baby Gift Ideas, try to be a creative giver like deciding to have some baby gift baskets that are so unique in designs and prints. Also, you can add baby’s stuffs like toys, clothes and blankets.


  • Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Babies

  • Next week is your childs birthday (or your childs

    friends birthday) and that means its time to shop for


  • But what do you get the kid who seems to have

    everythingand yet seems to want everything?

  • Check out the items below for suggestions for boys and

    girls age one day to ten years.

  • In case you didnt know, little kids love toys, and we

    have plenty of them.

  • Organic! - Bunny Dreams Baby Gift Basket

  • Your family and friends will value the extra thought you put into choosing a baby gift made by Kara Nessian with

    100% Organic Cotton products.

  • The Organic Bunny Dreams Gift Basket features

    BNature clothing products and an adorable pink bunny

    from Miyim, all organic, soft and wonderful.

  • Organic! - Monkey Business Baby Gift Basket

  • We selected BNature products for their thick, soft and stylish feel and looks. A baby's skin is so

    new, tender and beautiful, it deserves the softest fabric

    you can find.

  • Please note these organic baby clothing are of the

    highest quality available on the market! They are not the usual basket clothing items you will see in most gift


  • Everything in this basket is packed with baby's comfort

    and luxury in mind.

  • Park Avenue Posh" Baby Boy Gift Set - 5 Piece Blue & Brown Set w/ Gift Box

  • Genuine Bearington Collection luxury baby boy gift set sure

    to impress a fifth avenue heiress!

  • This boutique quality collection comes fabulously gift wrapped in a blue and

    brown glossy gift box with a brown lid and enormous blue

    bow to top it off.

  • Park Avenue Posh" Baby Girl Gift Set - 5 Piece Pink & Brown Set w/ Gift Box

  • Genuine Bearington Collection luxury baby girl gift set sure

    to impress everyone!

  • Party in the Jungle" Baby Gift Basket

  • In an African village, long long ago, there lived Gigi the Giraffe who loved to sing and dance! His heart was full of laughter and his soul full of


  • Welcome new baby with song and dance in your heart and make his or her life full or laughter, fun and jazz!

  • This adorable Kara Nessian jungle safari baby basket is

    not only adorable but practical as well. We've

    packed in items useful to new parents and some fun stuff

    for baby too.

  • We've packed in items useful to new parents and some fun

    stuff for baby too.

  • Want more gift ideas for babies?

    Check out

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