Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Seattle Painting Contractor

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<ol><li> 1. Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Seattle Painting ContractorWhether you wish to paint your existing home for home improvement or start a new painting job for your new home in Washington, hiring a professional painter can do wonders to the job. However there are certain points you must know before hiring a contractor to get your Seattle painting job done in time and with the highest quality.Is he insured and licensed? Make sure that the painter you wish to hire in Tacoma, Federal Way and Bellevue is licensed to perform the task. If the contractor is not licensed you may face a lot of problems during inspection time. Even if you do not carry out an inspection, a professional who is not licensed simply proves the lack of his/her level of his/her sincerity and commitment to his profession. Further, you should also check the contractors insurance. Without insurance, you will be liable for damages if any kind of mishap takes place on your premises while the painter is doing his job.Check the details of the Contract Going through the contract in detail before hiring a painter is quite crucial. When things are not stated clearly in the contract, the painter may take you to court even for a trivial matter. A clear contract can save you from a lot of problems later on if something goes wrong in the process.Ask for a guarantee Get a reasonable level of guarantee for a time period after the painting job from the painter is finished. Have a guarantee that the work of your Seattle painting will be completed before the assigned date and as per your satisfaction. Paint manufacturers warranty their products, so you should check out these warranties with your painter. You must be assured that the painting job, whether it is exterior or interior painting as well as the vinyl painting colors will be durable and last for several years.Payment Agreement Sign an agreement with your painter with the details of payment for your interior and exterior paint job. Agree to pay him/her per project and that the payment will be released only after the completion of your Seattle painting job. Often it is seen that once the painter receives his payment without this agreement, the contractor won't finish their task quickly or if he/her finishes, the work will be of inferior quality.Ask for references Ask for a few references about some of the previous clients from the painter you wish to hire. This may help you in assessing his quality of job and his conduct towards his clients to save you from any hassles later on in your Seattle painting jobLearn more about Seattle Painting.Link Box: Seattle Painting is Homeshow Daily's specialty. Visit us online or at one of our showrooms to get bids from our pre-screened Painting contractors. </li></ol>