Top 5 Ways to Make Salesforce Work Better

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<ol><li> 1. Use Salesforce for more than soley a contact database. TOP 5 WAYS WORK MAKE to BETTER for Sales, Marketing, and Service Nearly 72 percent of business users say they would trade in all the functionality you hold so highly for a CRM that's easier to use. Here are the top 5 ways to implement the Salesforce CRM business users have come to expect, but better. Use it to collaborate across departments. Eliminate unnecessary data-entry. Track a customer's buying journey in Salesforce. Take advantage of Salesforce's dynamic mobile capabilities. Configure the system to capture only the information the business truly needs. Document the buying process, then map that process in Salesforce. Use the entire Salesforce system from anywhere you do business on any device. By leveraging other parts of Salesforce, you can significantly shorten the sales cycle. The Chatter function allows quick and easy communication, without having to dig through email trails. </li></ol>