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Top 8 tips for building Great mobile apps That Drive Engagement

Before you design your apps, take a step back, learn how your target platforms work, and implement your branding around their specific parameters. Beauty Is Relative To The Platform


2Code reuse is for your apps logic -- not necessarily for UI

Expecting 100 percent code reuse isnt reasonable because it not only means youd have very little control over your apps UI/UX, but also your app would look the same across all target platforms.


Always think Web service

Because were developing cross-platform apps, I recommend you build your code to be completely abstracted, as if it was a Web service (a local Web service, if you like). Make all of your programming logic completely independent from the screens or even the platform in which it will run, so all of your programming modules are platform-agnostic and, most important, reusable across platforms.

Remember that tabs can be deep or shallow

iOS tabs have a built-inNavigationController, which allows multiple levels of navigation inside each tab. Android tabs, however, are shallow and should have no in-tab navigation.


Know your target platforms

The best way of knowing whats available to your app, and what you should and shouldnt do, is by reading each platforms user interface guidelines.


6Work with your design team

If youre a programmer with a graphic artist in your team, learn to work with the designers and educate them. Help them understand that each platform has a native way of displaying information, laying out screens, and implementing navigation, and these differences go far beyond Android having a Back button and anActionBar.

7Love your target platforms

Dont let your personal preference influence the design, functionality, and quality of your cross-platform apps. If you love iOS, thats no reason to show more commitment to your iOS app, leaving behind your Android users. Learn to love each platform with its strengths and limitations.

8Test Often

Since your cross-platform app will have both cross-platform and platform-specific code and components, make sure you test often. Dont spend days working on the Android version, then finally run it on iOS and discover the object positions are off, the fonts need adjusting, or the app simply crashes on load.

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