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  • The Ultimate Computer-Video Interface Debuts:RGB 202 Rxi, RGB 202 Rxi VTG, and202 Rxi Kit

    Picture this conference room scenario: youve got a podium with a PC, but some presenters prefer to bringin their own laptops. What to do?

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    For such applications, Extron

    offers the RGB 202 Rxi two input,universal interface. And if you pair itwith an AAP 201, a faceplate thatholds multiple Architectural AdapterPlates (AAPs), you can use an AAPfor a front-panel computer-videoand PC audio input to the interface,have an AAP for network and phonepass-through signals (RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors), and offer videoand audio pass-through connectorsfor a DVD player or other auxiliaryA/V product that the presenterbrings in.

    Extron RGB 202 RxiThe Extron RGB 202 Rxi includes

    the most popular features of our

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    RGB 202 Rxi

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    famous RGB 202xi and adds newfeatures: RS-232 control; a largerLCD display; improved heatmanagement; and rack-mountingcapabilities (along with under-deskand through-desk options). Loadedwith features and high onperformance, the RGB 202 Rxi hasenhanced Advanced Digital SyncProcessing (ADSP) and iscompatible with virtually everycomputer ever made. Its two inputswitcher and remote controllabilityfurther expand its functionality.Because of its ease of use andversatility, the RGB 202 Rxi is idealfor rental and staging applicationsas well as permanent installations.

    Issue 11.3 September October 2000

  • 2 ExtroNews 11.3 September/October 2000

    R G B 2 0 2 R x i ( c o n t . )

    enhanced ADSP compensates for their syncprocessing limitations, preventing commonimage problems such as hooking, tearing, orbending at the top of the screen.

    When incredibly fine shift adjustmentsneed to be made to the image, the RGB 202 Rxi offers horizontal and verticalcentering controls. Use these to shift yourpicture by one-pixel increments for fine-tuning. An additional plus is the 30memories for saving horizontal and verticalpositions for incoming signals; when yourinterface is used with multiple computers,you wont have to re-adjust the imageposition of a computer that has beenpreviously set up. Variable level and peakingadjustments allow the video signal to be fine-tuned for long cable distances whilemaintaining its signal integrity, producing an image that is brighter and sharper than normal.

    All-in-One BoxNow easier-to-read due to its larger size,

    the LCD display indicates horizontal andvertical sync rates of the active signal. TheRGB 202 Rxi handily powers two MBC buffer

    cables through two 9VDC, 2.5 mm, MBCpower jacks. Switching control is availablethrough the front panel, RS-232, and contactclosure.

    The RGB 202 Rxi is housed in a rack-mountable, compact, vented metalenclosure. The vents reduce theaccumulation of internal heat, which is asignificant advantage for interfaces mountedunder or through desks or other surfaces.The RGB 202 Rxi offers optional mountingkits as convenient, discreet installationoptions. The under-desk mounting kitmounts the interface under a desk, podium,or table, while the through-desk mountingkit mounts the interface through a desk,podium, or other flat surface.

    This interface conveniently includes a 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, auto-switchable internalpower supplyno need for an externalpower supply that clutters up the A/Venvironment.

    RGB 202 Rxi VTGYoure at a major installation, ready to

    set up all the monitors and projectors, butthe two computers for the server room

    ConnectionsBy offering 300 MHz (-3dB) RGB video

    bandwidth, the RGB 202 Rxi provides exceptionalcomputer-video interfacing features andperformance to eliminate connection problemsand line-driving limitations. It is compatible withVGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, Mac, Sun, SGI,and other computer-video signals.

    Two 9-pin D input connectors areprovided for analog signals and bufferedTTL and ECL signals, and two new 3.5 mmstereo audio input connectors are providedfor audio. Extron offers hundreds ofmonitor breakout cables (MBCs), laptopbreakout cables (LBCs), internal computerwiring kits (ICWKs), and buffered MBCs forconnecting any computer to the RGB 202Rxi via either universal 9-pin D connector. Bynecessitating the use of an Extron highresolution input cable, this unique cableconnector ensures a high-quality videosignal for the end user. The interfaceoutputs RGB on six BNCs and balanced orunbalanced audio on 3.5 mm captive screwconnectors. Simultaneous output ofcomposite and H&V sync is provided so youhave a choice of RGBS or RGBHV by simplyselecting the appropriate BNC outputconnectorsno configuration necessary.Simultaneous output is especially usefulwhen the interface will be frequentlyreconfigured for different display devices.

    Nowadays most computer-videointerfacing applications also require audiointerfacing. Audio interfacing convertscomputer-generated, unbalanced audio toline-level, balanced audio. The advantage ofbalanced audio is that it maintains signalquality over long cable runs. To meet thegrowing demand for audio, the RGB 202 Rxioffers a convenient two-in-one package ofcomputer-video and audio interfacing.

    Perfecting the ImageThe RGB 202 Rxi takes Extrons ADSP

    technology one step further. Extronsenhanced ADSP provides all-digital syncprocessing so clear, stable images areproduced on digital displays (DLP, LCD, andplasma). LCDs, DLPs, and plasma displaysoften have trouble with degraded syncsignals that have been altered throughprevious processing or interfacing. The

    AAP 201

    Video and audio input


    RGB 202 Rxi

    Network andPhone Connection

  • September/October 2000 ExtroNews 11.3 3

    RS-232 ControlSystem orComputer

    Sun Workstation(rack mounted)

    Sun Workstation(rack mounted)

    MBC Buffer

    LCD Projector

    Stereo Audio

    MBC Buffer

    RGB 202 Rxi VTG










    V S


    C W




    M 1

    75 O



































    RGB 202 Rxi

    Part Number Price60-327-01 $1,250.00** Prices valid for U.S. sales only.

    havent arrived yet. What to do? Youllneed more than an interfaceand Extronhas just such a solution: the RGB 202 Rxi VTG. If you like, you couldrack-mount the RGB 202 Rxi VTG in theserver roomthat way you can interfacetwo PCs; youve got RS-232 control; andyou can verify input sources for all yourdisplays by taking advantage of the VTGsignals.

    The RGB 202 Rxi VTG combines the RGB202 Rxi with a built-in, mini video testgenerator (VTG). Its ideal for rental,staging, and permanent installations,especially for setup before the computersor workstations arrive. Plus, the RGB 202Rxi VTG is rack-mountable; making it aperfect solution as a rack-mount signalgenerator. The internal VTG features foursignal rates: VGA (640 x 480), SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768), and SXGA(1280 x 1024). For each signal rate, fourtest patterns: cross-hatch, greyscale, H-pattern, and color bars can be selected.

    202Rxi VTG KitExtron also offers an entire kit for universal

    computer-video interfacing applications. Pickup the kit and go! The Extron 202Rxi VTG Kitis a universal system interface kit designedfor use by the presenter/salesperson on-the-go, rental and staging applications,and the permanent installation that requiresan interface compatible with all computersand workstations. The kit includes the RGB 202Rxi VTG, the most popular MBCmonitor breakout cables, a 25 foot BNCextension cable, a carrying case withprotective foam cut-outs, a flashlight, and abonus: the famous Extron Tweeker!

    RGB 202 Rxi VTG

    Part Number Price60-328-01 $1,550.00** Prices valid for U.S. sales only.

    202 Rxi VTG Kit

    Part Number Price42-030-01 $2,550.00** Prices valid for U.S. sales only.

    Crosshatch, greyscale, H-pattern, and colorbars test patterns for the RGB 202 Rxi VTG.

    202 Rxi VTG KitCheck out the RGB 202 RxiWebcast demo at

  • 4 ExtroNews 11.3 September/October 2000

    This year, we invited INFOCOMMattendees to blow off some tradeshowsteam in the comfort of Extrons backyard,hence the aptly-named themeTheBackyard Bash. Held inside Extrons newestbuilding at our Anaheim, CA headquarters,attendees were coaxed into the party-goinggroove by the rhythms and tunes of four stellarbands. No one in the audience missed a beatof the performances thanks to amplification ofthe on-stage action by two video projectorsfrom Digital Projection, Inc. Stewart Filmscreensupplied the display screens.

    Band members are all employees from theA/V manufacturing community. While theymay spend their day jobs working behind thestage, all of them share a passion for playingthe Song Master in the spotlight. Each bandcranked out great covers and adaptations ofsome of musics favori


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