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  2. 2. Keep Calm If you're busy, stressed and easily frustrated, either due to circumstances at home or in the office, this will have a negative effect on your child too. If you're stressed, it is bound to pass onto their mood too. So it is essential that you do not let your agitations get to you.
  3. 3. Make them Aware of their own Emotions It is very important for you to talk to your child and ask them to start expressing emotions which they may find difficult. By allowing them to express themselves and be emotionally aware, this in turn prevents emotions from building up inside them, ultimately helping in gradually tapering down the angry outbursts.
  4. 4. Dont Get Physically Aggressive The physical aggression would not only make the child distance themselves from you, it has been shown that children subjected to physical aggression have more of a tendency to "rebel" and show anti-social behaviour as they grow up. Though the reason for your outburst may be due to their indiscipline, the best way, still, is to remain calm.
  5. 5. Explain the Consequences of Poor Behaviour Your child needs to be told that whilst it is acceptable to get angry, it is not acceptable to show aggressive behaviour. For example, if a child is angry that they were not served their favourite dish and they start throwing the cutlery around, tell them calmly, do not shout, that it is fine to be disappointed at the dish, but be stern and say it is not acceptable to throw the cutlery as it is dangerous and poor behaviour.
  6. 6. Recognise and Appreciate Improvement Whilst they do say that praising your child and rewarding them consistently can lead to a sense of pampering and poor parenting, it is not necessarily the case, anything in the right proportions is not bad. Do not start materialising their improved behaviour by awarding expensive gifts or more TV time as this in turn can have its consequences, particularly if they keep demanding more and you "do not keep your word".
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