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May 03, 2012 ... 40 page reader ad paper based in El Paso, Texas.


<ul><li><p>www.thriftynickelusa.comVisit Us Online At:</p><p>Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in </p><p>your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let </p><p>your words be few. </p><p>Eclesiastes 5:2</p><p>TAKE ONE FREE! INCLUYE SECCIN EN ESPAOL TAKE ONE FREE!FRO</p><p>M</p><p>19811981TO20112011 THRIFTY NICKEL6559 N. MESA El Paso, TX 79912</p><p>M O N . - T U E S . 8 : 3 0 A M - 6 : 0 0 P M W E D . - F R I . 8 : 3 0 A M - 5 : 0 0 P MC L O S E D S AT U R D AY &amp; S U N D AY</p><p>751-3494THRIFTY NICKEL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ADVERTISEMENT. THANK YOU.</p><p>S E R V I N G E L PA S O , C H A PA R R A L , H O R I Z O N , C L I N T, FA B E N S , S A N E L I Z A R I O , C A N U T I L LO , S U N L A N D PA R K , S A N TA T E R E S A , C H A M B E R I N O , A N T H O N Y, VA D O , W E S T W AY, S O C O R R OMay 03, 2012 Vol. 32 No. 03</p><p>Its never been easier to place a want ad!FOUR EASY WAYS!</p><p>1. BRING IT IN to your T.N office at 6559 N. Mesa. It costs only $7.00 for 10 words. 25 for each additional word.2. MAIL IT IN on a piece of paper and send it along with payment to P.O. Box 13269, El Paso, TX 79913. $6.00 for 10 words, 25 for each additional word.3. PHONE IT IN call 751-3494 and a friendly ad person will be happy to help you. $7.50 For 10 words, 25 each additional word. There is a $1.00 billing fee if not paid within 5 days. Commercial rates are slightly higher. To have a border around your ad is $2.00 extra. Deadline for placing ads is Tuesday at 6:00 PM.4. FAX IT IN to 751-3382 and we will call you with a price quote.</p><p>$30 Service Charge on all returned checks.No changes or cancellations after Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. NO REFUNDS NO CREDITS NO SUBSTITUTIONS</p><p>1998 CHEVY Suburban LS, 5.7L motor, with 3rd row seat. $3,000, 490-48722004 NISSAN Xterra, good condition, $8,400. Call Liz 575-644-7628.4X4 1986 Ford pickup, 5.8Ltr, 351 Windsor, $2400. 575-491-6768.HP SLIMLINE Desktop com-puter. 4GB of RAM, 24 monitor, AMD Processor (2.8Ghz), com-pact design, 500 GB Hard Drive, Nvidia Geforce video card. $400 negotiable, 873-9324</p><p>1989 FORD F-150 Lariat, V-6, manual transmission, 170k miles, single cab. Motor and transmission runs great! $1,100, 490-4872THRIFTY NICKEL has served El Paso over 30 years.</p><p>for as littleas</p><p>Res</p><p>ler </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Alto</p><p> Mes</p><p>a</p><p>Sunla</p><p>nd P</p><p>ark </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Cam</p><p>ille </p><p>Dr.Old Location</p><p>NEW LOCATION</p><p>6559 N.MesaPalm Court Center</p><p>N.MesaN</p><p>ES</p><p>W</p><p>Sell Any Single Item </p><p>Call 751-3494 or Come By The Office6559 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912</p><p>*Private Party Ads, Limit 1 Item Per Ad, 10 Words, Price Based On 4 Week Special.Offer Expires 29 Feb 12</p><p>March Specials!$425a week*</p><p>1998 CHEVY Silverado 1500, extended cab, auto-matic transmission, 4x4. (Not Running) $1,600, 490-48721973 CHEVY Blazer original $3,000 new tires. 598-7418/ 319-23051995 CHEVY 3/4 ton, extended cab, $3200 OBO. 575-571-9444.I AM looking for a trailer, 6 feet wide by 10 or 12 foot long. 240-27411996 DODGE Ram SLT, club cab, V-8, standard transmis-sion, good clean condition. $1,700, 490-4872VENDO GRAND Caravan 2002 corre bien en $2,200 ofresca. 329-8211.BUSINESS OWNERS ADVERTISING IN THRIFTY NICKEL IS THE BEST ADVERTISING BUY IN EL PASO! WE SELL 5 AD AND 10 AD READER AD PACKAGES TO FIT EVEN THE SMALLEST ADVERTISING BUDGETS. CALL US TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION, 751-34942006 9X12 enclosed trailer, $2000. 575-491-3814, 575-491-3738 Alamogordo.MENS SLOW-PITCH Softball Team looking for players that have played organized mens slow-pitch softball to put together a team to play competetive softball in El Paso. For more information contact: 497-4024 Serious inquires only1998 TOYOTA 4-Runner, automatic transmission, needs tune-up. $3,000, 490-4872</p><p>SELLING AN Xbox 360 Slim with 250Gb Harddrive, wifi ready, with Kinect, 1 Controller, 1 Game (Kinect Adventures), Video Cables, Power cables &amp; headset. Console has been owned by an adult and taken care of. Almost new with origi-nal box and console does not get moved around..$319 Serious Inquiries only. Call (no later than 10pm) or text to 915-240-3372I PLACED A RENTAL AD IN THE THRIFTY NICKEL AND RECIEVED AROUND 100 CALLS. THANK-YOU, LUCY RODRIGUEZ2001 CHEVY Ventura van, corre muy bien, A/C helado, buena condicion, $2,600. 412-28571998 DODGE Caravan, titu-lo Tejano, 4 cilindros, eco-nomica. $1,950, 922-861320 ACRES en Alcalas cerca de Tornillo. $18,000. (915) 472-15681994 DODGE 1T, Cummins diesel in great shape, new tires, runs great, $5800. 575-644-3277.2000 EXPEDITION, bue-nas condiciones, valuada $6,600, vendo a $5,500. Lupita 575-640-4378.2007 F150 $12,000 very good condition. Please call for more info 222-0124.1986 FORD F-350, auto-matic tr4ansmission, work truck, gasoline powered single cab, utility boxes, with steel racks. $1,300 call 490-4872</p><p>C O N G R A T U L A T I O N EVERYONE!!!......YOUR publi-cation looks great!! Keep up the goody work....appreciate you a lot. DannyKEYSTONE OUTBACK 32ft 2010 bunkhouse fully contained 2 huge slides flat panel tv, $13,500 obo has salvage title. 915-319-9032I PLACED A RENTAL AD IN THE THRIFTY NICKEL AND RECIEVED AROUND 100 CALLS. THANK-YOU, LUCY RODRIGUEZ</p><p>See Our Ad On PAge 28!VeA nueStrO AnunciO en lA PAginA 28!</p><p>PanchosPanchos</p><p>6001 AlAmedA AVe 778-6700 ext-21 </p><p>Car Title Loans</p><p>See US AboUt PAying off yoUr title loAn</p><p>PrStAmoS rPidoS y VeloceSmAl crditO - Sin crditO nO HAY PrOBlemA</p><p>ViStAnOS ! PAncHOS tiene el dinerO!PrStAmoS de $300 HAStA $10,000</p><p>cAr - BOAt - VAn - trAiler &amp; mOre</p><p>Earn $110 this week</p><p>If you qualify as a new plasma donor, you can earn up to $110 this week </p><p>and help save lives. </p><p>In addition to meeting the donation criteria, you must provide a valid photo I.D., proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card to donate.</p><p>TPR_1010_F_1001</p><p>720 Texas Ave.(915) 532-5322</p><p>4710 Alabama St.(915) 532-5923</p><p>8802 Alameda Ave.(915) 859-6855</p><p>3515 Alameda Ave.</p><p>(915) 351-0920</p><p>544-3300609 N. Laurel Street El Paso, TX</p><p>Jason J. LempkeAttorney at Law</p><p>Available for Weekend and Evening Appointments</p><p>-Uncontested/ Contested </p><p>Divorces- Child Custody- Child Support</p><p>FREE Initial Consultation!EASY PAYmEnt PLAnS!</p><p> FAmILY LAW</p><p>CRImInAL LAW-All Misdemeanors-Felonies</p><p>- Drug Cases/DWI/Family Violence</p><p>Se Habla Espaol</p><p>THRIFTY NICKEL ah ser-vido a El Paso por mas de 30 anos!1995 SUBURBAN, 4WD, 162,000 miles, loaded, 3 seats, new tires, $2500. Call for more information, 575-644-0814.</p></li><li><p>AVONSell AVON Products!Earn extra Money!Be your own Boss!Call 915-598-6903</p><p> Thrifty Nickel shall not be liable for failure to publish an ad or for ty-pographical error(s) in publication except to the extent of the cost of that portion or phone number of the ad wherein the error(s) occurred. In the event of errors, omissions, or failure to publish an ad, you must notify the Thrifty Nickel Office within five (5) days of publica-tion. Thrifty Nickel reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason. When you place your ad you automatically promise payment within five (5) days of publication. If payment is not received within those five (5) days there will be a $1.00 per week billing fee added &amp; we bill up to five (5) times. There will be a $30.00 charge for any returned checks. No refunds, credits or substitutions. Thrifty Nickel shall not be liable for content &amp; cancellations on classifieds ads after Tuesday at 6 p.m.</p><p>Mon. - Tues. 8:30AM - 6:00PM Wed. - Fri. 8:30AM - 5:00PM</p><p>Closed SaturdaysClosed Sunday</p><p>751-3494</p><p>PAGE 2 MAY 03, 2012 HTTP://FACEBOOK.COM/ THRIFTYNICKELELPASO 751-3494</p><p>El Paisano...................................... 33-44Heres My Card.....................................8Employment ........................................14Mobile Homes ...............................15-17Real Estate ......................................21-22Business &amp; Service............................18-20Rentals ..................................................13Misc ...........................................01-12, 15Motorcade....................................... 23-32</p><p>INDEX</p><p>AVONSELLCALL</p><p>494-3841 Westside740-4672 Lower Valley</p><p>240-6502 Central526-3671 Eastside</p><p>471-2253 Northeast</p><p>AUTOMOTIVEHERBALIFE INDEPENDENT Distributor. Nutrition, Weight Loss Control, Energy, Digestion. Incredible Income!!! Tel 633-2151BRAND NEW rims! AWC 0158060 Velocity, Chrome. 15x8 Bolt pattern 6x5.5mm. $300 OBO. Call or text 915-240-3372 or 915-726-0198.HARLEYS FOR cars. We trade for cars, trucks &amp; foreign motor-cycles. Barnett Harley El Paso &amp; Las CrucesNEED WHEELS A.S.A.P? Bad credit? No credit? No problem, for more information call Sergio at 629-0079 or 875-7246SWAMP COOLER Start Ups. $42 Regular swamp coolers Only +Parts &amp; Pads (if needed). Master Coolers star-ups only $38 + part &amp; pads(if needed) Free estimates. all work guaran-teed. AAA Magic Maintenance 915-691-6723QUALICRAFT PAINTING spe-cials exterior average 1 story $950. 2 story $1,550. 691-5525FREE SERVICE pick-up for Harleys, El Paso area., 35,000 pic-tures! 8272 Gateway East. Call anytime! 504-6122, #1 SERVICE department in the Southwest by factory cus-tomer satisfaction index. Barnett Harley- Davidson, I-10 &amp; Lomaland. NEW RIMS! Akuza Road Concept AKA 706 Black with Chrome Trimming. 17x7.5. Bolt pattern 5x100/14.6mm. $490 OBO. Call or text 240-3372 or 726-0198.MILITARY WELCOMED at Barnett Auto Sales. 8000 Gateway East, 629-0079. 9501 Montana, 778-8888., Over 1,000 pictures! </p><p>MORE </p><p>$50UNLIMITED</p><p>Cellphone Payment </p><p>Center</p><p>Some Restrictions Apply - Pictures for Illustration Only. Not Valid W/Any Other Discount Parts &amp; Custom Work Extra</p><p>STRESSCONTRACT</p><p>NO</p><p>Aux, USB, MP3 w/Remote</p><p>Pioneer New 2012 Model</p><p>$9995</p><p>11.2 TFT SWIVEL MONITOR</p><p>$9999</p><p>DVD. VCD.USB. MP3,CD Compatible</p><p>3.2 DIGITAL TFT LCD MONITOR</p><p>$9999</p><p>6 1/2 SPEAKERS</p><p>each$850</p><p>Single Din In-Dash 7 Touchscreen</p><p>$199</p><p>$995each7 TOUCHSCREEN</p><p>USB, AUX Bluetooth</p><p>$249FREE TINT</p><p>ALARMW/Purchase of </p><p>Starting At</p><p>$4999</p><p>$1997 </p><p>TOUCHSCREEN</p><p>Layaway Your Mothers Day Gift</p><p>MP3, CD AM/FM, AUX</p><p>$6999KENWOOD</p><p>CD AM/FM</p><p>$3999</p><p>KENWOOD PACKAGE</p><p>1 Amp 1 Box w/2 Subwoofers</p><p>$249</p><p>With Remote</p><p>27 LCD HEADREST MONITORS</p><p>$179</p><p>9031 Alameda859-1649 727-9736</p><p>H.I.D. with BallastersMost Cars $9995</p><p>TEREOY LETAS</p><p>1 Year Warranty</p><p>6x9SPEAKERS</p><p>Tweeters 350W</p><p>$1495</p><p>Se Habla Espaol472-8224</p><p>We Buy Cars JUNKED</p><p> or NOT</p><p>We Pay Up To$5,000</p><p>$$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>727-7130</p><p>WE BUY JUNK </p><p>CARS!COMPRO </p><p>AUTOS YONKE!</p><p>I Buy junked </p><p>vehicles with or without title. I PAY CASH!(915) 780-8002</p><p>CA H$$</p><p>$</p><p>$ $$</p><p>$ $</p><p>$</p><p>POR SUS CARROS, VANS, TRUCKS Y CAMIONES!</p><p>AHORITA MISMO! NOW!Con Sin Titulo!*</p><p>ATENCION!A TALLERES DE MECANICA Y CARROCERIA, ETC...</p><p>LE COMPRO SUS AUTOS!</p><p> Le Atendemos con Rapidez y E cacia por que tenemos El Personal y El Equipo apropiado</p><p>* DEPENDIENDO LOS MOTIVOS Y/O CIRCUNSTANCIAS</p><p>VENDO MOTORES</p><p>24 HrWE SELL MOTORS!</p><p> YONKEADOS CHOCADOS</p><p> QUEMADOS DESCOMPUESTOS</p><p> ANDANDO RUNNING</p><p>915-850-3305 915-850-2323</p><p>TENEMOS UNA GRAN VARIEDADDE MOTORES Y </p><p>TRANSMISIONESDE PRIMERA</p><p>CALIDADMOTORES COMPLETOS!</p><p>(Con Alternador, Marcha, Compresor De Aire </p><p>Acondicionado, Bomba De Agua, Computadora, Etc)</p><p>SELLING AN Xbox 360 Slim with 250Gb Harddrive, wifi ready, with Kinect, 1 Controller, 1 Game (Kinect Adventures), Video Cables, Power cables &amp; headset. Console has been owned by an adult and taken care of. Almost new with original box and console does not get moved around..$319 Serious Inquiries only. Call (no later than 10pm) or text to 915-240-3372MANNEQUINS FOR dresser, for womens clothing. 180 N. watch them Cotton esq. Myrtle. 544-0711EDCY JUMPING Balloons. 1 Jumping balloon, 4 Mesas con mantel/ 24 sillas, 1 pinata grande. Llame hoy. 915-208-7440/ 821-1893PIPO ACADEMY of Hair Design. 1/2 price haircuts Military or Dependants with ad! 3000 Pershing, El Paso, TX 79903. 915-565-3491AIR CONDITIONING start-up &amp; shut down/ carbon monoxide testing, $60.. Call for Northeast special. Call 208-7440, LucyNEW RIMS! Exfire 507 Chrome. 20x9 Bolt pattern 5x135/139.5. $570 OBO. Call or text 915-240-3372 or 915-726-0198.BRAND NEW rims! Exfire 203 Black &amp; Silver. 15x6.5 Bolt pattern 5x100/114.3mm. $360 OBO. Call or text 915-240-3372 or 915-726-0198.BMW MOTORCYCLES in stock now. Come see these high tech won-ders. Competitive pricing. Factory trained mechanics. 504-6122, www.barnettbmwmotorcyles.comTHANKYOU ST.JUDE Love Martha</p><p>NEW RIMS! ICW Racing 002 Gunmetal Gray. 15x6.5 Bolt pat-tern 4x100/108mm. $360 OBO. Call or text 240-3372 or 726-0198.</p><p>I BUY cars with or without title. Pay in cash call now for good money. 727-3631.</p><p>BRAND NEW rims! Boss Eagle 315 Chrome. 20x8.5 Bolt pat-tern 6x135mm. $550 OBO. Call or text 240-3372 or 726-0198.</p></li><li><p>751-3494 WWW.THRIFTYNICKELUSA.COM MAY 03, 2012 PAGE 3</p><p>BUY AMERICAN </p><p>MADE</p><p>COME SEE US!</p><p>3 PIECE 2 CHAIRS &amp; TABLE SET</p><p>$225SOFA</p><p>SLEEPER</p><p>$300ENTERTAINMENT CENTER W/ SAFE</p><p>2 LAMPS, MIRROR, 2 FLOOR LAMPS, 2 NIGHTSTANDS, HEADBOARD, TV </p><p>STAND, DRESSER, ANY SIZE PILLOW TOP MATTRESS &amp; BENCH</p><p>PRICES COMING DOWNMORE WE SELLMORE WE BUYLESS WE PAY</p><p>YOU SAVE!SOFA CHAIR</p><p>$90</p><p>MATTRESS &amp; BOX SPRING SETFULL, QUEEN, </p><p>KINGSerta, Sealy Posturepedic </p><p>700</p><p>TVS </p><p>$35</p><p>Our Prices Are Unbeatable</p><p>$55FramedMirror36x45</p><p>$60FramedMirror43x60</p><p>$60FramedMirror36x48</p><p>$60FramedMirror30x46</p><p>6 Las Vegas</p><p>FramedMirror</p><p>$6030x72</p><p>All Mirrors Have Gallery Frames!</p><p>$40FramedMirror20x48</p><p>$40FramedMirror36x24</p><p>$60FramedMirror72x30</p><p>$60Mirror66x24</p><p>$45FramedMirror38x38 $50</p><p>FramedMirror42x30</p><p>$225SOFA</p><p>SLEEPER$225</p><p>SOFASLEEPER</p><p>Solid WoodTRUCKLOADS!</p><p>ARMOIRE$100</p><p>ARMOIRE5 DRAWER$250</p><p>ARMOIRE$175</p><p>ARMOIRE$225</p><p>$300ENTERTAINMENT CENTER W/ SAFE</p><p>1045 &amp; 1051 HumbleTo All Our Customers, We Wish To Say A Special Thanks For Being So Nice And Friendly To Work With. </p><p>You Came In Our Place As Strangers And Left As Our Friends. And To Those That Have Not Visited Us, We Have A Special Warm Welcome Waiting For You!</p><p>Wynns Marble Top Dresser</p><p>$290</p><p>VanityStool</p><p>$50</p><p>Silver CasinoChair</p><p>$90 $90</p><p>Lounge Chair</p><p>$225SOFA</p><p>SLEEPER$225SOFA</p><p>SLEEPER</p><p>ChairsVariety Office</p><p>$45 $45 $45 $45 $45 $45 $45 $45$45</p><p>$75</p><p>CHAIR$65</p><p>CHAIR$45</p><p>CHAIR$65</p><p>$120CHAIR</p><p>$65CHAIR</p><p>$50(Assorted Colors </p><p>&amp; Styles)</p><p>LoungeChair</p><p>$45</p><p>Spring SPECIAL</p><p>YOUR CHOICE</p><p>CHAIR$65</p><p>CHAIR$65</p><p>CRACKLE FINISHCHAIR</p><p>$45</p><p>$80CHAIR </p><p>&amp; OTTOMANSOFA CHAIR$90</p><p>$50CHAIR</p><p>$55Restaurant </p><p>Chair</p><p>Round Dinner Table/Glass </p><p>Top</p><p>$150</p><p>MAGAZINERACK</p><p>$15SOLID WOOD </p><p>W/ BRASS ROLLERS</p><p>$45OTTOMAN</p><p>$60</p><p>LeatherDiningChair</p><p>Barstools(Your Choice)</p><p>$50Pictures For Illustration Member Of BBBLimited Quantities</p><p>Solid Wood Dining Chair With Arms</p><p>$70$65CHAIR$60</p><p>SouthWest </p><p>Barstool</p><p>$150</p><p>From Las Vegas Casinos And Other Fine Resorts, The Finest Furniture and Accessories From Meeting Rooms, Hallways, Lobbies, Executive Suites At Pennies On The Dollar Of Original Cost!</p><p>HAW</p><p>KINS</p><p>COMMERCEHUMB</p><p>LE PL</p><p>1051HUMBLE</p><p>PL</p><p>WEST I-10 INTERSTATE</p><p>EAST I-10 INTERSTATE</p><p>AIRW</p><p>AY</p><p>1045 B.HUMBLE</p><p>PL</p><p>SADDLE BLANKET</p><p>CIELO VISTAMALL</p><p>EL PASO</p><p>CHAIR</p><p>$120</p><p>$75</p><p>SpringChair</p><p>$225SOFA</p><p>SLEEPER</p><p>$75DESK</p><p>$60WYNNSOTTOMAN</p><p>BLOWOU</p><p>T</p><p>SPECIAL</p><p>$180</p><p>BEAUTY RESTKING, FULL </p><p>MATTRESS &amp;BOX SPRING</p><p>PILLOW TOP &amp; PLUSH</p><p>$240</p><p>BAR TABLEW/ 4 CHAIRS</p><p>FREE LAYAWAYINVENTORY </p><p>IN STOCK</p><p>VENETIAN FURNITURE CO.THEOPEN TO THE PUBLIC 7 DAYS A WEEK</p><p>775-2007BUY AMERICAN MADE!</p><p>3 PIECE2 END &amp; 1 COFFEE...</p></li></ul>