this is my lovely family : kipper this is me, greta from 4m. mum, dad and me

Download This is my lovely family : Kipper this is me, Greta from 4M. Mum, Dad and Me

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This is my lovely family :

Kipper this is me, Greta from 4M.Mum, Dad and Me1

Welcome Kipper to my home Can anyone of you find Kipper? After he reaches home he seem to be missed somewhere in my friends shelf. Come out please Kipper

I have trained him to be a very good boy in the toilet. He is very good though! He loves showering with me, but I can not take him every twice a week as I dont want him to get cold.

Every nights I put him to sleep before my turn, he is sleeping right now, please do not make a loud noise !!

Sometime when he gets home sick I am allow him to call Mrs.Measures but could not reach it as I told him that Mrs.Measures is very busy looking after her little gorgeous twins.

During the day time when I am in school I encourage him to READ!Or listen to the music, he, Mr.Zac loves to perform to the audience!!

When I reach home I will read Thai for him, Kipper loves to learn Thai, I think You can see he loves Thai because he reads Thai alphabet!( )

Oh Kipper loves to get on the 4M blog to see what going on during the day, Good job Kipper!!Kipper said to me he would like to be a good riding but he hasnt got any chance to do it so he is spending time looked at my picture when I was 2 or 3 years old riding on the horse.

This is a very huge generous kung fu Panda who look after Kipper here, So do I!!They look after each other happily.