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Here lies an emperor who ruled the mighty sub continent for quarter of a century.


  • 1. Tomb of Jahangir

2. The mausoleum of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir who ruled India from 1605 to 1627.
3. The mausoleum is located near the town of ShahdaraBagh in Lahore, Pakistan
4. Minarets of Tomb symbolize the grandeur of mughal architecture.
5. Jahangirs son Shah Jahan built the mausoleum 10 years after his father's death. He also built TajMahal.
6. Bara dari surrounds the mausoleum
7. The structure is a quadrangle with enormous gardens. In the center lies the rectangular tomb with four minarets on four corners .
8. Interior is decorated with beautiful paintings and patterns.
9. The sepulcher of Jahangir
10. The sepulcher is decorated with precious gem stones. Name of Allah are also inscribed on it.
11. Beautiful paintings of flowers and vases augment its splendour.
12. 13. Series of rooms, known as AkbariSarai.
14. Structure has a typical Mughal stamp with water courses, gardens, all in perfect symmetry
15. Asif Khan's Tomb adjacent to Tomb of Jahangir
16. Asif Khan served as wazir to the emperor. He was brother in law of Jahangir.
17. The mausoleum was badly damaged by the Sikhs rulers of Punjab.
18. A mosque is also situated within the quadrangle
19. It is famous tourist attraction of Lahore.
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