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Mozfest 2014, October 24 26, 2014 London, UK | Ravensbourne This is my proposal for the session at Mozfest 2014 London. The Web of Things is to the Internet of Things as the World Wide Web was to the Internet. The impact will re-frame the way we live in the modern world. The Web of Things is the software layer that will enhance the estimated 50 billion connected devices surrounding us by the year 2020. Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) predicted that there will be 25 billion by 2015. That's next year! My idea is that the Mozilla Open Badge system can support this new connected world and provide an advancement in privacy and security. So come to the session at Mozfest and meet other people who are willing to collaborate and develop the idea further. This is a practical session so everyone is welcome. So come and lets create a Mozilla Open Badge System for the next web.


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