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  1. 1. Technical Definitions and Extras for Social Media Networking Carmen Saunders, MSN, FNP-BC August 2012 646-319-9466
  2. 2. Twitter good for real time posting- 500 million users Facebook- personal tool to personalize your brand on timeline- 900 million users Linked In- extremely professional site, advance your career Pinterest An online pin board that shares and saves pictures of anything you find online browsing. Google + - encompasses Google, reader, docs, circles, chat, and hangouts. Top Social Media Sites
  3. 3. Social Media- A way for groups to come together on the Internet where they can share ideas or opinions Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google+. Personal Branding-Creating the right kind of emotional response you want others to have Social Network- an online network or community where people share ideas on the web Definitions
  4. 4. Blogging- Creating a site through a social media app like word press or tumblr to discuss your interests or stories Tweeting- Sharing ideas on Twitter in 140 characters or less Pinning- Taking pictures online and placing them on Definitions Continued
  5. 5. You Tube- Subscribers of your channel can view your original work Instagram- Camera app that filters pic and shares them with your followers Tumblr- Highly customizable blog service Word press- Customizable blog site Other sites to look into
  6. 6. Flickr- Organize your photos and share Digg- Bookmarking tool used to provide searchers with info from the web that has been refracted through the lens of the Digg community Stumble Upon- Add on as bookmark, can take you anywhere Delicious- Stack your bookmarks Just in case you wondering what these sites were
  7. 7. The art of getting your website or blog ranked at the top of search engines Google yourself first and see what comes up Twitter, Linked in, Facebook, and YouTube are findable What do you want people to find? You want them to find good stuff. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  8. 8. #1 Create a profile Create short easy username (ex. @carmfnp) that is easy to retweet can change twitter handle at anytime #2 Upload photo Fill in bio section and be sure to use your website or LinkedIn/blog in the bio section, can use if no blog or website How to use Twitter
  9. 9. Short messages limited to 140 characters or less DM or direct messages sends a secure note to any of your followers @mentions- shout out to anyone on twitter whether you are following them or not Add photos or videos to your tweet Tweeting
  10. 10. # hashtag symbol is used by tweeters to add their tweets to the same subject thread EX. #healthcare #nurse #leadership URL shortening services, need to make link as small as possible so you can add comment, shortening services are: Google: Searches and hash tags
  11. 11. Who to follow tool Follow people or organizations that you would want to follow you Browse categories Can always un follow at anytime Create lists if you exceed the 2000 person limit Who to follow
  12. 12. If you have a website download the follow button and copy and paste the HTML code into your website Link your twitter to your FB so that your tweets feed onto your FB wall Download analytical tools to track your influence across the twitterverse Twitter Resources
  13. 13. Can change personal URL in settings Can create events (ex. Online discussions or talks) Connect with other social profiles (ex. Other NPs or ex coworkers) Applications- link in slide share ,word press, or twitter feeds into your account Its free, dont pay for premium Linked In Features
  14. 14. Almost a prerequisite for candidacy if searching for a job Can Highlight your skills accomplishments or projects youve developed Better to edit sections than to upload resume Follow companies you would want to work for Ex. Major hospitals, agencies, people, or corporations Linked In- Get to work
  15. 15. If you are working and searching for a job got to settings and change privacy controls Turn off activity broadcast and make activity feed only visible to you Can keep profile pic hidden, restrict connections, and adjust your public profile so it is invisible to web searches Linked In Privacy Settings
  16. 16. 900 million users Allows for community based relationships Advertise through Facebook ads (Always use pay per click) Facebook analytics provide insight (Professional pages only) Why Choose FB for Professional Branding?
  17. 17. Privacy Settings on Facebook- Choose the right default settings so that only your friends can see your posts on your personal page and choose public for professional page Edit Timeline and tagging of Photos in your privacy settings, Enable timeline review and tag review Consider using 2 FB accts, one personal , one professional Facebook privacy Settings
  18. 18. Concerning privacy use a different Facebook for your professional account is a good idea Choose privacy settings wisely Fan pages can be used as well but are meant for business purposes, keep in mind no analytic pages but unlimited number of friends, cannot invite by email but can ask people to join through your professional page Use same high quality picture throughout each site Facebook Privacy Extras
  19. 19. You can also manage blocking in your privacy settings and block applications and event invites Facebook offers a quick overview of the dos and don'ts of online security so you can apply to all your online interactions: Tip: If you want to keep a copy of all your Facebook photos on your own computer request and archive by clicking download a copy in the general settings page Facebook Security Settings
  20. 20. Facebook- Post one status update, answer messages and posts to wall Twitter- Follow 10 people, post 2-5 tweets daily, respond to @ replies, respond to DM LinkedIn- Connect with 2 people, answer one question from group Task Sheet - Daily Time Management
  21. 21. Facebook- Share a success or funny story, upload a picture, share presentations Twitter- send out 5 #follow Friday tweets - #FF LinkedIn- Post one question to LinkedIn group Task Sheet- Weekly Management
  22. 22. They track your content growth Example: Think of it as nursing research 101 , how did we measure if our research was useful or not Measure interactions and engagement Capitalize on content Why are Social Media Metrics so Important?
  23. 23. Reach- amount of people you are connected to on social networks Visibility- How many eyeballs physically see your content each day Influence- by product of reach and visibility Facebook- FB Insights Google - Google Analytics Twitter- Klout and Twitalyzer Measuring your success- Terms