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Tips For Buying A Used Car For Sale


Why To Go For Used Cars?

Most of the consumers, namely teenagers, cannot shell out loads of money for a new car as the average price is approximately $18,000.

A new car incur a higher cost of insurance, thus increasing the demand for used cars.

As the number of cars having two and three year old lease is increasing, the supply of such cars ought to rise.

Advantages Of Used Cars

By buying a used car, the buyer can easily evade the depreciation costs, which can be up to 40% of its value in the first two years.

Buying a used car can make way for array of options and luxury items for the buyer.

Many consumers feel comfortable by evading the tedious paper work involved in buying a new car as they feel that buying directly from the owner will be hassle free.

Understanding the Dealerships

Dealerships account for approximately 50% of the used cars sold annually.

Good Dealers maintain an impressive reserves of old model cars in top notch condition.

Some dealer even offer their own warranties.

Dealers take of the financial, registration, and the licensing issues.

Information To Look Out For

The vehicle identification number along with the trim line, and mileage must be noted down.

Ask to see the title, then match the VIN with that on the car and note the name and phone number of the previous owner.

Contact the local consumer protection office to get an idea of the reputation of the dealership.

Before You Sign

Check for the mathematical errors, extra charges, and omissions in the purchase agreement.

Countercheck the information on the purchase agreement with that present on your notes.

Get all verbal promises in writing.

Question To Ask To Yourself

What depreciation does to the price of a car?

How can you estimate the wholesale and retail prices of used cars?

What are the disadvantages of buying a used car from a private seller?