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The City Tech Library, in partnership with the Faculty Commons, is pleased to invite all faculty and staff to a workshop. Do you have a tablet computer, either an iPad or Android device? Curious about how you can use it for more than watching movies or playing games? Join your colleagues for wine and cheese at this library workshop and learn about apps and strategies you can use to supercharge your tablet for your research, teaching, and productivity.


  • 1.Tech Happy Hour: Tools for Your Tablet Faculty/Staff Workshop Thursday, February 27, 2014

2. Tell us about your tablet use! What kind of tablet do you have? What do you use it for? 3. Today well discuss tablet apps for storage for files of all types reading, either online or offline taking notes, saving files, marking up files visual media sound media (and especially their use for teaching/research) 4. Dropbox 5. Dropbox 6. Instapaper 7. Instapaper 8. Instapaper 9. Readability 10. Readability Clipping service for articles and other textual contentuse on a desktop computer or mobile Safari with browser plugin/bookmarklets (not easy) Allows tagging, sending to Readability by email, archiving, sharing Read now or save for later Offline reading best feature; great for older eyes too 11. Tablet Access to Ebooks Pleasant to read on tablet, ability to flip pages iBooks=usually $ via iTunes store Library (public, City Tech) options: 3M, Overdrive apps = epub format ebooks Kindle = Kindle format ebooks Bluefire for epub ebooks w/o apps such as ebrary Need Adobe Digital Editions acct. for epub bookssign up at Adobe 12. Evernote 13. Evernote 14. Evernote Can be used for clipping via browser but has much more capability than Readability Offline access, syncing features; offers desktop client Rapid note creation Mark up images, pdfs, etc. Tagging, folders, collaboration & sharing Quicknote reminders, lists, checklists Share via AirDrop Can be a hub for all your content New app, Evernote Food 15. iAnnotate for Android 16. iAnnotate for Android 17. iAnnotate for Android 18. Camera/photos The camera is to take pictures using the front or back lens (default). Photos can be taken in high-dynamic range (HDR) mode, with 3 different exposures are combined in a single shot. You can zoom in and out using the pinch and stretch finger gestures. 19. Photoshop Express 20. Photoshop Express Photoshop Express can be used to crop and resize images. This app can apply different filters to your photographs for special effects PS Express can also tilt images so they can be straightened Great for on the go photo editing. 21. Tascam PCMRecorder 22. Tascam PCMRecorder The Tascam PCMRecorder can be used for field recordings Uses an equalizer to adjust the audio settings of a recording. Volume limiters in the app can help reduce clipping of recordings A low-pass filter can also be used to reduce background noise. 23. SoundCloud 24. SoundCloud SoundCloud is a web service that allows the sharing of sounds. Recordings can be done on an iPad and shared through Requires user registration Each sound has a unique URL that can be shared or embedded into web pages. 25. + Keyboard = Laptop Substitute Photo by Karlis Dambrans 26. Questions? Suggestions? 27. Thank you! Profs. Monica Berger, Anne Leonard, Maura Smale, Junior Tidal


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