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They Are Not Who You Think They Are: Creating A Realistic Mobile Persona Presented in October 2013 at the M3 Conference.


<ul><li> 1. They Are Not Who You Think They Are Creating A Realistic Mobile Persona !Andrew Heaton | Revinity | True North UX</li></ul> <p> 2. Amazing Peeps Make M3 Happen 3. Hi, Im Andrew Im a Designer 4. Purposely IrregularBig Design, Small ScreenZen, Punk Rock and Ruthlessness in Experience DesignConceptual Design for Mobile DevicesAndrew HeatonAndrew Heaton(and a writer). 5. Tweet and Take Photos @tigerstripe | #M3Conf 6. Side Note If you are the person who plans to ask why I call them personas and not personae, I dislike you already. 7. Some Quick Rules about UX 8. Rule Number One: There's no fucking rules, dude.Photo by unknown, but its not by me. 9. Rule Number Two: Draw everything 3 times before you go near a computer &amp; Describe it out loud at least twice. !Photo by Glen E. Friedman 10. The One Law of Mobile Design: You Must Design Something Remarkable. Eno, Fripp, Bowie. Source Unknown. 11. We Live in a Miraculous Age. When you design a shitty app you embarrass us all because you are denying the wonder of our times. 12. Lets talk about Personas. 13. What are they good for? 14. Let's ask the Spool. !"Personas are model users that the team creates to help understand the goals, motivations, and behaviors of the people who will use the interface." 15. Personas are extraordinarily useful tools But are truly only as eective as the data on hand or the imagination of the person creating them. 16. We're using the same personas for TV spots as we are for websites as we are for mobile apps !This should change 17. These personas have little connection to reality other than they likely use a stock photo you've seen before. 18. Family-oriented; Loves life; Young at heartMODE DESCRIPTIONMake Lemonade MAXIMIZERMake Lemonade SATISFIERI start with a set of models and needs in mind, am open to a broad set of relevant possibilities, and need to take a lot into consideration to make a purchase decision.Users place emphasis on the family and vehicles that match their unique life events. They make joint decisions with their espouses and share the research process.I start with a set of specific needs, get progressively open to a set of relevant possibilities as I get immersed into the information, but at the end only a couple things will make a difference. PossibilitiesThe Maximizer side tends to be immersive in their research because they consider how their family will use the vehicle in addition to themselves.Possibilities initiallyThe Satisfier side does much of the work in figuring out the vehicle specifics: there is a practical and emotional connection to decide whether or not the car is the right fit. under 25KThey both dread the dealer experience.sedanDefensivewagonover timeTextExplorerkidsunder 20KSUVCivic CR-VcarpoolCamryEscapeCUVImmersivegreenEven balance of emotional drivers and rational considerations*Expedition*between 25 and 45K SUV* Escape Hybrid*6-7 seats performance*travelfuel economyWhat Matters Most OffensiveTaurusVUE5 seatsmedium cargoover timefamily travelminivanSurgicalinitiallyThe Tipping Point Price Vehicle Experience + Features Customer Support Experience Dealer ExperienceentertainmentWhat Matters Most Focus on rational considerations with emotional drivers as backgroundThe Tipping Point Top two things in my shopping list in the context of all the secondary things Ive looked at 19. Loyalist The Loyalist car buyers arent defined by having an emotional attachment to their vehicles name. Theyre looking for an American vehicle that is fun to drive, which also provides a feel of practicality. The loyalist is a city dweller who is likely to shop the entire Chrysler family before looking elsewhere for his/her next car.Alan Stanwyck Alan Stanwyck only drives American cars like Dodge. He wants a fun, practical car and when he arrives at the Dodge site he is only sure of one thing-he wants a Dodge to fit that description. He's not sure what Dodge best fits him and would like some directionLoyalty here may stem from a relationship with a particular dealer. While thisas to what he should choose.buyer may look for a vehicle on the Internet, he/she is more likely to visit aHis loyalty to Dodge also directly relates to a positivedealer online. The loyalist does not seem to be particularly emotionallyexperience he's had with his dealership. Thisattached to his/her vehicle, but describes the dealer experience as delightful.experience continually brings Stanwyck back toThe site then needs to feel closer to home.Dodge when his lease expires so that he can get whatever fits his needs at the time. He'd like to enter the dealership armed with some knowledge of the Dodge lineup but looks to his salesman to further help him through the decision-making process.Who They AreExpectations and GoalsAverage Age : 47 Gender : 63% Marital Status : 69% Continued Dodge BrandingEducation: 24% High School Graduate 23% Some College 19% College Graduate Personal Service/Catering Community Efforts Free Branded Offerings DiscountsOccupations: 18% Professional Specialty 9% Skilled Trade 8% Administrative / Clerical Ethnicity: 93% White/Caucasian 4% Hispanic 1% Asian American Top Purchased Vehicles: 18% Dakota 17% Ram Pick-Up 17% Durango 13% Grand Caravan 12% Caravan In New Vehicle Feel: Comfortable : 63% Dependable : 63% Ease : 54% Vehicle: Clearly Meets Needs : 51% Is Fun : 57% Is Smart Choice : 56% Seriously Consider Other Makes? 43% Brands Most Seriously Considered 14% Ford 14% Chevy 4% JeepFuture Considerations Dodge-Specific Owner's Site Regional Or Personal Information Presentation Of Information Based On User Better Display Of Loyalty Incentives Enhanced Dealer Sites For Regional Marketing Mopar Accessorizer First Peek Information Web-Based EMail Lease-End Options/Incentives/Recommendations Free Upgrade With Repeat Purchase 20. Tracy is a married mother of two teens. She works full-time, and has a lot of interests both inside and outside of the home. Everyone in her family has a busy, full plate, and everyone pitches in to keep things in the home running smoothly. Even though she has a lot going on, Tracy tries to get the most out of everything she does for her family - and for herself. She tends to cook dinner for the family several nights a week and plans most things out in advance. While she will often cook and serve family favorites, she is always on the lookout for new recipes that have interesting descriptions or ingredient profiles. Unlike some other moms she knows, all meals are not fully planned and organized for the whole week in advance, Tracy doesnt play by their rules! 21. Transferred ego is a horrible thing. 22. Personas were intended to be people we could have empathy for and relate to both for ourselves and to describe to our clients. !They were the soundboard against which our ideas would be validated. 23. We spend time trying to believe that Lisa, the active mom would really want our super app that organizes her dog walking schedule and oers pet food discounts based on her area. 24. Zen plumbers and family men without drinking problems and gracious moms who help organize neighborhood events and tech savvy grandpa who love connecting with Korea vets. 25. Where's the fat kid with the cracked screen? !Wheres the mother of three who uses her smartphone as a video player for the noisiest kid in the backseat? !Wheres the 16-year old who has more learned technology behavior than you'll accumulate in the next 10 years? !Wheres the grandpa who calls on the phone to tell you he just sent you an email? 26. I've yet to see a realistic persona that reects the averages or even lower end of an expected user group. 27. We don't like thinking about ugly people using our apps 28. Are These Your Users? 29. What About Him? You Should Be So Lucky. 30. We are assholes about personas. 31. The worst part about ego-based personas? They deny our ability to say what we believe, unless it's by proxy. 32. "Well, that's your opinion." 33. Being a designer is more than pushing pixels in Photoshop. Being a designer is seeing a window of the future and knowing how to get there. Many times this goes against what is current. And personas are all about yesterday. 34. So personas are useless? 35. We are Just Aiming for the Wrong Target 36. Let's talk about essential understanding for mobile personas 37. The 5W Method If you've ever taken a journalism class or had to write anything expositional, you know these. 38. Who Are Your Expected Users? This is the biggest question. Be smart about who they are and arent. 39. What Are Their Goals? What does that app do that fullls a human need? 40. Where Will Users Interact With the App? This is highly important. If you build a placeless app, don't expect use to occur. 41. When Will Use Occur and With What Frequency? At what times and conditions do people use the app? How often do you want them to use the app? 42. Why Will They Continue to Use the App? What value are you giving them to adopt the app as part of their life? 43. Mobile Persona WorksheetWho Will Be Using?What are Their Goals?Where Will They Be Using?When Will They Be Using?Why Will They Continue to Use?From your friends at www.revinity.comGrab a Worksheet at 44. Persona Concepts 45. Concept One: Forget the Device as Part of the Persona 46. When we talk about hardware, we immediately fall into limitations, oddities and impossibilities.These are minor details. 47. ! ! !Forget about the phone. Design for use, not the device. 48. Concept Two: Digital is not a technology issue. Digital is a cultural issue. 49. And culture is changing. 50. ... Rapidly. 51. This is Zephyr. !Hes had his own iPad since he was 2. Hes 6 now, what do you think he believes is normal? 52. Concept Three: Microboredom (Keep checking, keep checking...) 53. Is there a 10 second version of your app? There should be, micro boredom is prevalent, I'm guessing many of you have checked your phones and promptly put them away already today. 54. Concept Four: People Have Strange Relationships With Their Phones. Watch what do with them 55. Our relationship with phones has moved into several weird areas: ! The phone as distraction The phone as social protection The phone as a pet The phone as a phone The phone as the voice to everyone 56. Wrap it up, Heaton. What the heck have you been talking about? 57. Stop falling in love with your fake audience. 58. If you start with an idea, and work the 5Ws, chances are good you have a persona mostly done that is closer to reality and can act as the realistic meter you need for app design and development. 59. Thanks. Be Good. @tigerstripe </p>